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Slow Pace of Change to Implements new strategies

Educational institutions have historically been slow to change for many reasons. Whether it’s a challenge of scalability or not, institutional adaptability usually pales compared to how quickly other industries adapt to new strategies.

Lack of Parental Buy-in Might Reduce Your Credibility

Another roadblock that’s common in educational marketing is a lack of buy-in from parents. Without gaining their trust and support, the institutes are not likely to champion social media marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), resulting in a weak brand persona that discredits the institute. 

Working With the Wrong Tools Can Impact Results

Educational institutions have been using different forms of data collection to track students for some time. However, they were not built on systems that are friendly to digital marketing techniques. This causes to backfire, which can adversely affect the institutes. 


As education shifts and changes, it’s usually hard to know what role marketing will play in this field. But here at our digital marketing agency in chennai, we have seasoned digital marketers who understand the ebb and flow of the educational calendar, thereby strategizing an advanced game plan that will dominate the digital space.



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