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The EdTech industry is one of the booming industries as more institutions are turning to technology for providing education. Increased access to technology, personalized products, and flexible learning platforms have enabled the growth of EdTech companies.

Digital marketing is an essential strategy for Edtech companies that helps to increase brand exposure, increase awareness, and drive traffic to websites. 

Using digital marketing platforms, marketers can combine engaging content and innovative technology to produce it to the right audience at the right time. Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, you can leverage limitless opportunities with digital marketing platforms.

The amount of planning and logistics that go into the digital marketing strategies for Edtech companies are cost-effective and efficient.

Let us explore the various benefits of digital marketing for EdTech companies: 

  • Digital marketing offers a far more reaching approach or brand awareness to its target audience. Marketing the services online helps to offer seamless opportunities and have the same level playing field as other educational systems.
  • Investing in digital marketing campaigns is more affordable compared to traditional marketing strategies. 
  • Data-driven marketing tools help to offer a personalized marketing approach to users.
  • Ensured high conversion rates and tracked the results of the campaigns. 

How Does A Digital Marketing Agency Help To Promote Your Services? 

A digital marketing agency in Chennai, like EchoVme, is an award-winning agency that offers 360-degree digital marketing solutions like Search Engine Optimisation, website design and development, social media marketing, and many more. It will help you offer personalized digital marketing services to your target audience and boost your marketing efforts. 

Here We Present You Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies For EdTech Companies Which Are As Follows

1. Focus On Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

Search engine optimization is one of the cost-effective methods to generate an organic search; It is a core part of the digital marketing efforts that help offer the best user experience. EdTech companies must focus on SEO to get decision-makers like schools and institutions. 

You can perform on-page optimization keyword research as a part of search engine optimization efforts. Optimize the content within the website, meta tags, and descriptions to improve the search results and rankings in the search engines. 

Expanding your off-page SEO footprint to enhance your digital marketing reach. It is essential to offer a compelling user experience to improve SERP results. Gaining quality backlinks from trustworthy and reliable third-party sources—the more trusted the website, the better the link’s value. Backlinks are an effective ranking signal or factor for search engines to understand that your content is relevant and the website is reliable. 

2. Email Marketing For EdTech Companies

The EdTech industry has changed in recent years bringing forth new innovative ideas, paradigms, and endless opportunities for students. Email marketing is one of the effective methods used by Edtech companies to promote the products or services to potential customers. 

You can spend time crafting and executing effective email marketing campaigns. It delivers the highest Return On Investment compared to other digital marketing strategies.

 Use email service providers (ESP) to automate email marketing campaigns, manage email creation strategies and offer effective lead generation forms. Targeting the email marketing campaigns to the right audience is crucial to generating high engagement and response rates. Having email lists help to helps to perform effective demographic research, customer profiling, surveys, polls related to the education industry and practices. 

3. Video Marketing Strategy

If you wish to skyrocket your EdtEch company business, it is essential to incorporate a video marketing strategy. It is an essential digital marketing tool that helps you flourish your EdTech company. According to reports, 61% of marketers claim that video marketing helps generate more potential leads than other strategies. 

Post pandemic, video marketing has become an essential digital marketing tool to offer a better user experience to users. You can leverage the benefits offered by various platforms like Facebook or Youtube, enabling your audience to consume video content efficiently. It enables Edtech leaders, influencers, Edtech experts, or teachers to enlarge their community and cover important education technology topics. 

4. Content Marketing

With a plethora of information available at your fingertips, the marketing landscape has experienced a seismic shift. If you wish to succeed with content marketing for your EdTech product, strive to offer quality content to your audience. If you plan to sell a tool that revolves around Project-based learning activities, share case studies blogs that give an example to incorporate PBL in the subjects. 

Focus on well-researched, documented pieces of content that offer value over a life span to teachers and students. Good content will help you rank well in search engines and get a place in publications where you garner more reach. To gain traction, and stay relevant to your niche, maintain your focus on the particular scope of interest 

5. Social Media Marketing For EdTech Companies

Social media marketing can include anything from Facebook advertising to LinkedIn that helps to help to stand out effectively among others. It is essential to choose the social media platform appropriately after understanding the demographics and customer profiling. 

  • Facebook: It will enable you to post your product links on social networking sites that drive the audience back to your website. 
  • LinkedIn: It helps network and discuss related topics making it a good fit for your company to market and garner more audience. 
  • Twitter: It is one of the top three social media platforms used by EdTech companies that help to utilize the social aspect of networking with other peers and discuss important topics. 
  • Google Plus: It is one o the platforms that enable EdTech professionals to discover the trending and important happening or topics related to the industry. 

6. Explore Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is advertising where the advertiser places bids on ranking keywords of your site to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines. It is an effective digital marketing strategy that helps increase your company’s marketing efforts. There are various benefits of using PPC advertising by your EdTech business. 

  • It is measurable and easy to track the results
  • You can use tools like Google Analytics to track the success of your ads and optimize the changes
  • It helps to gain high exposure with instant ads and bidding strategies

7. Webinar Marketing

It is an excellent tool as a digital marketing strategy for your EdTech business. It enables to spread of information regarding the trending and exciting topics of the education industry. You can team with the influencer to boost registrations for your Edtech products. Communicating with your target audience through webinar marketing helps to improve credibility and visibility. 

You can hold paid or free webinars that match your requirements. Conduct engaging webinars that educate your audience regarding your EdTech products. Add exciting data in your webinar presentation that helps you stand out among others and increase your chances of engagement. 

8. Influencer Marketing 

Education-focused influencers include education enthusiasts, Edtech experts, and teachers that help foster the education concepts to the target audience effectively. An education-based influencer will be a person with a credible name in the field of the education industry. They are micro-influencers who have a specific niche focus. 

Influencer marketing is an essential part of digital and social media strategy that improves your branding and marketing efforts. Many companies use micro-influencers that help to reach the target audience effectively. 

9. Track The Marketing Results Of Your Edtech company

It is essential to have a refined digital marketing strategy to succeed in the education industry. It helps to appeal to educators, peers, and prospective students. It is essential to execute and track the results of the various digital and social media campaigns to alter the marketing efforts. 

Business Intelligence provides vital information on marketing funnels to understand the target audience appropriately. Learning from your EdTech marketing campaigns helps tweak your marketing efforts to connect better with your target audience. Use tools like Google Analytics to measure the results of your campaigns to determine the clicks, impressions, and engagement. 

10. Press Release

It is an effective Public relations marketing tool that helps augment branding strategies. Press release strategy helps enhance the digital marketing efforts for your Edech company and boost your SEO efforts. It helps to land on various high authority publications and increase the coverage.

 Press release marketing will help you offer your Edtech product updates, new project acquisitions, or collaborations with top-notch influencers. These strategies will help you increase the link-building process and improve your brand’s online visibility. It is one of the valuable strategies implemented in digital marketing tactics. 


We hope the above-listed digital marketing strategies help grow your Edtech business and increase your reach among the target audience. It will help you stand out among other competitors and increase engagement among the audience. 

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts

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