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10 Social Media Gyaans by Sorav Jain You Should Read!

Written by echoVME

When we need inspiration, who else to turn to than our beloved Thinker-In-Chief, Sorav Jain? More so when it comes to some serious social media gyaan from the man himself!

1. Quality and quantity are not the same thing. Working towards quality instead of quantity ensures your consistency!


2. Did you know that 85% of Indians don’t use the Internet thereby creating a niche market for digital marketing itself


3. Social Media has undoubtedly changed the way businesses are being viewed today. Because on Social Media, the stories you tell matters!


4. The current trend in social media as you have seen is attracting the audience by portraying content in numbers – the charm exhibited by this method has shown that this is a timeless method!


5. On social media, avoiding community marketing will cost you dearly.


6. For obvious reasons, innovation sells faster than duplication. To stand out from the crowd, simply create content rather than replicate.


7. The crux of social media lies in your ability of being social to you audience. How social is your Social Media?


8. Who are you focusing on, your business or on the needs of your audience?


9. Too much of marketing is not good for your business!


10. What are you concentrating on, post reach or page likes?


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