New Data! 2022 Paid Search Advertising Benchmarks for Every Industry

Paid search advertising is being made use of extensively in numerous industries to increase sales and conversion. This blog contains google ads industry benchmarks data you must see. 

Paid search advertising is being made use of by numerous industries to gain traction and generate leads and conversions. The most used and preferred search engine, Google, has facilitated a convenient paid search advertising system for various industries, thereby leading to good visibility, lead generation, conversion, and sales to every industry. This blog will give you google ads industry benchmarks data you must see. 

There are numerous kinds of paid search advertising models that are being made use of. They are

  • Search engine text ads
  • Google Shopping.
  • Native Ads.
  • Remarketing / Retargeting.
  • Display Ads.
  • Social Media Ads.
  • Inbox Ads.
  • SERPs – Search Engine Results Page.

Cost Per Click 

Cost per click is the cost charged for every click on an advertising campaign. Cost per click is calculated by dividing the cost of the advertising campaign using the number of clicks. In general,  the average amount the advertisers spend on search ads is $ 2.69 per click, and for display ads, the average cost per click is $ 0.63. Below are the google ads industry benchmarks data you must see 

IndustryCost per click
Beauty and skincare$1.70
Car dealership$2.47
Fitness and health$1.98
Home and garden$2.09
Internet and telecom$5.94
Marketing and advertising$7.40
Online banking$5.08
Online banking$5.08
Online education$14.04
Real estate$1.60

Reference and information from : Adexpresso

IndustryAverage cost per click
Travel and hospitality$1.53
Real estate$2.37
Industrial services$2.56
Home goods$2.94
Health and medical$2.62
Finances and insurance$3.44
Employement services$2.04
Consumer services$6.40

Reference and information from:  Wordstream 

Click-through rate 

To know the success of paid search advertising, it is important to know about the click-through rate. Click through rate is basically the measure of the total number of clicks the ad receives by the number of times the ad is shown on the feed. 

CTR = Total clicks ÷ impressions.

The average click through rate of google ads across industries is 3.17% for search and 0.46% for display. The below are google adwords conversion rate averages by industry. 

Industries that have higher click through rates

Industry Click through rate 
Arts and entertainment 10.67%
Travel 8.54%

Industries with lower click-through rates

Industries Click through rates
Attorneys & Legal Services3.84%
Home & Home Improvement4.21%
Dentists & Dental Services4.69%

Click through rates of other industries 

Industries Click through rates
Sports & Recreation7.73%
Shopping, Collectibles & Gifts6.33%
Restaurants & Food7.19%
Real Estate7.75%
Physicians & Surgeons6.11%
Personal Services6.12%
Industrial & Commercial5.34%
Home & Home Improvement4.21%
Health & Fitness5.94%
Finance & Insurance5.07%
Education & Instruction5.46%
Dentists & Dental Services4.69%
Career & Employment5.33%
Business Services4.72%
Beauty & Personal Care5.44%
Automotive — Repair, Service & Parts5.39%
Automotive — For Sale7.93%
Attorneys & Legal Services3.84%
Arts & Entertainment10.67%
Apparel / Fashion & Jewelry6.19%
Animals & Pets6.45%

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the number of visitors on a website that move ahead to make a purchase or generate sales out of the total number of visitors in a page. The average conversion rate for google ads across all industries is 3.75% and 0.77% for display. Google ads industry benchmarks data you must see are as follows

IndustryAverage CVR (Search)Average CVR (GDN)
Travel & Hospitality3.55%0.51%
Real Estate2.47%0.80%
Industrial Services3.37%0.94%
Home Goods2.70%0.43%
Health & Medical3.36%0.82%
Finance & Insurance5.10%1.19%
Employment Services5.13%1.57%
Dating & Personals9.64%3.34%
Consumer Services6.64%0.98%

Industries that have higher conversion rate 

Consumer Services6.64%
Dating & Personals9.64%

Industries that have lower conversion rate 

Real Estate2.47%
Home Goods2.70%

Cost per action

The average cost per action across all industries is $41.40, ranging from $14.88 to $73.70. CPA is measure by dividing the cost by the number of actions that is measured. The below are a few of the google ads industry benchmarks data you must see. 

IndustryAverage CPA (Search)Average CPA (GDN)
Travel & Hospitality$44.73$99.13
Real Estate$116.61$74.79
Industrial Services$79.28$51.58
Home Goods$87.13$116.17
Health & Medical$78.09$72.58
Finance & Insurance$81.93$56.76
Employment Services$48.04$59.47
Dating & Personals$76.76$60.23
Consumer Services$90.70$60.48

Industries that have lower cost per action

IndustryAverage CPA (Search)Average CPA (GDN)
Travel & Hospitality$44.73$99.13

Industries that have higher cost per action

Real Estate$116.61$74.79

The above are the google ads industry benchmarks data you must see . This will give you an idea of how different industries are making use of the paid search advertising techniques and 

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