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Podcasts are everywhere and people are willing to share and hear stories. Podcasting is one of the best ways to make money as well. In this blog, we have wrapped up a few amazing tips for podcasting. Are you excited to start your own podcast?


Podcasts are the new-age way of sharing and listening to stories. Podcasting is one of the hottest trends in today’s media landscape, with millions of people listening to their favorite shows on platforms like iTunes, Stitcher listen. my podcast and Spotify. With so many people working to get their stories heard on the internet, podcasts have become a great way to make an impression and make a name for yourself.

People are actively indulging in creating podcasts and looking for tips for podcasting as It’s a great way to build up a following and create a loyal audience. Let me give a brief about podcasting and few tips to start your own podcast.

Did you know that the number of podcast listeners globally is about 485 million as of 2020?

Why should you start a podcast in 2021?

Why should you start a podcast in 2021
Why should you start a podcast in 2021

Many don’t prefer to showcase themselves in videos, and not many are good with writing. People who are willing to share their stories can make use of voice medium. They can effectively convey what they want through podcasts.

By 2024, it’s estimated that there will be 100 million podcast listeners in western countries alone.

So What Are The Effective Tips For Podcasting?  

 1. Pick a niche

Pick a niche - Tips for podcasting
Pick a niche – Tips for podcasting

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is pick a niche. Podcasting with a specific niche will give the audience a clear clarity and keen interest in your content. It will also provide you with clarity on what exactly you are going to talk about in your podcasts.

Do an analysis and understand which niche is doing well. Pick a niche that interests you and build up your podcast content on it.

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2. Buy a recording equipment

Buy a recording equipment - Tips for podcasting
Buy recording equipment – Tips for podcasting

Yes, if you are planning to podcast the right way, invest in a good recorder. Learn to use it. A good recorder won’t cost much. It is most definitely a one-time investment, so get a quality recorder that will last longer. Getting a recorder can also ensure you of the quality and clarity of your voice, and you can upload quality podcasts for your audience.

In 2021 alone, people spent 15 billion hours listening to podcasts. This is 3 billion hours higher than what it was in 2019.

3. Draft a long term plan

Draft a long term plan - Tips for podcasting
Draft a long term plan – Tips for podcasting

Initially, when you start off, you would have new and fresh ideas. As days move on, you would feel absurd as to what to post. So it is important to draft a long-term plan and keep it ready. You can record your podcasts accordingly with relevant content in each episode.

Make sure that there is no overlap of the same content within a short range of time. Bringing in a throwback once in a while is good, but talking about the same content would make it monotonous and would feel like beating around the bush. Draft a podcast plan according to your topics, the audience’s listening capability, and the duration of your podcast.

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4. Target the right audience

Target the right audience - Tips for podcasting
Target the right audience – Tips for podcasting

You need to know your audience well. This is important because there are different needs and interests for different age groups. A working lot of people can be interested in stocks and investments. Meanwhile, a prime age group can be invested in something fun and lively.

Few age groups can be interested in meditation, spirituality, and much more. To narrow down on your audience and know how to target them.

5. Give a personal connect

Give a personal connect - Tips for podcasting
Give a personal connect – Tips for podcasting

The personal connection goes a long way with the audience. It is not passing around the fact that people are interested in others’ personal lives. As amusing it sounds, it holds true as well.

Get into the flow and be careful to slip in one or two personal experiences. This will help the audience to connect with you better, and it is also an effective way to build up a loyal audience.

A good podcaster makes about $89,341 per year, and this is a marked amount in comparison to the national average annual salary of $87,274.

6. Pick the right platform

Pick the right platform - Tips for podcasting
Pick the right platform – Tips for podcasting

There are plenty of podcasting platforms like Spotify, buzzsprout, captivate, podbean, and so much more. Pick the right platform which you think will do good for your audience. Given India, it is known that Spotify is doing amazingly well.

So for an Indian audience picking up Spotify as a channel can be a good choice. The platforms differ as per the region and interests of the audience.

7. Consistency on the plate

Consistency on the plate - Tips for podcasting
Consistency on the plate – Tips for podcasting

It is indispensable to be consistent. Consistent content will keep the audience hooked to you. If you are not consistent, then not long before your audience forget you as there are a lot of creators everywhere.

Posting and releasing your podcast content at regular intervals is important to garner your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with your content.

8. Be open to feedback

Be open to feedback - Tips for podcasting
Be open to feedback – Tips for podcasting

It is evident that you will get a lot of feedback from your audience. Be it the near and dear ones or the wide and new range of people you will be gaining attention from, be open to the feedback. Listen and analyze the feedback.

Take the feedback that you get the most from your audience because it is something that many feel that you should work on. Analyze the feedback and then work it out on your own. Remember that you will be getting a lot of positive feedback, and consider that they are also the motivation to move further.

9. Invite guests

Invite guests - Tips for podcasting
Invite guests – Tips for podcasting

Inviting guests on your podcasts can be an effective way of reaching out to a wide range of audiences. Having a celebrity guest over can be a good idea. If not that you can also bring in normal people we see in our day-to-day lives and make a casual conversation.

Bringing in other podcasters can also be a good idea. Altogether, it is a good idea to have guests over, be it home or podcasts.

10. Play the SEO game

Play the SEO game - Tips for podcasting
Play the SEO game – Tips for podcasting

You need to optimize your podcast to get better visibility among a large audience. For which you need to optimize your podcast searches using the right keyword tag for your podcasts. You can claim your podcast on Google Podcasts Manager to get your episode ranking, making it discoverable on google. You can increase the SERP of your podcasts by repurposing the content, creating backlinks, and so much more. This is an effective tip for podcasting as it increases your reach.

Podcasts are expected to do well in upcoming years, and they can be an effective medium for learning and sharing information. Podcast listeners have grown by 29.5% in the past 3 years.

11. Learn effective editing

Learn effective editing - Tips for podcasting
Learn effective editing – Tips for podcasting

It is necessary to edit your podcast effectively. To bridge the gap between pauses and connect the content’s relevance, you need editing tools. You also need to use editing tools for removing the background noise, if any. There are plenty of podcast editing tools like audacity, adobe audition, Garageband, and much more.

12. Showcase yourself on other podcasts

Showcase yourself on other podcasts - Tips for podcasting
Showcase yourself on other podcasts – Tips for podcasting

Once in a while, remember that you need to show up out there on other podcasts. This will create a reach for you among a wider audience. It is also an effective way to build rapport with other podcasters and learn one or two from them. You will learn a lot of things which you wouldn’t be able to learn otherwise.

13. Get ideas through other podcasters

Get ideas through other podcasters - Tips for podcasting
Get ideas through other podcasters – Tips for podcasting

Along the lines, after a point of time, it is normal to run out of content. You might even find yourself beating around the same topic. This is the time where you need to take cues from other podcasters. Replicate and reinvent their content. Don’t copy but build up content by taking cues from their topic.

Do a thorough research of people who are podcasting in the same niche as yours. You can also get an idea from people who are podcasting in a different niche. Competitor analysis will take you a long way.

14. Keep it short crisp- Run time is important

Keep it short crisp - Tips for podcasting
Keep it short crisp – Tips for podcasting

It is really hard to grab people’s attention in today’s age. The crisp and concise the content is, the better it is. So it is advisable to keep the run time of each podcast series to minutes rather than hours. The shorter and crisp it is, the better the reach and the audience’s ability to grasp your content. This will keep your audience engaged.

15. Concentrate on generating leads

Concentrate on generating leads - Tips for podcasting
Concentrate on generating leads – Tips for podcasting

You can make use of the podcast platform and generate leads for yourself. The better reach you get, the more the audience will know you for your personal brand.

You can make use of affiliate marketing and promotional products that will go along with your niche. This is yet another way of revenue generation through podcasts.

The number 1 podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan’s podcast claims about 190 million downloads per month. It is estimated that he earns about $75,000 per episode.

16. Promote your podcasts; Social media, and email marketing

Promote your podcasts - Tips for podcasting
Promote your podcasts – Tips for podcasting

Although there are many active podcast listeners, you must understand that there are more active social media users. So, it is important that you let people know about your podcast through social media marketing and promote your podcast there.

Email marketing is yet another best channel for marketing your podcast. You are reaching out to the audience directly into their emails. This creates a personal connection, and it nudges the audience to check out your podcast.

17. Go with your gut instinct

Go with your gut instinct - Tips for podcasting
Go with your gut instinct – Tips for podcasting

Be it picking a niche, a platform, taking in on the feedback from your audience, or anything. Always go with your gut instinct. Although it is nice to thoroughly research and do what worked for others and so much more, it is what you feel the best would work out. Because in the end, a podcast is nothing but your own narrative of an event, affair, or any entity, and your gut plays a role in it.

Podcasting is the next big thing that people are willing to learn and connect with. Go pick a niche, a narrative and prepare your voice to start your podcasting journey. Wonderful stories are to be shared.

Hope the above tips for podcasting helps you. If you have any queries or doubts about podcasting and more, let us know in the comments below. Also, let us know what niche of podcasting you are excited about.

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FAQs – Expert Tips For Successful Podcasting

1. How can I get better at podcasting?
One of the most effective tips for podcasting is to pick a niche and stick to it. By drafting a plan, choosing your right audience and being consistent, you can get better at podcasting. Remember to invest in good recording equipment.

2. What should I do for my first podcast?
Pick any topic you like, but make sure you have a clear plan and your podcast has a personal touch. If you’re looking for expert tips for podcasting, you can read this blog: https://echovme.in/blog/expert-tips-for-podcasting/

3.What are the top 3 tips you have for a new podcast show?
Here are my best tips for podcasting: Pick a niche, have a proper plan, and give your new podcast show a personal touch so the audience can connect with you.

4. What are some best practices for starting a podcast?
The best tips for podcasting are that you need to pick a niche, get some recording equipment and choose the right kind of your audience to target.

5. How can you make a high-quality podcast?
You can make a high-quality podcast by choosing the right recording equipment and recording quality-rich content. For more tips for podcasting, read the blog: https://echovme.in/blog/expert-tips-for-podcasting/

6. What are the keys to hosting a successful podcast?
Some tips for podcasting successfully are that you must pick a niche, make content specific to that niche and engage your customers with a personal touch.

7. What is the most effective way to promote a podcast?
The best promoting tip for podcasting is to optimize your podcast which will give you better visibility. You can also showcase yourself on other podcasts to reach a wider audience.


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