15 Benefits of SEO for eCommerce Brands


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What makes an ecommerce firm profitable in markets where digital advertising costs are rising and competition is increasing?

The creation and implementation of an SEO plan that allows an ecommerce company to attain its organic market potential. Organic traffic differs from all other types of marketing traffic. Every site visitor is a possible sale and brand exposure, and every free session is a prospective sale.

Organic users, unlike sponsored search or social initiatives, have no upfront fees and do not bloat traffic expenses inside your chosen niche markets. Google, the biggest search engine, has so much to offer. 

Did you know? 

15% of the total Google searches are completely new to Google – nobody ever has searched it before!

Let’s discuss what SEO can do for you!

What Is Search Engine Optimization (Seo) For eCommerce?

Search Engine Optimization, in the simplest of words, means optimizing your website to get organic (free) traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. For instance, if you type in “5 in 1 hip seat baby cover” in your google search, you’ll find these results: 

The one where you see “ads” are all paid content. However, the results you see post this are all organic content. 


As an eCommerce business, you need to ensure that your products are seen everywhere – the paid, and the organic results. Appearing on the paid section is fairly easy, but appearing under the organic results may take some time, strategies and LOTS of improvements on your website. 

How is SEO Beneficial For E-Commerce Brands?

What do you do when you need to buy a product? Go to Google and look for it! Similarly, what do you think your audience does when they want to buy a product? They, too, are looking for it online. To get more sales, you would want to ensure that when your customers go online, they find you first! 

If your website does not appear on the first page of the search results, you might as well take your website down because this will not bring you any customers. Here’s where SEO meets eCommerce! It is only through SEO that you can get your website on top of SERPs organically. Sure, your website should be optimized for people – but it’s equally, if not more, crucial to optimise it for search engines since SEO helps take your website and present it to people. 

Let’s look at the many benefits of SEO for eCommerce.

Benefits of SEO for eCommerence

1. Doesn’t require a large budget 

Paid ads are capable of bringing you many visitors to your website. However, this happens as long as you keep paying for it which can get very expensive. SEO requires minimum to no costs, and won’t cause a hole in your pocket. You’ll need to make an investment in terms of time and effort in the beginning, and then it’s a cake walk! With just minimum maintenance, you can get a very high ROI through SEO. 

2. Increase your sales

SEO helps you acheieve your goal – the primary reason why your brand exists and functions – to make profits. While you probably have the expertise in designing your product and pricing it, SEO helps you convey these factors to your customers, hence increasing your sales. 

3. Increases brand trust 

The digital world has won over everyone and everything, but one factor that marketers still face is trying to win their customer’s trust. With fake websites and fraudulent activities being so widespread, it becomes very difficult for small and new businesses to gain customers. This is where SEO can help them: 

  • If you optimise your website well, Google will notice it.
  • Once Google notices it, it’ll trust you and push you to the top.
  • If Google trusts you, your customers will trust you too!

That’s how simple it is!

4. Improves PPC efficiency 

Your paid search team can put cookies for retargeting campaigns whenever customers arrive on your site via organic search (or other channels). When those customers leave your site and continue their trips, you can show them display adverts. Your remarketing audiences will grow in size as more people visit your site.

When you consider visits to the content at the top of the funnel, SEO remarketing makes even more sense. As customers browse the web, they’re reminded that your company gave them something useful.

5. High click-through rate

Organic click-through-rate is a computed metric that informs you how many people clicked through out of the total number of individuals who viewed it, just like other click-through-rate metrics used in PPC, email, and on-page web design. This refers to the number of visitors that viewed your search result and then clicked through to the website. You can get more click throughs organically than any other way. 

6. Increases Brand Awareness 

When you properly optimise your website, you’re sure to get a substantial amount of traffic to your website. Whether or not you get a purchase, but you can be assured that your customers considered buying from you. Hence, your brand is now registered in your  customer’s mind who will most probably think of you during their next purchase. 

As soon as they face discomfort with your competitor, they’ll be quick to remember you and shift to your product! 

7. Improves User experience 

When you follow all of Google’s guidelines and end up ranking high on SERPs, your website automatically provides a seamless user experience! So, when a user goes online looking for you, they’ll be able to find you with ease. A study revealed that only about 0.78% of users check the second page on Google – and understandably so, who even has the time? 

8. Reach your target audience

Another major benefit of SEO for eCommerce is that you attract the right audience. Only people who intend to buy your product will land on your website. This involves using short and long-tail keywords that people looking for your product will probably search for. 

Let’s take an example. In the screenshot below, the product’s title includes the keyword “Organic 3 ply Muslin Blanket.” 

Hence, when one searches for that product, the blanket offered by 1st step stands first in the organic search, as seen below: 


Therefore, through SEO, you can get the most relevant audience to your website, who are more likely to make a purchase with your brand. 

9. Generate Quality “free” traffic

The quality of traffic that you can receive through SEO is one you cannot get anywhere else. When you target the right traffic using relevant keywords, only people who are interested in your product will actually land on your website. Moreover, you aren’t paying anyone for the traffic you receive organically. It’s all free!

10. Outrank your competitor 

Many SEO tools help you understand how your competitors are performing and also give you assistance to outrank them. Through using the right keywords and following a fool-proof strategy, you can easily outrank your competitors through SEO. 

11. Long-term benefits 

When you run a paid campaign on any platfotrm, your efforts are paid off till you keep paying for it. However, SEO doesn’t have an expiry date. As long as your website is optimised for Google, you’ll reap the benefits of it. This includes making constant changes to your website according to Google’ standards, focusing on user experience, and ensuring that your website functions perfectly. 

12. Gets more local audience 

In order to learn more about a local business, 97 percent of people use the internet. With the rise in “near me” searches, if your business isn’t optimised for search engines, you’re missing out on a lucrative market. Many businesses’ main target audience is those residing around them. Through SEO techniques, they can be more visible and approachable to those around them and hence get more local audiences. 

13. High site authority 

In Google’s opinion, the authority of your website has an impact on how well you can rank in search engine results. Google wants to give accurate information and results to its users. This means that the higher your authority, the more customers you’ll be able to attract through organic search. Only SEO can help you gain a higher site authority, and hence make your website visible to everybody. 

14. Power to other marketing channels 

SEO powers and works with almost every other channel – PPC and Adwords, Content, Social media marketing, and even for public relations. Wondering how? This is how: 

  • PPC: Understanding the fundamentals of on-page SEO will aid you in optimising a landing page for AdWords’ keyword quality score. A positive keyword quality score is crucial for an AdWords campaign’s success. This is an excellent example of how SEO and PPC interact with one another.
  • Content marketing: Writing and tweaking content for relevance on a certain topic helps enhance ranks, according to a study from backlinkp.com.
  • Social media marketing: When you attract a new user’s attention and they enjoy your content so much that they share it with their friends, that’s when you know you’ve done something right. Your organic reach has just gotten a lot bigger. There has been speculation that social signals boost ranks, although this has yet to be proved.
  • PR: When it comes to search engine optimization, backlinks are still one of the most important ranking criteria. An SEO-savvy digital public relations practitioner understands the value of pitching and targeting a site with a high domain authority and a clean backlink profile.

15. Drives top-of-the-funnel traffic 

A continual supply of new customers is required by the classic marketing funnel – awareness, interest, desire, action. At the awareness stage, SEO is crucial for attracting lower-cost top-of-funnel traffic.

However, SEO is important at all phases of the process. The purpose shown in shoppers’ keyword choices shifts from informational to transactional as they progress from awareness to interest (research) to action (buy). Targeting the right intent at the right places on your site improves consumer progression to the next step, increasing conversion chances.


SEO is a never-ending and constant process. It takes a lot of time and a lot of resources to see results. However, if done effectively, it can make a major difference in the performance of your online company. We hope these recommendations helped you have a better understanding of SEO and identify its benefits.

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How has SEO benefitted your business? Let us know in the comments below! 


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