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7 Commonly Made Google AdWords Mistake You Should Avoid

7 Commonly Made Google AdWords Mistake You Should Avoid

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Every digital marketer knows the utmost importance of conducting a Google AdWords campaign to bring in more traffic. A perfectly-run Google AdWords campaign can generate leads and bring in more traffic to your website but an inefficient campaign can end up costing you a lot more than necessary. Every brand or company will definitely run a Google AdWords campaign but only certain brands emerge victorious. But, do not worry if you are not entirely sure about how to successfully run a campaign. Avoid these 7 frequent Google AdWords mistakes most digital marketers make to generate better leads and increase traffic for your website!

1. Not Using Negative Keywords

Using negative keywords for your adwords campaign is extremely important since this will act as a perfect filter to avoid displaying your ad to uninterested users.

If your company’s services are restricted to Chennai, do not display your ad to a user who is looking for the same service but in Bangalore.

Use Negative Keywords

The above picture illustrates the need to include negative keywords in your ad campaign. The user is conducting a job search online to get hired as an electrician but an ad crops up by a brand which is providing electrical solutions. The irrelevancy of the ad cannot be left unnoticed and emphasizes the importance of integrating negative keywords.

2. Failing to Mention USP

While displaying your ad, always remember to mention your company’s USP since this will make your ad more appealing and credible.


The above ad by Shutter Stock has included their USPs and so, creates interest in the user. If a user can clearly understand a company’s USP, he/she will know whether the website is relevant for their needs. This will again ensure the credibility of your ad.

3. Not Specifying a Campaign End Date

While creating the ad on Google AdWords, always remember to include the end date for the campaign. Setting a specific date for your campaign is one of the basic requirements when you run a Google AdWord campaign.

campaign end date

If you are advertising for an event, say a Furniture Trade which is supposed to end on 20th July, 2015 but you haven’t specified this date while creating the campaign it will result in Google displaying your ad even after 20th July. Besides being highly irrelevant, this blunder will cost you more money as well!

4. Not Setting Up the Daily Budget

Not specifying a campaign date might burn a hole in your pocket, but do you know what else burns a hole in your pocket? Not setting up the budget at all!


One cannot simply hope to run a campaign without a budget amount. This goes without saying! Setting up a budget is extremely essential if you are running multiple campaigns at once since you will find to keep track of finances and might even overspend.

5. Not Including Your Keyword in the Ad-Copy

Always ensure that one or two of your keywords are included in the ad title and copy as well. Google’s algorithms will rank ads based on the keyword search and if your ad contains a keyword that is frequently searched, your ad will be ranked higher which will in turn bring more visibility to your ad.


But also make sure that you do not stuff keywords together since Google does not take keyword stuffing lightly!

6. Not Testing with Various Variations

The brutal truth about Google Ads is that your ad is not going to bring in more conversions or traffic if you are displaying only a single variation. Always test multiple versions of the ad to know which one works the best. The ads can have variations in

  • Ad Copy
  • Header
  • Keyword
  • Landing Page
  • Call-to-Action

Ad preview

The picture above is a compilation of 4 different ads by Twitter. It gives a clear idea of how ads can be varied and tested!

7. Not Using a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call-to-Actions are the most important and extremely necessary part of an advertisement. Without a CTA, the user will not feel any motivation to click on your advertisement. Any well-executed AdWords campaign will showcase a CTA. Some examples of CTA’s are

  • Shop Now
  • Buy Now
  • Call us immediately
  • Book now!

Not Using a CTA

These are the 7 common mistakes that are committed while running a Google AdWords campaign. Ensuring that these mistakes aren’t made can turn your ad campaign into a huge and tremendous success and bring more traffic to your site! What are you waiting for? Start your Google AdWords campaign now!


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