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How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Business

How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand - echoVME Digital
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Instagram is a platform that has been giving immense opportunities for many brands to grow their presence online.  The platform that Instagram offers is wide, and there are so many tools that one can make the best use of to improve their presence on the social media platform. Reels are a new way to post short videos of 15-30 sec with music on Instagram. If you already know, reels are similar to how videos are made on TikTok. You can use reels to create effective brand strategies. And today, in this blog, we will see all that you need to know about reels and how to use them rightly for your brand. But before that, let us understand some basics.

What are Instagram Reels?

What are Instagram Reels - How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

What are Instagram Reels – How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

It is an added feature in the application that lets you create engaging videos. It is available in various countries and has been growing popular in India after a ban on the other popular platform TikTok. These short videos can be shared on a user’s feed and stories and appear on the reels tab on the Instagram profile page. You can get as creative as you can by posting a funny, interesting, or captivating video.

Adding Music

The ‘Featured’ label – Instagram chooses certain original content for users to get inspired. Such videos get a ‘Featured’ tab on their reels. You can always add a song or audio for your reels. If you find no music option on your Instagram, you can always edit your video with music outside the application. You can use third-party apps to edit your videos to edit them for adding music.

Video editing tools

There are various video editing tools available on Instagram that let you edit them as per your choice. There are options to delete video clips, trim, add music, various effects for the video to choose from, and a video countdown timer that lets you adjust your video’s speed. Reels are not restricted to just recording videos at the moment. You also have an option to upload videos from your gallery.

Why Reels?

Why Reels - How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Why Reels – How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Instagram had added this new feature to compete with TikTok that was widely being used but later saw a surge in its popularity. Studies show that millennials are using this application now more than before. Here are some things you need to know about reels!

  • Unlike stories, reels can be shared on our profile grid. Also, you can share anyone’s reels irrespective of if they have tagged you or not.
  • Reels give you more visibility. The 2000 character availability on reels gives you the benefit of adding a maximum of 30 hashtags which provides better visibility of your video.
  • You can create reels to retarget your audience to your page.

Creating your first reel

Creating your first Reels - How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Creating your first Reels – How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Reels can be an interesting way to showcase your creativity. As impressive as it sounds, reels are pretty simple to use and create. You can find the reels icon on your Instagram handle. Make the best use of various video editing tools for reels to create some exciting and creative videos. If you had already created your first reel, tell us how it was. Let us know in the comments section below.

Step 1 – Spot the reels icon on your Instagram page and explore the tools available.

Step 2 – Explore the various tools available in reels like audio, speed, effects, and timer to add creativity to your reels.

Step 3 – Once you set the timer, tap on the record button to record your video. You can tap and re-record for a new clip. The ‘Align’ button helps you align previous videos with the new ones. This feature is useful to record transition videos.

Step 4 – Once you are done editing and recording your video, get creative in adding stickers, drawings as per your choice.

Step 5 – Once you are ready, tap the Next button to share it on your page. Select the cover image or a thumbnail from your camera gallery. Publish it right away if you want, or save it as a draft for later.

How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

When Instagram stories launched back in 2016, it became a useful tool for brands to build their audience and make a stronger social media presence. After the launch of reels, brands are making the best of it to showcase snippets of their creativity.

It is a new way to create and build a community that helps grow your brand’s reach on the social media platform. Here are some simple ways to use reels for your brands.

#1 Create relatable content

Every brand is unique, and viewers are hungry to see more creative content. With reels, you can create authentic content that is related to your brand and pumps its image. The best thing about reels is that there are many options to edit your video before posting the final one. Make the best use of the video editing tools available in this feature. Reels are also a great way to reach out to the new crowds and impress them.

#2 Post educational content

Creative stuff is what everyone wants, but viewers also look up to brands to learn something from them. Educational content is sure to increase traffic. Some of them can be tips or DIYs or hacks or anything else related to your brand but give some value to learn from for the viewers who see it. Recipes are also a great option to consider. By doing so, you are highlighting your brand.

#3 Showcase your products

It is a known fact that people have a short attention span, especially when it comes to an understanding or learning about something new. And reels are the best way to deliver this to them. You can make the best use of this to show your audience your products. Maybe you can make a small tutorial on using your products or a DIY using your products. There are several creative ideas that you can think of when it comes to making the best reels.

When Instagram stories were first launched, people made the best use of them to add more engagement to their page. With the statistics of popularity that reels are gaining, there is no doubt that it will be the next big thing. Get in the game while it is still fresh!

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