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Start-up or Bootstrapped! Why you need to hire a digital marketing agency?

Start-up or Bootstrapped! Why you need to hire a digital marketing agency
Written by echoVME

The question in the mind of a lot of young (age/experience) entrepreneurs these days is “Should I focus on selling my product/services or market it or do both?”

Surely you can’t do both simultaneously, it’s not that it’s impossible, I mean you have just started up; so, your main focus should be on closing all your sales loop in the earlier stages to survive in the present start up scenario. Moreover, with everything online these days, your business/brand cannot afford to not be on social media.

Coming up with a social media strategy is time consuming, which you cannot afford.  Hiring an in-house marketing team isn’t a good idea – time consuming and very expensive. But outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency will prove to be a smart move – they are affordable, flexible and deliver exactly what is expected out of them.

Still not convinced? Let me list out some key reasons for why you should hire a digital marketing agency:-

Go Frugal!

The cost involved in hiring a digital marketing agency is relatively less when compared to hiring an in-house marketing team. In the case of hiring an in-house marketing team, you will have to pay each and every expert of the team separately, according to his/her area of expertise. Whereas, if you hire an external digital marketing agency, you have access to a team of professionals for the price of a single hire from the in-house marketing team.

They can help you pick your niche:

Most of the businesses nowadays are losing the race in social media because they have been story-telling to the wrong target audience. The main objective of going digital is to make sales and for that to happen you should reach people who are in need of your products/services. Digital marketing agencies handle clients across multiple vertices, so this is something that they can help you with. They make sure that your products/services reach to people/businesses that are in need of it.

Collective minds, creative story telling:

Your in-house marketing team will at some point of time run out of ideas; this will eventually result in in-effective story-telling which in-turn will bore your online community. Whereas the marketing team in a digital marketing agency have a frequent brainstorming session and come up with fresh set of ideas to engage your online community.

Hiring is Tiring!

If you think hiring an in-house marketing team is a frugal approach, well think again – Hiring an effective marketing team isn’t an overnight possibility. Being a start-up entrepreneur, do you think you can afford to spend your crucial time on conducting interviews and negotiating CTC? No right? But Remember, you have a lot of calls to make and sales loop to close. So, avoid this tiresome process and hire a digital marketing agency to handle your marketing requirements. Focus more time on running your business.

Stay Stress-free!

From staying up to date with the latest industry trends to specialized training, marketing is a passion driven industry and requires huge time commitment. If you don’t have what it takes to keep up with the online world, the easy way is to hire a digital marketing agency to handle your marketing requirements.


If you are not convinced with a marketing agency you can always move on to another. It’s not like you have to wait until the contract expires to break-up with them. Digital Marketing agencies choose their clients wisely and so should you choose your agency.

They align your goals with theirs

Have a number in mind that you would like to reach?

Some numbers are pretty easy to reach whereas some require time and patience. All you have to do is, share your visions and goals with the head of the agency who is a visionary in this industry. He and his agency will help you reach your number goals.

Work with multiple agencies.

It’s not like “We 2 ours 1”. You can work with multiple agencies for multiple objectives. Have one agency handle your social media, while the other handles your SEM,SEO or vice-versa. Or if you choose to, you can outsource everything to one agency.

You are always in charge.

Want to see some ROI after working for a month with an agency?

They will always keep you posted with weekly reports and plans. Moreover at the end of every month they will send you a report containing a list of activities carried over the past month and a detailed plan of action for the upcoming month. Only after your approval they will go ahead with it.

It’s better to leave certain things in the hands of the experts.

Becoming well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing, social media, web design, SEM, SEO, etc., isn’t an overnight triumph. “If it was that easy, anyone can do it”. Digital marketing is an on-going process that requires a high level of passion, commitment, skills and training, which seems to be the credo of digital marketing agencies.

Few start-ups we work with,

Lokaa Developer:

Competing directly with Casa Grande, being extraordinary is their mantra. They strive to not only surpass but elevate expectations and delight those who want to experience nothing but the finest, everywhere they go and at the beautiful abode they come home to. Their vision is to become India’s most sought-after real estate developer, by setting superlative standards of excellence in quality and design.

Signed up with us in the early 2016, we handle 360 degree Digital Marketing Services for them – An integrated marketing approach that combines Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (corporate blogging). Our ROI focussed approach leaves them no other option than to continue to partner with us.

Do check out their on-going project: M One

Ivory Niche:

Ivory Niche is positioned as an Expert in the Home Products division and embodies a stylish riposte to bedroom products and accessories which have been handpicked from across India, to ensure highest quality, up to date designs and innovative ideas. E-Shopping at Ivory Niche is personal, social and fun focused on building concierge-style services and to satisfy every customer query.

Signed up with us very recently, there objective was to gain as much leads as possible for their online business. Achieving number goals is something we are so good in and in the case of Ivory Niche we always keep their sales guys busy by giving them leads every day.


Hope by now you have decided to hire a digital marketing agency! If yes contact our business value adder: or call him @ 9176402555.

If not, read the blog again 🙂

This article was contributed by Santhanakrishnan – Social Media Executive at echoVME under the guidance of Sorav Jain.

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