10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business!

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

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It’s the year 2015. Of course Digital Marketing is important for your business! It has been phenomenal  in changing business models and challenging age old conventions. The driving force behind this, the customers, mean only one thing: digital marketing is where you should be in. By giving your business the exposure it needs, it also helps you build an online relationship with your target audiences.

Why Digital Marketing?

The key element of social media lies in being ‘being social’. Digital Marketing has a transformative impact on business be it a large-scale business or a small one. Businesses, which adopt social media, are more collaborative and responsive to customers. With the various tools available on social media, can listen to customers, spur innovation, identify new market opportunities and gain credibility. With the help of social media monitoring, one can gain key information on their competitors and make strategic business decisions in order to stay ahead. One of the best benefits of using social media for business is using it to increase website traffic and search ranking. Here are a few reasons why digital marketing is highly essential for a business.

10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Business!

1. Result Oriented Strategic Digital Marketing

A result oriented digital marketing campaign points your brand in the right direction. You can experiment with different target audiences with a complete 360 degree strategy that combines visibility, leads, engagement and your brand positioning.

Our objective with Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic was to establish their brand presence & promote their services on all the major social media channels, create visibility about their services and to generate leads for their website. The SEO service helped them fetch 100+ keywords in 6 months and increased their website traffic to 200+. Thanks to the increase in website traffic, the clinic’s online leads were significantly increased and received a good number of leads.

As part of their corporate blog strategy, 20 blog posts/month were posted with the SEO elements integrated in the blog article.

echoVME also won a Best Display Campaign Award for our ad campaigns for Dr Paul’s!

2. Optimize Advertisements Across Different Platforms  

Targeting your audience and website visitors is important. But how do you ensure you convert this audience?By running retargeting advertisements! Your audience will be targeted through third party apps from Facebook when they visit the site which serve as a funnel to your ROI. Later, build a database of this audience to target your future campaigns!echoVME’s retargeting ads:

Ad in Chennaibizz | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business
Ad in Dailythanthi | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business
Ad in Dinakaran | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

 3. Mobile Friendly

The rapid growth rate of the mobile users segment has upped the growth of digital marketing by widening the opportunities and reaching out to customers from various demographics, helping business customize and define their customer reach. The first step towards this is to make your website responsive! A responsive website is one which is flexible and adapts to fit a variety of screens sizes for different devices. Having a responsive website is considered as one of the best web design practices. This way the brand can cater to customers through a variety of channels! With the distinct shift of audience to smartphones and tablets, mobile responsive design is becoming extremely important. This helps to generate more traffic on the website, increase leads and conversions. Our clients Dr. Paul’s,emhealth and Star Weddings, they have responsive websites and we have obtained excellent results so far. The leads count has doubled and also provided their clients with an excellent user experience!

Quick Message Option on the Mobile Responsive Website
Dr. Paul’s – Mobile Responsive Website
Dr. Pauls – Contact Feature on Mobile Responsive Website

 4. Conversion Optimization

echoVMEGoogle Ads - Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business
echoVMEGoogle Ads – Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

Running conversion based campaign and advertisements will benefit your business immediately and in the long run. Investing in SEM and SEO and keyword specific campaigns doubles your results, enabling you to generate and quantify revenues.

5. Survival, Action, Trust & Reputation

For your business to survive, your brand must have a clear cut digital marketing presence. Survival incites action from your customers, which builds automatic trust and relationships, thus creating your reputation online.

The Facebook reviews of our client, Oliva Clinics tripled once we began our digital marketing strategy. Here’s a sneak peek into the ‘Review’ feature on the page:

Oliva | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

6. Your Customers are there and so are your competitors!

Where your customers are, you must follow. And what more than a wonderful way to follow them than digital marketing?

7. Content Marketing

Digital marketing is where content reigns king. It provides an opportunity to create a range of content that talks about your brand to educate your customers. The kind of content you create creates the major perception in your target audience’s minds, positioning your brand as well. Content marketing is one of the best ways to improve your leads and drive sales. But always bear in mind while your audience and brand while creating the content, create your content with a purpose.

We always make sure to write content with our brand and audience in mind. As one of our brands, Urban Tree, which is one of the best real estate brands in Chennai, our content usually revolves around property and Chennai everything Chennai related. Every blog post we publish has a message behind it apart form the marketing and promotion. We make sure to communicate specific messages along with the brand’s mission statement. Eg: The recent Facebook post on ‘Hilarious Hollywood Scenarios’ is all about relating famous Hollywood movie and television shows to situations which our Chennaites face on a regular basis using a lot of word play in the content. Another example would be one of Urban Tree’s blog post 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Porur  which reaped a good SEO status, helped increase their website traffic as well. Our client blogs and posts always have interestingly designed creatives or GIF’s. Creating image rich content will have your audiences looking for longer! We also ensure that our content is keyword friendly.

Urban Tree Screenshot 1
Blog post for Urban Tree with 10 creative reasons to invest in their Porur property!
Urban Tree Screenshot
Hilarious Hollywood Scenarios – Facebook post with unique content for Urban Tree!

 8. Converse, Listen & Engage

Bridging the gap between customer interaction, digital marketing allows you to not just talk but converse, listen and engage your potential customers and target audience.The most vital and essential aspects of Social Media marketing is the ability to converse, listen and engage with your present and potential customers. Our formula for listening, conversing and engaging on social media platforms involves usage of right keywords, hashtags and looking for users based on demographics if required by a brand.

Apollo White Dental being a National brand requires us to tweet to people all around the country. One of our other brands, Star Weddings, which is totally Chennai based requires us to engage with people residing in Chennai. Before listening and gaining right conversations for Star Weddings, we always determine what to search for and take advantage of the ‘Advanced Search’ option on Twitter by looking up Chennai and Wedding related keywords which are #Weddings #Chennai #Festival #Shopping #Photography and so on. In order to achieve the business goals of a brand on Social Media, it is highly important to carry out activities and create content for audience engagement. This also helps to keep the existing audience interested. For one of our brands Oliva, which is a clinic for skin and hair care we make create engagement posts every week concentrating on different themes, which leads to a lot of interaction thereby increasing the fan base.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.14.06 pm
Listening on Apollo White Dental’s Twitter Page | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.17.01 pm
Conversing with Twitter users in Chennai for Star Weddings | | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 1.01.36 pm
Audience Engagement Post on Facebook for Oliva | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

9. Exclusive Revenue Generating Model

With your brand’s positioning and creative campaigning strategy, the conversation leads to a revenue generating model.

10. Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural targeting helps you in identifying what your customers are looking for, customizing and narrowing your audience’s interest to befit your targeting at the same time offering a customized approach to the customer.Content is analysed and broken down to behaviours breaking it into dimensions on a broader perspective. This of course, is possible only in digital marketing!

With Facebook’s impressive ad targeting capabilities, it is always essential to have a target group for your advertisement campaigns on Facebook, either target your customers behaviour wise, by their demographic capabilities, customize your audience i.e. if you have a customer data base (list of their emails and telephone numbers) etc. Recently we had run a Like Advertisement Campaign for one of our brands on Facebook, Oliva, which is a multi specialty hair and skin care clinic located in Bangalore and Hyderabad! The set of advertisements were targeted to iPhone users between the age group 18-65 in Bangalore and Hyderabad, which helped us generate about 1100 likes in a span of 3 weeks increasing the fan base 18,088 approximately!

Basic Demographic Targeting | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business
Behavioural Targeting Advertisement for Oliva on Facebook! | Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

 It’s time to start acting on your investment and put them to good use! Stay tuned for more specifics from echoVME! Read our Thinker-In-Chief’s digital marketing predictions for 2015.


Sorav Jain

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