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Lack of Efficiency

As consumers are getting empowered by technology, the FMCG market is witnessing a persistent change in consumer behaviour. Having a persuasive selling skill is not enough. Leaders in the FMCG management need to read the existing selling scenario effectively and require the ability to predict the upcoming pattern so that crucial marketing opportunities can be implemented.

Weakening brand loyalty

With virtually every brand online nowadays, consumers have more options for where to shop than ever before, right at their fingertips. While the internet makes it easier for consumers to purchase from FMCG brands, it also has fostered an epidemic of disloyalty, if not taken care of, digitally. 

Direct-to-consumer competitors

Not only do industry staples now have to compete with house brands, but a dramatic increase in direct-to-consumer goods is also loosening the market strongholds of established FMCG brands. In response, many FMCG brands have expanded their range of direct-to-consumer products and services to remain competitive. Still, successful execution of this depends on their ability to deliver a seamless, multichannel experience that engages existing customers while capturing new ones.


At our digital marketing agency in chennai, we will analyse the consumer behaviour of your ideal audience and build a dynamic content plan that will create a personal connection between you and the audience. We will adopt vernacular content to cater to regional target audiences, thereby maximizing brand awareness.



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