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12 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors in India


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Healthcare marketing has been there always since time immemorial. It was word-of-mouth marketing that yielded great attention and reputation to the doctors.

As days move on, the need for medical help is becoming more. It is also a known fact that people themselves are on the lookout for best medical services. 

To let the need of the people meet the best services, healthcare digital marketing can work the best. This blog will give you an overview of the best healthcare digital marketing strategies that doctors in India can make use of to increase their reach and reputation.

Here is The List of Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Doctors

1. Create a GMB Page For Yourself

Nothing better than creating a space for yourself online. Build a GMB page for yourself. Showcase your practice name with your qualification. Then add all the necessary details like your specialization, functioning hours, the place where you work, your contact details, and integrate a website if possible.

After all the hardships, hustling and turmoil that doctors have gone through in their years of study, it is a very much-needed thing to showcase themselves online and build a reputation for themselves.

2. Maintain a Website 

It is best to have your own website when doctors reach a certain place in their career. 

This will increase the credibility of the doctors. If not for a personal website, it is wise to make use of the website of the hospital or place where the doctors are working. 

Building a website and integrating it with the GMB page can work well to build a reputation for the doctors. This is one of the notable healthcare digital marketing strategies.  

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3. Ask Your Patients to Roll Out Reviews

When it comes to medical marketing, it all boils down to one thing, great reviews generated by others. If your patients and clients get benefitted from your medical services and are satisfied in general, then it is best to request them to drop in a review for you.

Request them to talk about your services and give a genuine google rating. The better the google rating and review, the better the reach among others.

4. Register Yourself to Medical Directories 

One of the wisest healthcare digital marketing strategies is to register yourself on the medical directories and showcase yourself online. 

In India, there are numerous business directories like Practo, justdial, and sulekha. This can be made use of to register yourself and establish yourself in the healthcare workers’ arena. 

Patients looking for healthcare practitioners with specific specialties can access this and make use of this to find the best healthcare professional of their choice. 

5. Search Engine Optimization Comes in Handy 

Search engine optimization is the process of making use of strategies to make sure that the website of doctors ranks higher on the search engine results page. When patients look out for doctors in offering a specific service within their locality they would search for it using the keywords as “near me”. 

Optimize your website or bio page accordingly. This ensures that the doctor has a higher chance of being noticed by others in and around the locality. 

6. Social Media is Your Friend

Yes, social media is a dear friend when it comes healthcare digital marketing or digital marketing in general. You can optimize your social media by making use of numerous content marketing strategies and techniques. 

Build awareness about you and your services across social media platforms. Produce engaging and informative content which will be of interest and use to your followers online. Gain better traction and gain a reputation and reach for yourself on social media. 

7. Email Marketing is the Best 

Email marketing is one of the most intimate forms of marketing. When it comes to healthcare digital marketing, it is extremely important for the marketing to be carried out with great sensitivity and attention.

Rolling out an email wishing them for festivals and celebrations can be one of the best ways to carry out email marketing. You can also make use of email marketing strategies and roll out newsletters. These newsletters can be tailored to generate content related to health that the subscribers find useful.  

8. Blogging is the Best Way Out

Blogging can be one of the most effective healthcare digital marketing strategies that one can make use of. Blogs are an effective way of content marketing. They can be informative, and engaging providing the right balance of marketing content and increasing  awareness  and providing personal branding for oneself 

Especially, SEO-based blogs are found to increase the traffic and ranking of the website. This will inturn generate better names and recognition for the doctors who carry out blogging. 

9. Video Marketing Can Yield Great Results 

Video marketing is yet another healthcare digital marketing strategy that is found to do phenomenally well for numerous doctors. Making use of the same will provide a great chance for personal branding in the healthcare industry. 

There are many doctors who are making use of the video marketing platforms like YouTube, Instagram reels and much more to effectively put across useful medical information online. This is a great chance to develop high credibility and great online presence. 

10. Run Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are easy and yet effective ways of reaching out to the target audience. 

Social media ads can be one of the best ways to carry out targeted ads. Pay-per-click ads, google ads and Facebook ads are found to do exceptionally well in reaching out to leads and producing leads that are value-yielding.  Targeted ads can be an effective way of carrying out digital healthcare marketing strategies. 

11. Reach Out for Referrals 

Medical referrals have always been the most preferred medical marketing strategy. Reach out to other doctors who have a strong online presence or healthcare institutions with a great online presence and collaborate with them to showcase yourself.

Online referrals are one of the best ways to reach out to other reputed medical professionals and build a reputation for yourself online. 

12. Track Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Results

Google analytics can be one of the best ways to generate information on website traffic. Inbeat can be used for Instagram to track how well your Instagram is doing as a medical influencer.  Facebook insights as such will also provide information on how well your Facebook page is performing. 

Tracking your online presence will give you an insight as to how well your digital healthcare strategies are working out in favor of your aim to create a strong online presence and generate leads. 


The above are the healthcare digital marketing strategies for doctors in India that you can make use of to increase your reach and reputation. If there are any other digital healthcare marketing strategies that you would like to add, then let us know in the comments below.


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