Top 5 Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

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“To be or not to be”, is a poetic dilemma that everyone goes through at some point in life. This dilemma is prevalent in many young minds of our country. In a country that is obviously biased and narrow-minded when it comes to career choices, every student is mired with countless doubts and trepidation about their career path. However, some minds are fighting a bigger battle.

Every choice you make has its own set of challenges. However, a large portion of the young population has difficulties in making a choice in the first place. If you belong to this group, keep reading. If you are a person bubbling with creativity and crave to create something new every waking moment, move to the next line.  If your strong suit is art and creativity, be it writing, fine arts, theatre etc, the obvious choice is pursuing art in its purest form. As noble and wonderful as it sounds, the practical hurdles you face while pursuing an art are endless.

As you grow older, you will meet with the hard-hitting reality that you cannot compromise financial stability for your artistic pursuits. It might seem unfair that you have to choose between a high paying job that you have no interest in and scrambling for money on your journey to become an artistic genius. This is where you are wrong. What if there is a middle ground where you can have a steady job that demands you to be creative every day? Yes, we are talking about Digital Marketing, the shining beacon of hope that exploits your creativity and awards you with benefits that a 9-5 job has to offer.

Digital Marketing has become the next big thing with almost every product/service taking the digital route to advertise their product. With this industry reaching new heights every day, there is a demand for innumerable intelligent and creative minds. If you think you fit the bill, here are five reasons why you have to cement your career in Digital Marketing.

1.Fuels your Creativity:

If writing lines and lines of programme is your worst nightmare and if you cannot imagine doing something mundane and meticulous, Digital Marketing is your saviour. With surfeit of content and creative material posted online every day, digital marketing agencies are in dire need of people who can think out of the box and whip out innovative material in a moment’s notice. My job is too boring and robotic, said no digital marketer ever.

2. A place for everyone:

A digital marketing agency consists of an assortment of people ranging from Business development executives, content writers to graphic designers. Are you a voracious reader who is instilled with an undying passion for writing? Get on board as a content writer! Are you a social media addict who garners hundreds of likes with a perfect selfie, an eye- catching filter and a captivating caption? Time to become a social media strategist! If your strong suit is art, photoshop and a whole lot of creativity, get ready to become a graphic designer. Apart from these titles, digital marketing is a well-rounded industry that requires a mixture of skill sets. This makes Digital Marketing a sector that is truly inclusive of a varied range of talent and specialties.

3. Be a part of the digital revolution:

We live in an era where Digital Marketing has revolutionized marketing and advertising. It has managed to uproot traditional marketing strategies and conquer the world. With more and more brands looking up to Social Media and SEO to propel their product into the success wave, Digital Marketing is officially the next big thing. With an increase in demand for digital marketing services, there comes a wave of opportunities knocking your feet. Make sure to grab these opportunities at the right time and climb up the success ladder.

4. Digital Marketing is here to stay:

Men may come and men may go, but marketing stays on forever. There has never been a point in history where marketing or branding went out of business. As long as there are people consuming products, there will be a need for advertising and marketing. With this field skyrocketing to unimaginable levels and an unquenchable thirst of brands to create an identity for themselves, Digital Marketing has also emerged to become one of the high paying sectors of the country. Whoever said creative professions do not pay well!

5. Eat. Play. Work. Repeat.

You spend most of the day in your workplace and it is important to be in a propitious environment that can catalyze your creative juices and help you achieve the best possible results. Most of the digital marketing agencies in India strive to maintain a casual work culture with flexible timings, super friendly superiors, informal dress code, numerous team outings and loads of food at all times. When work seems like play, you will never get tired.

To all the confused minds out there, Digital Marketing is an extensive field with endless opportunities and countless advantages! The great thing about this line of profession is that you do not need a degree or pre- requisite knowledge to make a career out of it. All you need is a hint of ambition, a good amount of creativity and the capacity to learn and think differently! If you can relate to the above said points, you know what you are going to do in life!

This article was contributed by Lakshmipriya R –Social Media Strategist at echoVME.


Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts


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