GO Live! GO Social!

GO live! GO Social!
Breezing through with our new avatar, we’ve got a new go line. We’ve geared up for a brand new venture and there couldn’t be a better way to say it –
“GO Live! GO Social!”

Behind the scenes:
The thinking behind ‘Go Live!’ and ‘Go Social!’ is an actionable of what we want to propogate toward every clientto be ‘Your Social Media Launchpad!

Why Go Live? – Because that’s exactly what you do on Social Media -promote yourself worldwide through a 24X7 live channel. If you aren’t then as we call it live, we say that your brand is virtually dead!

Why Go Social? – Because we all are and we were all meant to be by nature. So if you aren’t social yet, – be it on the web, or in your own surrounding, it’s time to put down that pitch fork and ‘GO Social‘ as we all do @echoVME

So then, Say it aloud and empower yourself – ‘GO live! GO Social!’

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