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A new trendsetter that has raised the bar in the Digital Marketing Industry is
Influencer Marketing. This is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements or product/service promotions from persons (Influencers) who have a well-built audience on the social forum.

Influencer as a definition simply means someone who helps in influencing the buying decisions of people in different creative ways. These influencers differ with respect to the different kinds of target audiences based on their niche.

Our duty is to find suitable influencers who will fit inside your brand’s marketing budget plan. We will ensure to find influencers who have good engagement rates to gain the best on using this social media marketing strategy for your brand.

What We Do


What You Will Get

  • A touch of the human element

    People trust people. Posts and videos do create trust. But when a fellow human out there vocally presents the brand to people, the whole trust dimension completely changes.

  • Enhanced brand awareness

    Influencers take the responsibility to voice out your brand’s vision in their own creative manner so that their target audience will get to know that your brand exists.

  • Reaching new audience

    As influencers engage in the process of amplifying the brand’s awareness, your brand will meet a newer audience, and without a doubt, that could actually turn into potential customers.

  • Drives conversion

    When a trusted person is behind your brand’s niche, your brand meets the right audience, and then bountiful sales conversions happen.

  • Wonders for brand’s recall

    You never know the fruitful prospects that Influencer Marketing can bring to your brand. As a digital marketing agency, we ensure that your brand’s minute details reach your target audience.

  • Maximum engagement with minimal cost

    You get more of everything in return when you choose the influencer marketing strategy. This will definitely fall in line with your budget plan and give you fruitful results.

How echoVMEans Do It

Step 1
Understanding the brand’s need

We make it our top priority to understand your brand’s vision and mission in the digital world before starting with the process.

Step 2
Finding the right influencer

Only the right influencer can make the magic happen. That’s why we give you options to choose from after extensive research sessions from our Influencer Marketing Team.

Step 3
Closing on a win-win deal

To strike a mutually beneficial relationship so that both your brand and the influencer gain massive traction.

Step 4
Executing the idea

After closing a successful deal, our team comes up with creative ways that the influencer can adapt when they promote your brand.

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View Case Study

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