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How to Use Storytelling To Effectively Market Your Brand

How to Use Storytelling To Effectively Market Your Brand

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What is a brand story?

“Every man has a story and every storyteller has its own way to tell it, so do the brands.”

Gone are the days when brands had a monopoly in their respective domains. Now with competition, the entire ball game has changed and will continue to do so. Marketing your brand and your products are no longer about the stuff that you make but, the stories that you tell. Narrating a story is a standout and amongst the most powerful approaches to revive your brand’s image. Your brand story is not what you tell people but what they believe based on the entire signal your brand sends out about itself.  By giving your brand a character by catching and sharing the stories they truly are, you can take your intended interest group on an experience filled journey with your brand which is more likely to stay forever in their mind.

Your brand needs to give your customers a story

Brand storytelling does not simply mean standing out and getting noticed.  It’s about framing your scarcity & communicating your value and building something that people care about and want to buy into. A brand story is not just about that catchy tagline to attract momentary attention in the moment. Your story is the bedrock of your brand and a strategy for future growth. Storytelling creates the brand image, brand identity, brand perception, sets a tone of customer interaction and ultimately the brand equity.

Key aspects of brand storytelling

A human brain is very weird and complex. It is proven that a good story can engage the brain in many ways, thus stimulates different parts of the brain all at once. It fascinates us and makes us think and at the same time makes us empathize with a character of the brand.

story telling

With a lot of creativity and planning, marketers can create and develop brand stories that can emotionally connect with the way they want customers to feel about the brand. A brand story must tell:

  • Who your brand is
  • What does your brand specifically do
  • How does your brand solve problems
  • How does your brand add value and care
  • How does your brand engages and contributes

Key Elements of a memorable brand story

History – The humble beginning

Every brand has a beginning. Your loyal customers will be interested in knowing how you began. This will not only grab the attention of the people but will also make people relate with you. Companies like HP and Apple have always been open about their starting up in a garage.

Character – The strong individual

A character is a very integral part of your brand’s story. Don’t we all see Old Ronald and just connect it with Mc Donald’s? A character that embodies what your company represents can help you communicate a consistent narrative across platforms.

Values – Honest and hardworking

The philosophy of Haagen-Dazs is simple. It is to find the world’s purest and finest ingredient and craft them into the best ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. Therefore, the brands’ philosophy must be clearly stated upfront. The customers can then make a decision whether you are their kind of company.

Journey – Up a steep hill

Google releases it’s “Life at Google’s video that shows its actual employees talking about the work environment inside Google.

Emotions – Passionate and caring

The way Amazon.in triggered emotion and sentiments through their #MomBeAGirlAgain video ad could be the best example to justify my point here. They totally know how to tell a story in a way that is best going to connect with that group. Take a look here:

A compelling story has the ability to differentiate a brand from its competitors by providing a picture of what you are and what you are selling. In this era of technological equality and little product differentiation, only a story to your brand can set you apart.

Billions watch Olympics only because of the story attached to the origins.


Millions use apple products because they like the underdog story and the identity the brand lends.


A lot of them use CAT apparel because they want to be perceived rugged and tougher.

And a select few opt for Bugatti to display their opulence and taste for finer things in life.


So for the next brand strategy meet invite the story tellers. Pull in the Public Relation, Business Development, Sales and Advertising to spin a story and let it roll.

Remember, a good story last ages. Make it good.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments section.

This article is written by Charu – Social Media Strategist (echoVME)


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