8000+ Leads In 3 Months For VIT’s BBA!

Success Story of VIT BBA Course


Digital marketing has become an important tool for VIT to connect with their target audience instantly. We developed campaigns that engaged with prospects right from their school days. This early engagement helped us generate adequate brand awareness and effectively positioned VIT. Correctly targeting our to parents can helped us make a valuable connection ensuring that they know where to look for when the time comes.

Our Main Focus Was:

We created a campaign strategy by gathering data on the following:

Strategies We Implemented


We also adopted the following channels to support the lead generation process. They were:

Retargeting was done through both Google and Social media channels to create brand recall and the leads were regularly validated to ensure that the leads are of good quality resulting in higher conversions.

Results We Obtained

Leads Generated
Leads Generated for Webinar
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Conversions for Mgmt Quota
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Engagement Rate

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