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I would gladly recommend this workshop to those who wants to leverage all marketing tools at their hands (with the limited or no budget at their disposal). It is important for founders and CMOs to attend the same in order to prepare a comprehensive integrated marketing plan (and link it with your sales goals) - and learn more about what is available in the online/SocNet space.
- Mr. Pravin Sekhar, Creator in Chief, Krea.In

It was a great experience and the format of the workshop was very hands-on. It focused mainly on practical aspects, which helped me understand things in a very simple way. I will definitely recommend this workshop to my friends.
- Shruti Mehta, CEO, Purple Drop

Two days training was mind boggling.,greatspeakers.,hands on training.,learned about various SM tools.,MUST ATTEND session for all.,As a Mgmt Consultant, I started advising clients, most of them in who are in SME space, to attend these sessions and apply the same for better business applications.
- Ms. Rama Venugopal , Executive Director, Value Added Corporate Services P Ltd.

It was a really great training with a lot of interaction group had a fantastic cross section of people. The content appealed to both newbies and seasoned users. Also a lot of new concepts and ideas were demoed by Sorav who has taken a lot of pains to deliver the same. Waiting now for the next one
- Mr. SampathIyengar, CEO, Sam 7 Computers & Networks.

It was a great workshop. Lots of learnings in just 1 day. Liked Sorav's hands-on approach, as well as case studies.
- ShashiBhushan, Healthcare Startup Entrepreneur.

I was really happy with the way Sorav Jain conducted the workshop. I experienced a good exposure and knowledge from this workshop. The style and interactiveness of the workshop was good.
- AnandArmugam, Research Analyst.

The workshop was fantastic! learnt a million new things I never knew about Linkedin and Twitter. Since the workshop, I use these networking sites like ten times a day! And the one thing which all participants agreed to is this - Mr. Sorav was brilliant ! It is rare to find a man who can go on talking the entire day and make sense of everything he says! henever once faltered and explained every doubt and every bit in detail. Hats off! I would love to attend similar more workshops in the future. Thank you for having me on this one.
- RohiniBothra, Final year MBA Student, SRM University.

Thank you Sorav, and it was a wonderful packed workshop with hand on experience. Still trying to implement in our works. hope to hear from you more.
- Thomas John, Freelance Media Consultant.

Sorav, you did a good job. It was a very good introduction to facebook marketing.
- KoushikVaraghur, Managing Director, Chariots World Tour Ltd.

The recent Facebook workshop at Bangalore was insightful and interesting. It helped me take a practical look at Facebook. Alebit I have never been a 'social guy', now I have realised the importance of using Facebook as a marketing communication and lead generation platform. Looking foward to some post workshop interactions with Sorav :).
-K.P. Sasikumar, Creative Head, Sabre Marketing Services Pvt Ltd.

Sorav did a good job at workshop he has deeper knowledge of online marketing sense in indian context and he use good example to explain the things. his sense of humor is also good.
-Jitendra Vyas, Senior UI Developer, HolidayIQ.

Mr.Sorav Jain was very thorough and sincere in his approach.He was patient and thoughtful of the needs of every participant. He generously shared information which would help us to use the facebook as a marketing tool.
-GeethsSellsmuthu, Director-Sanghamitra Centre for Wellbeing.

A great insight into the various popular social media sites. Also gained knowledge about twittering, blogging, etc.
-PiyaJayarajan, Senior Officer, Mphasis an HP Company.

Crisp workshop, you will come out knowing new and usefull stuff which are useful in your business!!
-Julian, AGM, Olympia.

Workshop was simply awesome.
-Praveen Paul, Business Development, Helios Events.

Attending Sorav workshop on Facebook made me realize that till date I had never understood what facebook was. His workshop enriched me with so many useful ideas and tips on promoting digital marketing for our organizations. Am truly benefited and confident of seeing my organization excel in the near future.
-Akram, Director, Praveen Travels.

The best way for Non -Tech guys like me to understand the possibilities offered by Social Media.
-Joseph Mammen, RSM Topsgrup.

Great trainer and ample of knowledge, wish to attend more such sessions from Sorav Jain.
-Amit Maisheri, Team Leader, Iksula.

Sorav's social media workshops give you a macro level picture of what can be done with the social media platforms. I guess I now have a starting point to go further in the online marketing space.
-KP Sasi Kumar, Creative Head, Sabre Marketing Services Pvt Ltd.

The most seasoned Social Media Professional that I will be proud to be associated with. The Master of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and all else that go in the Social Media World. If any one were to know how to use Social Media check his website Wish you all the best Sorav, you are doing India Proud.
-NytikJoshi , Senior Manager Marketing, Hexaware Technologies.

I was part of the first SocialMe Workshop conducted by ECHOVME. It was an informative and interactive session – with an excellent combination of visual & audio learning tools, case study discussions and a dynamic audience. Sorav is a first-rate trainer with a thorough understanding of the Social Media and Digital Marketing dynamics. It was a great learning experience for me and I look forward to being part of other SocialMe initiatives.
-Ms. BhavneetSekhon (Manager - Marketing, Rave Technologies.

Social Media has always been quite an interesting topic to discuss anywhere and anytime. It was great to learn in detail about the various aspects to Social Media Marketing and how to use them while shaping a brand identity. Informative sessions tend to get one monologue like sometimes. But SocialME was very interactive. Recommend it for all web marketers. Thanks Sorav.
-Mr. Tejas Deshpande, DraftFCB ULKA, Account Executive.

Session was Very much related and application oriented.
-T. Ajaybabu, Regional Manager, Ray ban- Luxottica.

Well structured presentation and well firmed. Greatly beneficial for anyone who does not know anything about social marketing and also to others who think they know everything. Details covered in nice manner.
-P. Sanju Brand Architect, Carpedian Consulting.

These topics have become necessity in today's corporate world. We knew the terms, but were not familiar with its usages and advantages. This workshop has opened up our eyes. Thanks!
-Manish Khadilkar, G.M.Corporate, Phadnis infra ltd.

The workshop in whole was a very useful and an interesting session. Mr. Sorav is very thorough and has full knowledge and understanding about this media.
-MadhaviChandkar,, Dy Manager-Corporate Communication, Synefra E&C ltd.

The introduction to social media was brilliant. It has made me sit-up and take notice of the media that I was using, albeit very passively. I am encouraged to follow social media and build a brand of my own on all the available platforms. In fact, this workshop gave me the much needed confidence to take the media head on.
-Sales Manager - MensXP, Times Internet.

Sorav is just Too Good &An Expert on the Social Media Workshop Topics... And He was Fabulous with The Way It was delivered... :)... & A Special Note of Appreciation & Thanks for All the Members of the Workshop Organizing Committee.
-Antony K. R. Senior Training Consultant –Serenewin.

The workshop is really informative. Felt like too much of information within short time. Would be interested to participate in a long term (may be 10 days or 20 days ) work shop on Digital marketing.... Sorav's in-depth knowledge about the subject has really made this workshop a very interesting one and worthwhile to attend..!!
-Praveen EG ,Marketing Manager- SIP Academy.

Workshop was great!!! lots of learning &sharing.One of the best workshops ever attended.. Thanks !
-Archana A, AssitantMgr - Central Mktg, SIP Academy India

The training was very informative and impressive. Hands on training given by Sorav was excellent. I think it would really help me in my future projects to implement these ideas. Thanks once again, waiting for the more sessions in Future.
-Nathiya, SEO Team Lead –Astroved.

It was a very informative workshop, especially for me, who was not aware of the opportunities involved in twitter and Linked in. Thanks for the Wonderful Session Sorav!
-Rakesh Nair, Content Manager –AstroVed.

Sorav made the training very easy to understand with hands-on practice. A great workshop filled with fun and lots of learning.
-ReemaGaglani, Senior Account Executive- MSL Group.

Very Clear on the objective and focussed on his work. As a speaker he was very confident on the content he was sharing and shared quit insights on the social media scenario...Overall it was one of the best workshop i have attended in my tenure in MSL INDIA.
-Aziz Khan, Sr. Account Executive - MSL INDIA.

The Social Media workshop is one of very few best training sessions that I have atteneded so far. With a great content designing and deeper engagement with the audience,Sorav Jain proved to be a great trainer who was knowledgable yet knew how to give the right facts to us within the short time. Not only did the audience understand the concepts but the sessions were fun, made relevance for us in PR and extreamlyengaging..Thank you Sorav Jain, would love to attend sessions of your in future as well .
-MouChakravorty, Account Manager-20:20MSL

Sorav is an amazing trainer and puts across his ideas very lucidly and articulately. This workshop has helped me understand social media better.
-NajukYojan T, Senior Consultant, MSL India

Very helpful sessions, great insights. Wouldn't ever otherwise have got to know about the business side of Facebook and Twitter. Will be great to have more of these.
-PramodKantak, Account Manager.

Enjoyed the session. I was a bit scared of getting bored at some point, but the session was engaging and very very informative.
-SuezelleD'Costa, Account Executive - MSL India.

Sorav know social media in and out, he posses very good knowledge about subject matter
-Vishnu Dhas, SAM - MSL India.

It has been a rewarding one; at least for me I have learned much more beyond basics of social media that will be useful to me in the future. Sorav was very clear in his communication.
-Shailendra Pandey, Senior Account Executive - MSL India.

The workshop was truly what it promised to be- Hands On! Very interactive and informative. Gave a broad, indepth perspective of the Social Media space and how it can be leveraged for business.
-MitaliBapat, Account Executive- MSL Group.

This is the best ever training on social media I have attended. Thanks to Sorav who shared lot of insights and a hands-on training on so many aspects. Really a great session!
-Dipti Agarwal, Senior Account Manager.

I'm an active social media user but personally. I had no idea how to use it for professional reasons. This workshop has helped me learn that.
-AletheaFernandes, Senior Account Manager - MSLGroup India.

Gained a lot of insights and learnt about social media. Very informative and interactive. Would love to be a part of such sessions in the future .
-FarnazBharwa, AE-MSL India.

Practical & Goal Oriented training. Has helped me understand the different facets of Social Media Marketing & the kind of approach which is required for the same.
-Souvik Bhattacharyya, Team Lead - Internet Marketing : Indus Net technologies.

His clarity on the subject knowledge was crystal clear and it was enough to get new ideas from that extremely interactive session
-Ishita Banerjee, Trainee @ social media marketing.

Sorav was extremely knowledgeable and delivered the workshop with much enthusiasm and expertise. His ability to manage the crowd and keep them engaged was really appreciated.
-VidushiKhera, Account Manager - MSL India.

Sorav tried to answer to all the questions from elementary to complicated level with an equal and fair manner. He had a comprehensive knowledge on Digital Marketing with a good balance of technology , theory and tactics. Thank you.
-Naoko Yuki, Strategic Consultant MSL Group India.

Sorav is extremely a fantastic orator and engages with the audience in a very friendly manner, also addresses to queries very calmly . This is one of the best training sessions I have ever attended on Social Media. In future, I would like to attend more of such sessions by him.
-RushaliKhandelwal, Senior Account Executuve - MSL India.

Good personality - confident of his field. The workshop carefully encapsulates all elements of social media marketing that are imperative for us media professionals to gain knowledge and expertise on. While it may not be part of our daily professional lives, it is good that Sorav pushes us to think about the new social media - the platform for all future communications!
-Tarika Kumar, Account Executive - MSL India Delhi.

It was fantastic to be learn such detailed overview of the social media... You were wonderful with subject. Thank u :)
-HarmeetSetia, SAE - MSL India.

Thanks for the amazing was quite detailed and enlighten for me in terms of uses and manages of social platform.
-Rajat Gupta, Account Manager.

It was an interesting two-day session, got a good understandign how each social media platform works, especially the lesser known Google+ in India.Sorav Jain is a fantastic speaker and social media trainer.
-Svetlana Lasrado, Account Executive- MSL India.

Sorav really knows his stuff! Very informative and interactive session with a practical element that enhanced understanding.
-Samhitabuddhavarapu, Senior Account Executive - MSL India.

I think the workshop topics were very well organised. What was most useful was the hands on experience we got on various tools during the workshop.
-Zeeshan Chowdhury, Sr. Account Executive - Digital | MSL India.

Sorav is extremely well-versed with the subject. He explains well and patiently. It was for the first time that I participated in a 'hands-on' social media session. It was for the first time I actually understood quite a bit on the subject. It was for the first time that I learnt that Facebook was so much more than just 'timepass'. I got initiated into Twitter, and I am already hooked on to it...thanks to Sorav.
-Vijay Shekhar, Account Director - MSL India.

The Workshop ensure people across the PR sector got a hands on approach on Social Media and it was extremely interactive.
-SurajBlasubramanian, Sr. Account Executive - Digital | MSL India.

The work shop was an eye opener, learnt how and what to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. Very insightful session to know the next communication platform is social media and its very important to start leverage social media platforms.
-Ashok Nagaraj, Senior Account Manager - MSL India.

Mr. Jain, is inspirational with his immense knowledge on Social Media Marketing and his ability to do presentations. He walked us through step by step starting from the scratch. As a beginner in social network marketing, it was very helpful although I would have preferred a little more time to practice setting up a very good account, right when he was available. It was a great platform to experience as a student, especially when the co-participants hold key leading positions in their respective firms.
-Karthik Raghuraman, MBA Student, SRM University

The workshop was an inch tightly knit! I would definitely recommend it for another friend though! :) Sorav was classic, impressive and straight to the point! His background information on all the subjects being taught is impressive!

It is great workshop for SMEs who are looking to extract maximum value for the business out of social media like Facebook and do not know how. This could be a solid foundation for a Facebook Marketing Practitioner. The workshop could open revenue avenues for many from something (FB) which we frequently use on a day to day basis for not so professional reasons. Great work. keep it up.
-Kamal Kataria.

Sorav has the pulse of social media. He knew exactly what he had to put across and was able to transform that into learning. Truly an eye-opening session.
-Atul Shah.

Sourav's workshop was great, I learnt a lot as I plan to start my own blog and hopefully my own business online via social media. I didn't know that there was so much to discover on social media.
-Sanjana Samuel.

I have attended such training earlier, but the one which was hosted by Sorav Jain is worth. The content and the kind of activity which was given to the group was of great experience and it shows how well each of the team members have grabbed the inputs out of this workshop. I would like to attend such training in the near future. Wishing Sorav all the very best in years to come!!!

I have attended such training earlier, but the one which was hosted by Sorav Jain is worth. The content and the kind of activity which was given to the group was of great experience and it shows how well each of the team members have grabbed the inputs out of this workshop. I would like to attend such training in the near future. Wishing Sorav all the very best in years to come!!!

The workshop was a good orientation in social media skills. It has helped me a lot in demystifying some of the platforms that exist today. Apart from the theory, the practical exercises during the workshop helped drill down the concepts better.
-Natasha Bhattacharya.

The training was very relevant to our field of work. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and well versed with the subject.
-Esther Thottan.

The term ' Potential of Social Media' is now demystified!
-Nikita Kejariwal.

It was a good experience learning various features of the social media sites we already use. It was a very interactive session and the facebook activity was great fun!

Thanks Sorav for providing us with so much information about social media. It is interesting and you made it look so dynamic.
-Akanksha Mishra.

Sorav is a very good communicator, knowledgeable, trainer. He puts the audience at ease and makes session very interactive. I learnt a lot and hope there will be more refresher sessions with him once in two quarters at least.
-Vidya Dilip.

Post the session, really look forward to doing things for my client on the FB, Tweeter and Linkedin space. Also, was not active on tweeter prior to this, the session is really an eye opener, more people will see my tweets now.
-Priscilla GuiteSundar.

The flow of the workshop was well planned. Sorav has good command over the subject and explained the concepts in simplest terms.
-Rushikesh Bade.

Very relevant session design with hands on training. Sorav ensured that the concepts were understood well by the was worthwhile undergoing this particular training.
-Namrata Agrawal.

Sorav was extremely patient with his audience, more so because it was real time implementation of the learnings and lot of time was consumed and questions were asked to him. He was fantastic in helping each one out and teaching us whole lot of new stuff we did not know.
-Sulakshana Mehrotra.

The social media training was quite effective. It was well designed, considering the participants' current knowledge about the subject. Sorav interacted with all the participants on a one-on-one basis and addressed queries keeping in mind how much each participant can absorb. The hands-on practical training that accompanied the theoretical learning ensured that doubts were clarified simultaneously. Overall, a very intelligently conducted session.
-Akash Batra.

It was a real good 2 days training program. I got a lot of queries and perspectives, running in my head since long, cleared. Your knowledge of the subject was really very good (and that's very rare) and your determination to complete the content structure was also amazing. The second day in particular was very good. The several tools you mentioned will be very useful.
-Karan Bhujbala.

The workshop was really interesting and very engaging. Sorav has excellent communication skills and all the queries were very well addressed by him. I thoroughly enjoyed the training nad it was really very helpful.
-Dimple Mehta.

It was an insightful workshop. It was great that it was interactive and that we had to actually do things practically instead of listening to a long presentation. Opened up my mind to the possibilities on facebook!
-Alia Abreo.

The Twitter &Linkedin Workshop conducted by Sorav was immensely useful. Sorav comes across as an ardent social media enthusiast and expert and he made this workshop interesting and interactive.
-Vijaya Kalyan.

Sorav's speech is like a waterfall rejuvanating the brain penetrating deeply into social marketing platforms such as twitter and linkedin. Worth the money we spent.
-Shunmugaiya Srinivasan.

Have been active on linkedin but had no clue what twitter is all about,but after attending the workshop i had been tweeting and experimenting with Twitter throughout the day. I found it very interesting,Thanks :)
-Pooja Sriram.

The workshop gave me a whole new understanding of how Facebook and Social media work so efficiently as a marketing tool. The event was fun, interactive and very informative. Sorav is a good speaker and holds one's attention. I would like to be updated about all the new events/workshops in future.
-Gauri Bharati.

Sorav is a well experienced professional, who has learnt from doing himself and doing for others. He has an in-depth understanding of FB with real hands on experience.
-Kunal Gwalani.

Initially I did not expect much as Sorav said that the workshop is going to be quite basic, and I was already managing a few Facebook pages. But as the workshop progressed, I learnt so many new things that I didn't know until then. Also, meeting so many people involved in FB marketing was so refreshing and it gave me a brand new perspective on what this medium is all about!
-Fabiola Jacob.

He was absolutely fantastic, with type of details, he dared to reveal, as he was wiling to share the rare insights which he has gained after swaggering hard for years together to accrue knowledge and for the amount it was charged, it was more than worth it.Workshop was pretty professional, where PPts are shared and it also helps to go back to your home and recollect the forgotten facts, as PPts are quite comprehensive and user- friendly. The entire team was quite genrous in taking my doubts and queries, which was also very nice.
-Sabarish V .S.

The workshop was a very good introduction to social media networks and their marketing potential, with special reference to Facebook Marketing. Anybody who is familiar with the basics of internet would find this workshop very useful and informative. It will give a good start to his creative initiatives on the social media.Mr.Sorav Jain was very eloquent and interactive in his lecture delivery. His friendly attitute and communicative skills put the listeners at ease and helped them air their doubts more freely. Very informative brief on the basics of social media marketing.
-Sudha Varadarajan

The workshop was really amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire session. It was very interactive. Both the trainers and the volunteers were very helpful and made sure each participant's needs were addressed. I didnt realize the power of FB until I attended this session of Sorav. Thank you very much for conducting the workshop! May God bless you for all your enthusiasm and hard work!!!
-Jeyashree Sundaram

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Upcoming Workshop

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