20 Excuses Employee Give For Being Late to Work!

We’ve all been there. Being late and giving our bosses the most creative excuses we can ever come up with. We came up with a list of excuses we’ve heard at echoVME Digital so far:

1. I woke up late today


It was a miracle I was able to reach office this soon! Phew!

 2. My dress got torn, I had to go back home to change it.


My poor, poor dress! *bursts out sobbing*

3. Had Puja at home.


I had to help mum with the puja and all…

 4. Had a stomach ache.

stomach pain


5. Have a family problem.. bear with me.. I will come on time next week (continues to come late next week too)


Um…..I uh…..mom’s not well (fumbles)

 6. My bike got repaired


My stupid bike decided not to work today. *facepalm*

7. My bike got punctured.


….because, my life. Is, awesome *double facepalm*

 8. Heavy traffic due to the school around me.


I was busy yelling at the kids pah they didn’t let me pass only!

 9. I slept late last night!

slept late

I uh, I slept late last night….

10. Mom/Dad not well – emergency!


*sob story* *hides face and runs*

11. Went to Petrol bunk and the billing machine was not working had to wait.

Petrol bunk

Stupid guy took so long to get my bill!

 12. In my area No Auto is coming.

no auto in my area

Those darn autos!

 13. Had to go to Bank.


2 words: No. Money.

 14. I dashed a car while I was learning to drive.

car accident

Whoever said learning to drive was easy, has not dashed their car against anyone else’s.

 15. I broke my spectacles, I cannot manage without it.


“My glasses! I can’t see without MY GLASSES!”

 16. No electricity at home last night, hence no water in the morning!

No water

TNEB is awesome, that’s why. *facepalm again*

 17. The Gas was on and I had to go to turn it off


*gasp* What if I accidentally set my house on fire? I have to go check now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Black Cat Crossed my way, I had to go back home!

cat coming my way

Why did the cat cross the road?

So I can go late to office yay! :/

19. I had to go to Doctor – it was an emergency!

had gone to the doc

And I’m better now yaayy!

 But having said that, there are also souls who have never given an excuse at all. A big salute to these wonderful people!

Slept late last night

And it’s said that this is the expression they give, to the bosses 😀

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of World’s leading digital marketing influencers. He started his career as an SEO specialist and, in 2010, went on to establish echoVME Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVME Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team to bring out the best digital marketing and social media solutions for brands across India. In 2019, he also founded Digital Scholar, the educational extension of echoVME that offers digital marketing training for enthusiasts from all walks of life. In addition to being a digital marketing agency and digital marketing training institute owner, he is also a keynote speaker, consultant, and author, with 5 books to his credit to date.
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