10 Proven D2C Marketing Strategies to 2x Your Business Growth


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D2C marketing, or “direct to customer” marketing, is a marketing method where brands create and sell their products directly to customers without using third-party retailers or wholesalers. This makes the sales process more personalized between the sellers and customers. Instead of going to physical stores and buying products, consumers can directly order a product from an e-commerce website or social media. 

The popularity of D2C marketing has increased over the last decade. The rising popularity of e-commerce websites and online payment services has considerably increased the number of merchants who have opted for the D2C marketing approach.

D2C marketing facilitates direct communication between sellers and consumers and helps merchants gather feedback and improve their products accordingly.

D2C marketing strategies to improve your business

1. Quality services for quality reviews

Customer reviews are essential for any brand. But it is more essential for D2C marketers because they rely very much on their customers spreading the word about their product. Providing excellent services and solving their pain points can gain good reviews from customers. D2C marketers can use these reviews for social media ads or websites to gain new customers.

2. Sell unique products (focus on their pain point)

If you want your customers to buy your products instead of buying from a retail store, give them a valid reason to buy your product. Give them something unique that they don’t get from a retail store. For example: if you sell cosmetic products, learn what people expect from your products. It can be using nature-friendly products or a low price. Whatever it is, make your brand stand out from others. 

3. Provide offers and discounts

Providing offers and discounts from time to time can help you gain and retain customers. People are more inclined to buy your product if they see a drop in its regular price. They can increase your sales and draw more customers to your products. 

4. SEO and PPC marketing

Making use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is an effective way to let your target audience know about your brand. Search for the keywords that your audience is using while looking for the products you sell, and use them to place your brand in front of their search results when they search for it.

5. Influencer marketing

We all know word of mouth is important in any kind of marketing. And people are more inclined to believe and buy a product if the person who advocates it is well-known among them. People trust the influencers and decide on a product based on their reviews. By tapping into the popularity of the influencers, you can gain their followers and get more customers. 

6. Content marketing

Content marketing is a key tool for all D2C marketers. If you are new to D2C marketing, incorporating creative content and SEO into your marketing strategy can help develop your business. Creating great content helps you gain the customers’ trust and engage with them.

7. Create a chatbot

To become successful in D2C marketing, it is important to establish a good relationship with customers. You can start interacting with them using a chatbot on your website. It helps customers start communicating with the brand. You can reach out to customers who use your website to know more about them and help enhance their user experience. 

8. Customer experience

A good customer experience is vital for the development of any brand nowadays. Traditional retail marketing did not allow brands to communicate directly with their customers. But with D2C marketing, you can have direct access to your customers. So use this opportunity to learn more about the customers and provide a personalised customer experience for them. 

The world is rapidly changing, and new trends emerge from time to time. It is important for D2C marketers to adapt to trends and make the shopping experience as smooth as possible for customers. Adapting new trends swiftly before your competitors can make you stand out in the market. 

10. Improve based on customer feedback

One of the perks of D2C marketing is that you can directly communicate with customers. And getting feedback on your products and their quality will give you an opportunity to improve your product. Interact with your customers, ask them about the good and bad about your product, and make adequate improvements based on that.

Pros and cons of D2C marketing

Just like any other service, D2C marketing also has its merits and demerits. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of D2C marketing.

Pros of D2C marketing


Unlike physical stores, manufacturers don’t have to spend too much setting up an online shopping website. They can easily do it through platforms such as Shopify or BigCommerce. 

Direct communication with customers 

The traditional way of selling through retailers or wholesalers provides a minimal opportunity for manufacturers to communicate with their customers. With D2C marketing, manufacturers have the opportunity to interact with their customers.

Collect customer data

Having access to directly communicate with customers allows manufacturers to collect the customers’ social media profiles, locations, and shopping preferences. This allows merchants to provide a more customized shopping experience to the customers.

Higher profits

Manufacturers stand to gain higher profits when there are no intermediaries between them and their customers. They can enjoy the entire profit they get from a sale without dividing it with the retailers.

Opportunities to innovate and improve

Manufacturers have the opportunity to sell their new products to customers and get feedback on them. They can improve the product wherever necessary based on customer reviews.

Cons of D2C marketing

Increased competition

D2C marketing has provided opportunities for many manufacturers to create their own shopping platforms, thus increasing the competition between them to attract customers.

Do everything on your own

This is one of the major disadvantages of D2C marketing. Manufacturers have to take care of everything, like order placement, payments, shipping, transport, delivery, refunds, etc. It might be tiring and complicated.

Stock issues and delivery tracking:

Stock management can be problematic when brands work alone and manufacture their own products. Customers expect full transparency right from when they order a product to when it gets delivered. So D2C marketers have to maintain a secure tracking system to track the shipping movements of their products.

Needs diverse marketing skills

D2C marketers do not rely on third-party marketers to distribute their products. They have to do it by themselves. This requires them to have multiple skills, like marketing, customer service, website development and shipment services. 

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Having a strategic marketing plan can help build brand reputation and customer base for D2C marketers. The most significant point to remember while developing your brand is to always pay attention to the needs and queries of the customer and offer appropriate solutions.


1. What is the difference between D2C and B2C?

D2C marketing is called direct-to-customer/consumer marketing. In D2C marketing, the manufacturers create, sell and deliver their products directly to the customer without the help of third-party sellers like retailers. 

B2C marketing is called business-to-consumer marketing. In B2C marketing, the business targets individual customers and uses marketing strategies to sell its products. The B2C marketers include drug stores, software companies, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. 

2. What causes D2C businesses to fail?

A D2C business can fail for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common factors that can cause your D2C business to fail.

  • Not knowing your target audience and building your brand for everyone.
  • Focusing more on developing the product rather than communicating with customers.
  • Not paying enough attention to the packaging of the product. 
  • Not giving customers a compelling enough reason to buy your product.

3. What are some steps to follow for a successful marketing plan?

No matter what industry you do business in, a good marketing and sales plan is necessary to succeed in it. Here are some steps you can follow to create a successful marketing plan.

  • Know your market and its competition.
  • Recognize your customer.
  • Create a marketing message.
  • Select a marketing channel(s).
  • Set your goals for marketing and sales.
  • Create a marketing budget.

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