Common Reasons for “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” and How to Solve Them

how to solve crawled currently not indexed

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Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” typically refers to web pages discovered by search engine bots while crawling but not added to the search engine’s index.

It is critical to fix these pages because they must be indexed to appear in search engine results, potentially costing the website traffic and potential customers. Website owners can improve their visibility in search engine results and increase their chances of success by resolving the issues that prevent pages from being indexed.

Reasons for “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed”

1. Low-quality Content

One of the primary reasons why Google world crawls the page, but indexing is excluded from the search results page.

If Google determines that the content is of low quality or is not helpful to users, it may decide not to index it, and you will see a “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” status in your search console.
Duplicate, thin, or content stuffed with keywords to manipulate search rankings are examples of low-quality content.

To avoid this problem, focus on producing high-quality, original content that is useful and relevant to your target audience.

2. Duplicate Content

Search engines may not index duplicate content due to specific instances. Search engines aim to provide unique and valuable content to their users, and duplicate content can make it challenging for them to determine which page to display in search results.

When search engines detect duplicate content, they may not index all instances of the content, leading to some pages being “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed.”

3. Mismatched Search Intent

One possible explanation for pages labelled as ‘Crawled – currently not indexed’ is a mismatch in search intent. It means there is a mismatch between the content on your page and the content that appears in the search results.

Before creating your content, it is critical to examine the pages that rank on the first page of Google to ensure that you effectively address the search intent.

You can increase the likelihood of your page properly indexed and appearing in search results by aligning your content more closely with the search intent.

4. Structured Data Mismatched

Structured data enables search engines to understand the content on the search results page. It refers to a standardised format of providing web page content information.

In some cases, search engines may crawl a web page with structured data but not index it because the structured data is not implemented correctly or is incomplete, causing “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” status.

5. URL Parameters

URL Parameters allow information to pass between web pages and applications. In an e-commerce website, for example, URL parameters could be used to indicate the user’s product category or sorting preference.

If the same content is accessible via multiple URLs with different parameters, search
engines may consider it duplicate content and refuse to index it, thus causing the crawled – currently not indexed status.

As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai, with the expertise of top-notch SEO professionals, we have presented this step-by-step guide on how to solve crawled- currently not indexed issues. Let us dive deeper into the steps on how to solve this issue.

How To Solve “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed.”

1. Download Google Indexing Plugin

Install and activate the Google Indexing API plugin in your CMS to perform the instant indexing procedure, and generate API through the URL. Follow the below-listed steps to solve the issue and improve your website’s visibility.

2. Create an Indexing API Project

The next step is to move ahead with the Google Cloud platform. Create a new project by registering with the necessary credentials and entering your credit card details.

Ensure enabled access to API and verify that the chosen project is the correct one created for Instant Indexing API. If not, you can select the dropdown menu at the top to change the project. After confirming the right project, click the “Next” button.

3. Create a Service Account

To create a service account, click the IAM & Admin option – to enter the project details, website details, and service description.

4. Enable Permissions in Google Search Console Settings

Select and copy the service account id after downloading the file that contains your API key. To proceed, please input the Service account ID you previously copied into the designated Email address field. Ensure you have granted Owner level Permission, and then click the Add button.

5. Install Instant Indexing Plugin

To install the Instant Indexing plugin, you can upload the plugin you downloaded in step 1 via the WordPress dashboard.

6. Insert your API key in the Plugin Settings

Once installed and activated the plugin, go to Rank Math > Instant Indexing Settings in your WordPress admin area. Then, navigate to the Google API Settings tab and either paste the contents of your JSON file or upload the file.

7. Final Step

Lastly, save changes and view the instant indexing status on the dashboard of the Rank Math console.

How Does echoVME Digital Solve The “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” Issue?

When it comes to dealing with “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” issues, echoVME Digital is the best digital marketing agency in Chennai that can assist businesses in optimising their online presence for search engines. We being one of the best SEO agencies in Chennai can identify and resolve duplicate content issues, crawl errors, and other technical SEO issues that may be preventing a website from being properly indexed.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed points gave you valuable insights on how to solve the crawled-currently not indexed issue and what steps to keep in mind to make your website indexed and improve the website’s traffic. It is vital to rectify why your web pages need to be indexed. Collaborating with the best digital marketing agencies whose SEO professionals offer expertise in solving these technical issues and enhancing the website’s rankings is vital.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I fix crawled and not currently indexed issues?

You can offer high-quality content, fix duplicate content or mismatched structure data issues, and perform a content audit to improve the website’s traffic and search engine results.

2. Why does Google crawl but not index?

Google may choose not to index a page if it is considered low-quality, contains duplicate content, or has URL issues. It is vital to avoid these factors and ensure quality content, along with an instant indexing procedure with the console platform settings.

3. How do I make my website crawlable?

It is vital to design the site architecture carefully and make it more navigation/user-friendly with helpful content for users. Ensure to optimise website structure, implement internal linking structures, and use structured data for search engines to understand your content and enhance search engine results.


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