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Podcasting has evolved as a significant tool for disseminating information and engaging audiences in today’s digital landscape. As the podcasting business expands, suitable SEO methods can play a critical part in increasing the visibility and accessibility of your podcast to a larger audience.

What is Podcast SEO? 

The practice of optimising your podcast’s internet presence to boost its rating and exposure in search engine results is referred to as podcast SEO. It includes strategic keyword research, metadata optimisation, and creating high-quality, relevant material to attract more listeners and improve your podcast’s online discoverability.

When Did Google Start Indexing And Showing Podcasts?

Around 2019, Google began indexing and showing podcasts in search results. Because podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, Google recognised the need to integrate podcast content in its search index, making it easier for consumers to discover and access relevant podcast episodes directly through search searches. This advancement was a crucial step towards increasing the visibility of podcasts on the internet.

1. Claim your podcast on Google Podcast Manager


To explain the concept of Google indexing, we present you an analogy as follows: 

Consider Google a massive encyclopedia, each article representing a unique website or web page. Google’s bots analyse web information and organise it for easy access, much like an encyclopedia editor does with articles.

  • Access Google Podcasts Manager: Go to the Distribution page on your Captivate dashboard to access Google Podcasts Manager. Find and select the option to access Google Podcasts Manager from there.
  • Sign in or Create an Account: Log in with your current Google account. You’ll need to make one if you don’t already have one.
  • Enter the following RSS Feed URL: In the designated field, enter the RSS feed URL for your podcast. It assists Google in identifying and displaying your podcast.
  • Preview Your Feed: Check the preview to confirm that your episodes and artwork are displayed accurately. This step ensures that your podcast displays precisely as planned on the platform.
  • Google will send a verification code to the email address connected with your RSS feed. Check your email to find the code.
  • Enter the Verification Code: Once you have the code, enter it into the specified area on the Google Podcasts Manager. This step confirms that you are the rightful owner of the podcast.

2. Research Podcast Keywords


To research podcast keywords, you must first discover the particular terms or phrases your target audience uses to search for podcast content. Understanding these keywords allows you to optimise your podcast titles, descriptions, and tags to increase exposure and visibility across multiple podcast platforms and search engines.

Most tools display monthly search volume, which indicates the anticipated average number of searches for a specific keyword. On the other hand, platforms such as Google Trends and Google Podcast Manager provide data on impressions, which indicate how frequently a URL from your website appeared in search results seen by people. 

3. Optimize Podcast Titles


By including a page title, you give Google a concise summary or snippet of the substance of your content, impacting how it appears in search results. While Google typically employs the specified page title, it doesn’t consistently do the same with meta descriptions. However, having a well-written meta description can still help to increase the likelihood of getting clicks and interaction from users who see your content in search results.

4. Optimise Your Show’s Description


Create a detailed show description that captures the essence of your podcast. Highlight your show’s unique value proposition, primary topics, and what sets it apart. Use relevant keywords wisely to optimise your podcast’s discoverability, ensuring potential listeners clearly understand what to expect.

5. Build Authority With Relevant & Quality Content


Establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche by consistently delivering high-quality, valuable content. Stay current with industry trends and provide insightful analysis, ideas, and solutions that are relevant to your audience. You may develop confidence and reputation in your community and beyond by providing consistent and dependable information.

6. Create Episode Transcriptions


Create episode transcriptions: Make your podcast episodes more accessible and searchable by offering accurate and detailed transcriptions. Not only can transcription improve the user experience for all listeners, including those with hearing impairments, but it also allows search engines to crawl and index the content more effectively. It can boost the visibility and reach of your podcast.


Acquire backlinks from respected and relevant websites in your field to build reputation and trust. These backlinks are a digital vote of confidence, informing search engines that your material is trustworthy and valuable. To naturally gain backlinks and establish your podcast as a reliable source of information, focus on cultivating genuine connections with other content creators, collaborating on guest articles, or participating in industry events.

8. Work On Internal Linking


By employing effective internal linking tactics, you can improve your podcast’s website’s user experience and structure. Integrate connections to related episodes, show notes, or relevant resources on your website into your content. 

By encouraging your audience to explore more of your content, you keep them interested and assist search engines in navigating and understanding the relevancy and hierarchy of your podcast’s content. This practice helps to boost user engagement and creates a more organised website structure, which can help your SEO efforts.

9. Write Blog Posts Based On Your Episodes


Increase the reach of your podcast by writing entertaining and useful blog entries about the themes covered in your episodes. Repurpose your podcast content into well-structured articles, adding new insights, examples, and resources. This method helps you reach a larger audience and improves your website’s SEO by delivering new, relevant content that corresponds to your podcast episodes.

10. Use Social Media To Promote Your Podcast


Use a variety of social media channels to increase the visibility of your podcast. Share entertaining excerpts, teaser clips, or episode highlights to pique your audience’s attention. Encourage dialogues, collect comments, and create a community around your podcast by consistently interacting with your followers. Leveraging social media’s ability to connect and interact can significantly increase the reach and impact of your podcast.

Wrapping Up 

Finally, using efficient SEO methods for podcasts can significantly increase their visibility and reach. Podcasts can achieve a competitive advantage by focusing on high-quality content, using targeted keywords, optimising titles and descriptions, exploiting transcriptions, and communicating with listeners. Consistent promotion across several platforms and the use of structured data lead to enhanced visibility and long-term audience growth.

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At echoVME Digital, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, we provide comprehensive solutions to increase your podcast’s online presence and visibility. Expert advice on optimising podcast titles and descriptions, doing extensive keyword research, and executing successful social media strategies to promote your podcast across several platforms are all part of our services. We can also help you create compelling blog posts and acquire quality backlinks to promote your podcast as a trustworthy source in your field. 


1. What role does SEO play in podcasting?

SEO is critical for podcasting because it increases the discoverability of your material, broadens your audience reach, and increases the exposure of your podcast in search results.

2. Why should I have my podcast episodes transcribed?

Transcribing podcast episodes enhances accessibility for all listeners, including those with hearing impairments, and allows search engines to index your content, resulting in more effective visibility.

3. How can social media help my podcast’s SEO?

Social media sites can increase your podcast’s visibility, encourage audience participation, and generate traffic to your episodes, all of which can improve your podcast’s overall SEO performance.


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