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The steps below challenge you to think outside the box and include current music that complements your brand’s distinct voice and style. The options are unlimited, whether it’s syncing the beats to your visual narrative, producing thematic content that corresponds with the rhythm and tone of the music, or even beginning music-based challenges to engage your audience. The goal is to remain authentic and unique, using trendy music as a driving force that adds depth and passion to your material rather than merely as a background element. This allows you to create Reels that are modern and relevant, memorable and effective, distinguishing your business in the ever-changing digital landscape.

  As per reports, following the discovery on the short video platform, Instagram Reels generated 33% and 39% of cosmetics and fashion purchases, respectively. Livemint reports that a significant percentage of consumers in India purchase beauty products online, influenced by Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, with Instagram Reels playing a dominant role. Meta will empower Indian brands with excellent storytelling on Reels: Exchange4Media discusses Meta’s ‘MadeonReels’ programme, which aims to help marketers from many industries accelerate their businesses using reels by embracing the power of storytelling.  

Top 7 Steps On How To Use Trending Music For Reels

1. Syncing Beats with Visuals: Mastering the Art of Musical Storytelling

This approach involves meticulously aligning your visual content with the rhythm and mood of the chosen trending music, creating a harmonious and immersive experience.

  • Nike, for example, frequently excels in this area, creating trending Reels in which the action-packed imagery of athletes precisely matches the intensity and tempo of the background songs, strengthening their brand’s encouraging message.
  • Similarly, brands such as Red Bull use high-energy music to accompany their adrenaline-fueled content, synchronising the beats to specific points in extreme sports events.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, brands like Starbucks may use softer, more melodic sounds to match the imagery of cosy, private coffee sessions, thus synchronising the music to generate a sense of warmth and comfort.

2. Behind the Scenes: How Top Creators Are Using Trending Music

This method entails more than just picking a popular song; it entails incorporating music to support and elevate the brand’s message.

  • For example, Zara, known for its chic fashion, often uses upbeat and contemporary music in its Reels to showcase new collections. The music choice aligns with the latest trends and reflects the brand’s modern and youthful aesthetic. This synergy between the visuals and the music creates an engaging and stylish experience for their audience.
  • GoPro is another famous example. This brand’s Reels frequently incorporate high-adrenaline outdoor and adventure content mixed with dynamic and intense music. This combination effectively conveys the essence of the brand’s daring character, making the spectator feel as if they are part of it.
  • Similarly, Airbnb uses music to transport viewers to different destinations. By pairing visuals of beautiful and unique accommodations with local or culturally relevant music, they create an immersive experience that highlights the uniqueness of each location.

These examples demonstrate how top creators and brands are not just using trending music as a background element but are thoughtfully integrating it to tell their story, evoke emotions, and strengthen their brand identity.

3. Case Study: Viral Hits and the Music That Powered Them

Fevicol, a leading adhesive company in India, is one notable case study of a brand successfully employing trendy music in their Instagram Reels. Fevicol’s creative usage of Instagram Reels is a perfect example of how a brand can use social media to communicate with its audience.

The Fevicol “Tug of War” Instagram Reels campaign is an example of creative digital marketing. Fevicol revived its old ad ‘Tug of War,’ giving it a digital twist by launching a User Generated Campaign (UGC) in Instagram’s new Reel format.   The ad included an inventive use of the Reels Remix feature, in which Fevicol released a Reel depicting a rope attached to a Fevicol container that was stretched out of the frame. Users were invited to make their own remix reels by tugging on the rope attached to the Fevicol container, demonstrating the product’s strong adhesive qualities as the rope refused to move.   The campaign also cleverly used the “jor laga ke haisha” audio from Fevicol’s first-ever TVC, reinforcing the brand’s message of “majboot jod” (strong bond). This interactive and engaging campaign successfully leveraged a popular Instagram feature while maintaining a seamless and witty brand connection.   The result was a massive engagement, reaching over 1.8 million people with more than 6.1 lakh engagements, including 408 comments, 1.3K shares, 179 saves, and 350 remixes, out of which 130 were organic.  

4. Mixing Music Styles for Unique Reel Soundtracks

This method involves deviating from the common practice of sticking to one music style and experimenting with a fusion of sounds to make your content stand out.

First, determine your Reel’s mood or theme to apply this strategy effectively. If your content is cheerful and dynamic, you may combine a fast-paced pop tune with elements of electronic dance music. Consider incorporating a classic acoustic melody with slight overtones of jazz or blues if it’s more laid-back or narrative-driven.

The key is to ensure that the music complements your visual content. The unexpected combination of different music styles can create a unique auditory experience that captures the viewer’s attention and enhances the overall impact of your Reel. This creative liberty showcases your brand’s innovative side and keeps your audience engaged and curious about what you’ll come up with next.

5. Emotional Resonance: Using Music to Connect with Your Audience

  • Define emotion: Decide what emotion you want to elicit in your audience, whether it’s happiness, nostalgia, enthusiasm, or peacefulness. Choose a song that embodies the stated feeling. Use energetic music for happiness or gentle, melodic tracks for calmness.
  • Align with visual content: Make sure that the music complements the pictures. Choose a high-tempo track for your fast-paced video. Choose softer music for slower visuals.
  • Consider the preferences of your audience: Recognise your target audience’s musical preferences. Younger audiences may prefer pop or techno music, while older audiences may prefer classics or jazz.
  • Use music to tell a story: Allow the music to guide your audience through your Reel’s narrative. Changes in the music can signify shifts in the storyline or mood.
  • Create a signature sound: Consistently using a particular style of music can help create a recognizable sound for your brand, making your content instantly identifiable.

6. Rhythmic Challenges: Engaging Your Audience with Music-Based Interaction

Brands can engage their audiences by launching challenges or contests where people must make their Reels utilising a specific piece of trendy music. It increases interaction while also encouraging user-generated content. For example, a dance challenge with a catchy melody can motivate followers to post their dance variations, resulting in a ripple effect of involvement and brand publicity.

7. Leveraging Music Trends for Thematic Content Creation

You may develop content that resonates with current trends and audience preferences by connecting your Reels with the topics or moods of famous songs. For example, if a particular song generates a sense of adventure, a tourism firm could make Reels displaying exotic locations, synchronising the images with the music to accentuate the theme of exploration and excitement. This method not only makes the content more relevant but also increases its appeal to the target audience.

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Wrapping Up

The creative use of popular music in Instagram Reels is a game changer in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. We use this power at echoVME Digital to create fascinating, trend-forward content that resonates profoundly with viewers, increasing engagement and elevating brand visibility. As we navigate and build the digital landscape, we will continue to prioritise innovation, creativity, and meaningful narrative.


1. How does popular music improve Instagram Reels?

Trending music boosts engagement by matching content to current audience interests and increasing emotional resonance.

2. Can any brand use popular music in their Reels?

Yes, any brand can employ popular music, but selecting tracks that fit the brand’s identity and message is critical.

3. How frequently should we add new music trends to Reels?

Regularly updating your Reels with emerging musical trends keeps your content current, relevant, and enjoyable for your audience.


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