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10 Effective Google Ads Strategies for E-commerce Brands to Boost Your Sales


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Marketing on Google is a guessing game – we don’t know what Google’s metrics are, and we don’t know how they pick their favorite. We can only keep following their updates and try to do the impossible, which is to master the art of Google. However, it’s not all that difficult to create a Google Ads strategy for e-commerce that works. 

Digital marketers in the eCommerce sphere can use Google Ads to display their products to a larger audience and bring in more profits for their business. In this blog, we have listed the top Google Ads strategy for eCommerce that can help marketers ideate better and more profitable campaigns. 

Before we get into the details, let’s start from the basics!

What are Google Ads?

Google ads are advertisements that Google displays on its search engine results page and other locations across Google services. These ads are targeted to users based on their previous surfing behavior and are designed to promote various Google products and services.

A branding campaign aims to increase awareness and visibility of your product, service, or cause. You may use brand awareness & reach your goal through Google Ads to help you achieve these goals by increasing traffic to your website or encouraging people to connect with your brand.

Types of Google Ads That Will Help Us In Increasing Our eCommerce Sales

A. Google search ads

Google search ads appear as text on Google SERPs (search engine results page). These ads generally appear on top of search results, just before the organic results. 

It looks something like this: 

In the above example, you can find two results by Digital Scholar. The one on top with “Ad” written is an advertisement, and the next result is organic. You can target and pay for certain keywords based on what your user would search. For instance, if you’re a digital marketing institute, your user will most likely search “digital marketing course in <city>.” Your ad will be displayed on top by targetting this keyword with a high bid amount.  

B. Display ads

Unlike search ads, display ads do not rely on text or keywords but are completely image-based. These ads target those who aren’t actively looking to buy your product but may be interested in it. 

Your Google Ads are shown through the Google Display Network. This network has over 2 million websites and apps worldwide where your Google display ads will appear. You can even monitor where your ads appear and when they appear based on your target audience’s characteristics. 

Guess what?

You can reach as many as 90% of internet users through Google Display Ads! 

C. Video Ads

You may or may not know this, but YouTube is another powerful only video search engine that Google also owns. It is also one of the most powerful ways to communicate your message to your customers. 

They are generally placed before YouTube videos. Here is an example: 

D. Shopping ads

Shopping ads are a blessing for ecommerce businesses. These are displayed when one searches for a product. Since the products are shown along with the price on top, it is an opportunity for ecommerce businesses to showcase their range of products to a larger audience. 

E. App Ad campaigns

You can also promote and advertise your apps on Google through Google Play, YouTube, Search, and even the Google Display Network. 

10 Effective Google Ads Strategies For E-commerce Brands

1. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Campaign  

While crafting your google ads ecommerce strategy, you can choose from many different types of display ads – responsive display ads, Gmail ads, and uploaded images ads. Google has confirmed that the first of these types, responsive digital ads get the maximum reach of all, and you should consider them for your google ads strategy for ecommerce. The many benefits of DSA include: 

  • Adjust automatically based on the different formats in the Google Display Network. 
  • You’ll save time on campaign administration.
  • More tailored ads and broader keyword coverage.
  • You’ll get access to high-performing keywords that you may use in manual campaigns.
  • When you change the content on your website, your ads will automatically edit and update.
  • Longer keyword phrases.

2. Dynamic Remarketing Campaign 

As most of you are aware, Remarketing is vital because not all potential buyers who visit your site make a purchase straight away. Because consumers spend 95% of their time away from Google, you must continue to impact them not only through Google search and your website but also through other channels like Google Display network. 

Through this, when your customer is scrolling through an article or watching a video, your remarketing ad wil remind them of the product they saw before and liked. 

3. Shopping & Pmax Campaigns  

The next google ads ecommerce strategy that’ll help you boost your sales is Google shopping. Google’s features allow you to sell to your customers directly on Google and drive high-intent traffic to your website. Through this, your customers will get the major information about your product before they click on your ad and decide to find out more. 

As of September this year, Google Shopping campaigns are being replaced with Performance Max campaigns. Performance Max is a goal-based campaign that requires only a conversion objective and a few creatives. All of the rest will be handled by Google’s algorithms.

As a result, if you want to start a new Shopping campaign, we recommend using Performance Max.

4. Run Search Ads

Running Google Search ads should be a crucial part of your google ads strategy for ecommerce. Whether your website ranks or not organically depends on many SEO factors. Additionally, this is not permanent – Google rolls out different updates that affect your ranking on its SERPs.

This is why you should continuously run search ads that will rank you on top irrespective of your website’s SEO performance. At the end of the day, you want your business to be discovered by people, which is an effective way to ensure this happens!

5. Define Your Audience 

While running your google ads ecommerce strategy, one of the most important things to do is define your audience. Only when you know your audience will you be able to market to them effectively. For instance, while bidding for keywords online, you must pay only for what your audience is most likely to search – and you can do that only when you define your audience. 

6. Add relevant keywords

Google will use your product data to see if your products fit a potential shopper’s search query. Ensure that your product titles and descriptions include keywords that best describe your products.

7. Optimise your Google campaigns

Think Google is too expensive? Maybe you just haven’t optimised your ads! You can reduce your costs while ensuring that your campaign is still performing well. Here are four ways to optimise your google campaigns to elevate your google ads strategy for ecommerce: 

  • More precise keywords should be added (and pause your phrase match).
  • Vanity metrics must be eliminated.
  • Create a column called “Impression to Conversion” (ITC).
  • In Google Analytics, use In-Market Segments.

8. Branded search campaigns

A branded Google Shopping campaign is the first must-have expert Google Ads campaign you should test. This ad is particularly relevant to the searcher because it targets those actively looking for your specific brand. This campaign is strongly suggested for established online business owners who have some experience with Google Ads optimization and have already spent on brand recognition.

9. Write Google Ads Copy that Converts 

Remember that search advertising is text ads with no visuals, so how well you create them determines their performance.

Your ad copy should be centred on user advantages rather than product characteristics. Make an effort to understand and appeal to the wants and emotions of your potential buyer. Also, keep in mind that your ad space is restricted; ensure that you mention the most important thing(s) briefly. Use precise calls to action instead of broad statements.

10. Make Google Video Ads

In general, video ad campaigns are mostly used to raise brand awareness. As a result, many merchants struggle to make their video initiatives lucrative. Video campaigns may now take visitors from the top of the conversion funnel all the way to the bottom. We know this because of the data-driven attribution strategy and the incremental influence of video advertisements on conversion behaviour.

Video campaigns are increasingly becoming a part of e-commerce PPC tactics, and they should be a part of your google ads e-commerce strategy. 


This was our list of the 10 effective google ads e-commerce strategies that will help you boost your sales! We hope you found this helpful. If you’re looking for professionals to assist you in optimizing your ads, we have a solution for you. echoVME Digital is a Chennai-based full-service digital marketing agency with over 11 years of expertise in creating google ads strategies for ecommerce. They have a team of Google ads specialists who can assist you in obtaining all of the advantages of ads! Get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions about Google strategies? Let us know in the comments below, and we will answer it!


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