Why Digital Marketing Agencies Are Booming In Chennai

It’s no secret: digital marketing is a huge hit in India nowadays. More and more companies are opening up to the vast potential of the field in terms of promoting brands. Across sectors, digital marketing offers brand value to firms both big and small. The surge in popularity has even permeated to the Tier 2 cities all across India. The metro cities in India, however, are their own playing field. Let’s focus on one such city: digital marketing in Chennai.

Copy, Creatives, and Chennai

As a metro city, Chennai is ripe ground for any digital marketing company to set up shop. This hasn’t always been the case, though. Like the rest of India, digital marketing was slow to catch on, even in the big cities. In cities like Chennai, digital marketing had a very unique journey. Like every origin story, digital marketing had humble beginnings.

Today, the best digital marketing companies in Chennai stand in a competitive market, yet occupying their own niche in the crowd. This is partly because digital marketing agencies in Chennai operate on a different scale and pace than the rest of the pack. Our agency, echoVME Digital, was founded by Sorav Jain in 2011. Since then, we have come a long way and established ourselves in the big leagues of Chennai’s digital marketing. Now echoVME is known as the best digital marketing agency in Chennai. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Chennai’s marketing scenario.

The Madras Marketing Timeline

-Initially, the kings of Chennai’s marketing arena were the traditional ad agencies. These ran the gamut from the press media to in-house branding agencies themselves.

– Longtime residents of Chennai fondly remember the front page ads and huge billboards on the streets.

– These agencies still hold sway over public perception and customer mindset. In fact, the Ad Club Madras has been active since 1956!

– But then, starting from the early 2010s, there was a paradigm shift in society. That’s when Chennai (and on a broader scale, Tamil media) started embracing social media as a part of their daily lives.

– Around 2011, the meme culture really started catching on among the Tamil youth. What better playground for them than social media? Today, there are countless meme pages out there on the web, especially on Instagram and Facebook.

–  From there on, there has been no looking back for social media in Chennai. Those were the perfectly fertile grounds that a social media marketing agency in Chennai needed to flourish in.

– Over time, through events like the Chennai floods and the Jallikattu protests, it is digital media that came to save the day. So it’s safe to say that digital marketing was welcomed with open arms in Chennai!

Digital Marketing Services in Chennai

So we’ve covered how digital marketing took center stage in Chennai over the years. There’s more to the picture than just the youth’s perception, though. Parallel to this, there was another development occurring in the industrial sector. In a nutshell, it changed the way people think about brand promotion.

Chennai stands apart amongst the metro cities as a melting pot of culture and tradition. Compared to her sisters, Chennai still holds on to her traditions with fervor. Even in the business sector, conventional marketing methods still are the go-to method for most small to midsize companies. Why? Because the proof is in the pudding. When you want to appeal to a slightly older age bracket, front-page ads and brochures might be your best bet, right?

So where do the top digital marketing companies in the Chennai factor into this scenario? It’s quite simple. While Chennai is known for its traditional roots, it’s also known for innovation and opportunity. What happened next?

– Around the same time as the social media popularity surge, the price of infrastructure shot up. Consequently, companies started looking for more cost-effective ways to maintain their operations.

– There came a certain time where spending on marketing was not an advisable course of action for most companies. But they have to put themselves out there somehow, right?

– That’s where digital marketing came to save the day. It offered a cost-effective, versatile solution that could easily be adapted to any business.

– More than anything else, digital marketing was only supposed to be a temporary fix at the time. Something to tide over this dry spell for most companies. That’s exactly when the magic happened, however.

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The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai: The Origins

Chennai’s people didn’t really know what to make of digital marketing at first. To the common man, it was just the latest fad on the street! This included the people in the big-shot businesses in town. Most even dismissed it as a one-trick gimmick.

But then, a new chapter in Chennai’s trade history opened up. The city became more and more cosmopolitan, opening its doors to the promise of globalization. Any Chennaiite knows that the Chennai of today is very different from that of even five years ago.

With this new trend of globalization came new global players in the industry. Big-ticket MNCs all wanted to pitch their tents and set up operational bases in the country. Chennai being a port city made for an ideal choice, so a pack of them settled down here. They weren’t here just as tourists, either. They had BIG plans.

With the influx of MNCs and international companies into the arena, there was a new demand in the market.

Expansive Branding

The MNCs wanted their workforce to think out of the box when it came to positioning themselves in the market. Cookie-cutter methods just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Moreover, they wanted a brand presence that went beyond borders and was virtually omnipresent. What better option to leverage than digital marketing?

The MNCs opted for digital marketing and stuck by it to drive their businesses to the new audience. Not just in Chennai, but in practically every other big city in India (Tier-2 included).

To meet this rapid surge in demand for the quality of digital marketing, a few agencies cropped up in Chennai city. Long story short, today we all know them as the top digital marketing companies in Chennai.

 The Driving Force

 There’s a reason digital marketing agencies rose to such popularity in the city. Among the key factors are:

– The ability to target vast demographics. Bigger brands want bigger representation, and Chennai’s brands are no exception to this.

– The flexibility on offer. Digital marketing agencies in Chennai are poised to tailor their approach to any and every brand out there.

– The economical nature of the method. Penny for a penny, digital marketing is objectively cheaper than conventional advertising. Plus, it can also net you lucrative profits in the long run!

– Sustainability over time. Whether it’s big or small, any business can consult a digital marketing agency with ease and draft up a long term plan. This can be done for the long haul, without worrying about how viable it will be over time.

– The contemporary nature of the method. Like it or not, Chennai has embraced the age of digital media and online culture to the T. If you want the lion’s share of the profit as a business, a digital marketing agency is the best bet to get you there.

At echoVME Digital, we are fully equipped to provide clients both big and small with the best of digital marketing’s potential.  Through a holistic approach, we endeavor to offer the best digital marketing services in Chennai.

So as far as Chennai is concerned, digital marketing agencies are at a great advantage in terms of business opportunities. Sure enough, there have been different digital marketing agencies that are mushrooming all across the city. Is there a specific reason behind such a momentous boom in Chennai, though? Let’s examine the particular reasons that could have been the causative factor behind the digital marketing agency boom.

The Boom In Focus

There are some defining factors behind what makes the best social media marketing agency in Chennai. It’s not just a question of the strategies they adopt. It’s about getting into the mindset of the Chennaiite audience and what they’re looking for.

We’ve already established that Chennai has been a fertile ground for digital marketing. There’s a chain reaction effect that’s observable in Chennai that’s been parallel to the growth of the field of digital marketing services itself. Any guesses on what it may be? If you guessed digital marketing training, you’re absolutely right!

In a way, digital marketing training is the very thing fuelling the boom for digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies in Chennai generate a lot of career opportunities for a wide variety of professionals. Chennai is home to a lot of employable individuals, courtesy of the prestigious educational institutions around the city.

The Give And Take

A couple of the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai actually offer digital marketing training of their own! This can range from a full-blown course with specific modules to simple crash courses. In what other ways does digital marketing training contribute to Chennai’s digital marketing agency boom? Let’s take a look.

  • Lucrative job opportunities.
  • Empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to float their own companies, further generating more jobs.
  • Creating a skillset for people that is applicable in any job scenario.
  • Offering a chance to Chennai’s youth to expand their horizons from a young age.

It’s a situation that goes hand-in-glove with the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai.


There’s no denying that there has been a boom in Chennai with regards to digital marketing. The top digital marketing companies in Chennai are a testament to this. Across all demographics, it has formed a specific method for successful marketing in the city and far beyond. Getting into the field is a wise decision if you want a promising career ahead of you, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a student! So go ahead, embrace the boom, and make a name for yourself in the field!

FAQs – Digital marketing agencies in Chennai

1) Why are digital marketing agencies important for businesses?
– Digital marketing agencies in Chennai and other cities provide stellar services to generate an online presence for brands. Their services can multiply their profits and increase leads to the brand on a consistent basis.

2)How do I choose the best digital marketing agency for my company?
– The best digital marketing agencies in Chennai display their portfolios and clients on their websites and social media. Based on that information, you can make an informed decision on what would be best for your brand.

3)How many digital marketing agencies are there in Chennai?
– The number of digital marketing agencies in Chennai is always on the increase. The number of digital marketing agencies in the city is in the range of the hundreds.

4)What are the services digital marketing agencies provide in Chennai?
– The best digital marketing agencies in Chennai provide top-tier services such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

5)Which is the best option for my business, freelancer services, or digital marketing agency?
– The answer to this is dependent on a lot of factors, including the business type and budget. You can get an idea about the decision in this blog post!

6)What are the advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency?
– By hiring a digital marketing agency in Chennai, you can cement your online presence and grow your business through digital avenues. You can also save money on marketing budgets, as digital marketing is conveniently cheaper. 

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