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Online digital marketing course -digital scholar
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As we are almost midway through 2020, we already have the key takeaway for the year. Unless we adapt our lifestyle and gear our approach to business to be more sustainable, we will continue to face adversity. Little did we expect that the world would face a crisis of such magnitude. While the coronavirus pandemic has caught humanity off guard, the saving grace has been that it’s business as usual in the digital marketing world, at least to some extent. Wherever conventional infrastructure has hit a slump, digital options have come to the rescue. As a digital marketing agency, we strive to put our best foot forward to keep businesses profitable in these trying times. 

The Way Forward

In the era of social distancing and quarantine, employees and students alike are turning to video-conferencing to connect and collaborate. SaaS providers like Zoom are having a field day, witnessing traffic like never before. Once the pandemic spurred global lockdowns, educational institutions were quick to raise arrangements for online courses. If you can’t take the students to the class, take the class to the cloud and make sure every student logs in! In our own field, it’s not a stretch to say that online digital marketing courses will be the new normal in a post-pandemic world.

Digital For Digital

While we are dedicated to innovative and ever-evolving digital solutions, our sister organization Digital Scholar is geared towards shaping the minds who will drive that innovation. It has been a matter of immense pride for us to see Digital Scholar spread its wings in success with positive feedback all around. The full credit for this goes to our digital marketing institute’s flagship course based on agency-styled learning. 

Since its launch, there have been many voices across borders requesting an online course option for their easy access. Since then, Digital Scholar’s team has toyed with the idea, considering it for the near future. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic changing the world forever, Digital Scholar was primed to step up and launch a new chapter in their journey: an online digital marketing course for online expertise!

From the drawing board, the idea was to encapsulate the strengths of the 3-month flagship course and deliver them in a neatly packaged fully online course. The winning formula to become an expert at digital marketing was all set to welcome an audience across boundaries.

Online Digital Marketing Course Features

The possible question on your mind right now must be, what’s in it for me? For starters, you get complete access to over 80 hours worth of digital marketing content delivered to you by 20 leading experts in the field. Digital Scholar has built their system from the ground up to ensure that you get your every penny’s worth from an online interface!

  • Live projects through an optimized LMS
  • Case-study based approach for hands-on learning
  • Top-notch placement assistance at leading companies (including echoVME itself)
  • Ample internship opportunities from the course
  • Over 15 certifications associated with contemporary digital marketing skills
  • Gain new-age insights from the best minds in the business!

This is just scratching the surface of what Digital Scholar’s online course has to offer. Under a single fee, you unlock a transformative journey that equips you with the essential digital marketing training to conquer the world through a successful career. The icing on the cake is that. 

Virtually Versatile

Many digital marketing online courses are faced with the misconception that they are only worthwhile for a niche audience. True, completing a digital marketing course can help you excel at an agency like ours, any day. Digital Scholar’s course, however, preps you for more than just that. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect in terms of personal skill development from our course.

  • Building your own brand. Interactive online projects will focus on imbibing skills that help you mark your niche in the online world.
  • Stats and Analytics. DS Online will give a 360-degree perspective on deriving valuable insights from your online metrics.
  • Extending your influence. Grow as a full-fledged digital influencer with the certifications from our online course. Chart your own path!
  • Become an entrepreneur. How about starting your own agency? Gain the perfect entrepreneurial skills to make history in the world of digital!
  • Monetize your skills. Become a freelancer and maintain a steady flow of income, no matter the crisis!

We can tell you firsthand that digital marketing is a very flexible field and a great career choice no matter what you decide to become in life. To give you a clearer perspective of who this online course would be perfect for, here’s a simple list!

  • Students who are looking to build a promising career
  • Homepreneurs who want to up-skill and generate cash flow
  • Freelancers who want to improve their skill-sets
  • Entrepreneurs who want to explore digital solutions

Last but not least, professionals who are looking to join digital marketing agencies like ours will also benefit greatly from this online course!

So if you’re scouting out online digital marketing courses that can really boost your career, look no further! Digital Scholar’s online course is now accepting registrations, so don’t hesitate to book your seat today.

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