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echoVME proudly presents My Life transcript by Nishita Mantry

Life in a bottle

Have you ever felt stuck in a space where you have so much to say, yet you are speechless, you have so much to express, yet you hide your emotions. Discover yourself. Who you are & what’s your potential. Unleash the real you. Be you!

Life Companions

We all need companions in life. As kids they are our parents & siblings, as we grow up we find companions in friends & collegues, and finally our life partner becomes our companion. We are so dependent on them, our life revolves around them. They become our significant relationship. These relationships if not nurtured stop growing. Learn how to say NO & hear YES

Lemons of Life

Life is not always a sweet, smooth chocolate mousse. There are times and situations where life gets spicy, bitter and even sour.
When life throws a lemon at you. Make a Lemonade!

Life Lessons

In every situation there are two strategies: Action or Inaction. But the real smartness is to apply which strategy works best for which situation.

There are experiences of life that teach us. It either makes us a better person or a person we never wanted to be. They make us forget all that we are and all that we wanted to be. Our ability to achieve and succeed comes to a stand still. We feel directionless.

Agenda & Course Module

My Life Transcript Agenda

8.30 AM - 9.00 AM


9.00 AM - 12.30 PM

Personal DNA Analysis

  • - The effect of your Childhood on your present Life.
  • - Primary Question of your Life.
  • - What is your Point of View about yourself.
  • - The truth about Point of View.
  • - Your Point of View about Life & Others.
10.30 AM - 10.45 AM

Tea/ Coffee Break

10.45 AM - 11.30 AM

Purpose of Your Life

  • - People achieve peace & happiness when their purpose of life is being met.
  • Identify the Purpose of Your life.
  • BE - DO - HAVE Theory - What do you want to do, What do you want to have, What do you want to be.
11.30 AM - 12.30 PM

The Power of Listening effectively

  • - Definition of Listening.
  • - How to decode what people are speaking.
  • - Read between the Lines.
12.30 PM - 1.15 PM


1.15 PM - 2.45 PM

Wish List

Create your Wish List & experience the art of how to manifest your dreams & wishes

2.45 PM - 3.30 PM

The Winning Strategy

Success Formula to be used in every walk of life (career, health, relationship)

3.30 PM - 4.15 PM

You are the Money Making Machine

  • - Crafting your skill sets to make it big in Life.
  • - An understanding of what you got & what's missing on your way to success.
  • - What do Rich people do differently.
4.15 PM - 5.00 PM

Personal Identity vs Public Image

  • - Differentiate between what you think & What people Think.
  • - Answer the Question: Who are you?.
  • - Identify your Power Statement.
Call Office: +91-44-42144363, Nikhil Pradeep: +91-9176402555 for course details.

About the Trainer

Nishita Mantry is an Educationist trainer & Life Coach at My Life Transcript. She is also a Brand Consultant by profession at Bamboo Shoot Communication. She is also a visiting faculty at various colleges Lala Lajpatrai, Bhavans, Dalmia, Ghanshyamdas Saraf Girls College and management institutes such as Welingkar's Insitute of Management Development & Research, Harkishan Mehta Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication and many more. She is an author and her book on "Brand Building" has been published by University of Mumbai. She is an achiever, go getter, for her life stops at nothing. Her basic principle of life is, "If life throws a lemon at you. Make a Lemonade!"

Who Should Attend?

People Looking for growth: Business Men/Women, Young Entrepreneurs & Professionals who need to go out and deal with critical situations & variety of people at work
. Students who would like to complement their curricular studies with Life Skill learning, communication & development. Housewives who would like to take a day on self - introspection & personal growth

Outcome of the workshop:
   People Learn the following things:

  • 1. A better understanding for Self.
  • 2. Personal Strength & Weaknesses.
  • 3. What is their Purpose of Life.
  • 4. What are their values & beliefs in Life and how has that affected their present situation.

About the workshop

Date: 18th April 2015

The program covers the following aspects of Life!

  • Vision & Practical Optimism
  • Focus on What Works.
  • Exit your Comfort Zone.
  • Leading in Critical Situations.
  • Core Values and Choosing between Right and Wrong.
  • Conducting Critical Conversations Courageously.
  • Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn.
  • Permission to be human.
  • Act- Reflect- Respond.
  • Shifting Limiting Mindsets.
  • Facing People/ Clients/ Interviews.
  • How to sell yourself/your idea/ your plan.
  • Nurturing Relationships.
  • Personal DNA Analysis.
  • Purpose of Life.
  • The art of Influencing.
  • The Winning Strategy.
  • You are the Money Making Machine/ Minting Effortless Money.

Venue and Registration

Will be scheduled soon

Old No 74 / New No 70,
Near To V K Hospital,
Dr Alagappa Road,
Chennai - 600 084.

Ticket cost= 1500Rs ( EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT)

Mode(s) of Payment :

Option 1: Cheque Payment

Draw a Cheque in Favor to "echoVME"
Old No 74 / New No 70,
Near To V K Hospital,
Dr Alagappa Road,
Chennai - 600 084.

Option 2: Do a Online Wire Transfer

A/C number: 912020020489018
Bank: Axis Bank
Branch: Purasavakkam

Option 3 : Pay online

Will be updated soon


Upcoming Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

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