IFTTT Automation Ideas for Facebook


Facebook automation with IFTTT

Every marketer has to explore the digital space for their brands. For doing this, it is basic and mandate to create a vibrant, engaging and informative Facebook page for the brand’s followers. Some brands outsource such activities to make their page effective and some brands do it on their own with an in house digital team. Let us consider if there is a tool which can help the marketers to accomplish most of the Facebook automation work for free and as well as accomplish to be effective. Imagine the amount of time and money that can be saved? Yes, one such tools which does automation for Facebook is IFTTT.


IFTTT is acronym of “if this, then that”.  All the automation will be done on conditional formats. Such as if a given event occurs then the tool is automated to execute another given event. IFTTT gives us creative control over apps and products we love. These conditional formats are termed as “Recipe”. Recipe is nothing but a simple condition based connection between the apps and the products. There are two types of recipes, one is ‘DO Recipe’ and the other is ‘IF Recipe’.

IF Recipes

IF Recipes in IFTTT are always a back-end process and it runs automatically in the background. Also, it creates effective connections with one simple and basic query — ‘if this then that’. Example: If I post a picture in Instagram, then share the same post on Facebook as well.

Do Recipes

DO Recipes will help us to create a personalized action. Example: Share the photo in Facebook from Instagram.

Below we have mentioned some of the best IFTTT automation recipes for Facebook Page.

  • Share your Facebook Page’s status messages on LinkedIn
  • Schedule posts within Google Calendar
  • Links posted to my fan page are turned into blog posts with a reminder to visit the fan page.
  • Post your YouTube uploads to a Facebook Page
  • Any Tumblr post to be published in Facebook Page link
  • New Instagram photo upload a new Photo on Facebook Page Album

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