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Team Leader Takes The Boss For A Ride @echoVME!

When Sorav Jain, our thinker-in-chief cut his birthday cake at 12:00am on 20th August 2014, in the night with his wife and 1 month old baby, he never realized what was in store for him for that day!

At echoVme Digital a leading digital marketing agency in Chennai  – we do things differently! First things first let me just clarify that we are various degrees of foodies here at echoVme. The chart starts from major foodie to food fanatic! We always look for opportunities to eat out & are always looking out for treats of any kind! Birthdays are special days at echoVme. So, it’s not surprising that the team decided to plan something different for our main Captain’s birthday!

The day started with a dozen of donuts for our Boss – “Alien” his favorite donut! After that it was our turn to shake him up a little. The Team leader at echoVme – Amrutha Kuber , a chirpy young girl with her nose always in the books & trending pages of social media (she says it helps her come up with ideas for our clients) has recently got her driver’s license. She expressed her wish to take Sorav as a pillion rider to the destination. Please note that we wanted the destination to be a surprise & didn’t want our boss to have any inkling about it!

Our BDE Saranya & Design and SM exec Richa suggested we blindfold him and take him there. Sorav, being the sport he is, agreed to it & we were off on our way to Jalpaan on Greams road. Riding pillion blindfolded, I’m sure our boss would have called on favors from all kind of Gods for a safe journey. They reached safely & so did we!

Oh what joy it was; guiding Sorav towards our table! The ambience was great & so was the company. The whole lunch time was rife with camaraderie and bonhomie between teammates and we had a whale of a time! Copper glasses, beautiful ambience, good food and good company – I don’t think it would be conceited to say that it was the best team lunch anyone would have ever witnessed!

Lunch done! We then got back to our office to get on with our work. What with our new website launch & working for our clients, echoVme is always buzzing with activity.

As Sorav now worries about the lunch his mother (whom we fondly call “aunty” & who never lets you leave the house without taking anything!) packed for him & how to finish it before going back home, I, on behalf of team echoVme would like to wish A very happy birthday to the coolest boss ever! May all your years be filled with happiness, health & success for I haven’t seen a more hardworking & sincere head of the organization as our Thinker – in – Chief!

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts
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