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How Schema Tags Will Optimize Your SEO Campaign?

How Schema Tags Will Optimize Your SEO Campaign

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Schema Markup tags has been around for many years in SEO, but only few website have implemented these tags and have got benefited. Still there are many people who are not aware of schema tags or why one should implement it? Now it’s time to know what it is. Today we are going to learn what schema markup tags are, their benefits and why it is important to include them in our SEO strategy.

What is schema markup?

It is a type of micro-data which helps search engine to analyse the information provided on the website and interpret the content effectively to the users based on their search queries made by them.


Different types of data type markup qualify to appear in search results. Some of the major data type markup are Local Businesses, Articles, Movies, Book Reviews, Events, Restaurants, TV episodes and ratings, Software Applications, Products.

Visit: http://schema.org/ to know which content type suits your website and find the recommended properties for that type.

Why is structured data important for SEO?

By implementing structured data markup on the website one can enhance the website content to become more visible in two categories of Google Search features:

Rich cards

Schema markup tags are one of the best methods to help our website to display in “rich snippet” format which can make things even better by including extra information like images, reviews along with your website listed in the search engine results pages next to your listing.

For Example: You can see the social media review for echovme listed in the search result page

rich cards

Knowledge Graph cards :

Google semantic system make the job easier for the user while they search for a particular content by collection the data like facts, people and interconnected authoritative content together to give user an enriched search results.

For example: If you search for digital marketing books, you get a result above the normal search results as shown below:

.Knowledge Graph Cards

How to implement schema markup on your website?

Let start!

Step 1: Go to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper: https://www.google.com/webmasters/markup-helper/u/0/ and choose the relevant data type according to your website.

Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper

Step 2: Enter the website URL and click on ‘Start Tagging’ button. You will be taken to the next page which has the tag data.

For example: here, we are going to implement schema tags on www.echovme.in website to show how it works.

start tagging

Step 3: Start tagging accordingly. For example, click on logo and tag it to Image tag. Repeat the same process for email id, phone number, Address, Opening hours, Ratings, Reviews and URL.

tagging images

If the text or image content is not available on the website to tag it, click on ‘add missing tags’ (As shown in the below image)

add missing tags

You will get a pop up to enter the data manually.

missing tags pop up

Step 4: After adding all the required tags, click on ‘Create HTML’ (As shown in the below image)

create html

Step 5: You will get a HTML Source code, download it and update it on your website.

html source code

html source code finish

Step 6:  After updating the tags on the website, Go to Structured Data Testing Tool and test your website.

structured data test tool

Step 7:  Enter the website URL and click on ‘Run Test’ button to check whether you have updated the tags aptly.

finally output - schema tagging

Voila! Schema tags have been updated successfully.

Everyone in this industry is trying to implement the best practices to rank on the top, so if you need stand out of the crowd, start implementing Scheme markup tags for your website. These tags are least-utilized, so make use of these tags to boost your website ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) as well as improve CTRs.

Note: If your websites was developed using Word Press then there are many plugins available to help you in integrating schema code to your website instead of doing this process manually.


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