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Outdated Methods and Technology

70% of the B2B buyer’s journey takes place before they ever get in touch with a sales rep, and most of that journey occurs online. Increasingly self-reliant consumers are searching for information on Google and social media platforms, making digital marketing essential for today’s businesses.   

Insufficient Content

Enticing content is the cornerstone of digital and inbound marketing tactics. Suppose you develop content that answers the questions and addresses the concerns of your target audience. In that case, you can rise above the product-centric content on search engine results pages and start seeing an influx of leads.

Poor Visibility

Manufacturers often struggle to gain full visibility into their processes and contacts. Leads come in through multiple channels, and they have trouble keeping up with every touchpoint. As customers increasingly crave personalized engagements, this lack of insight puts them at a serious disadvantage.


We at echoVME create impactful content that builds relationships with the target audiences you hope to do business with. We connect with buyers on their terms throughout the buying process with a variety of content formats. Lastly, we help you explore innovative ways to put you in front of your customers to establish your business as a thought leader, valued resource, and a trusted supplier.



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