YouTube carries out Redesign Experiment with Cosmic Panda

YouTube is going through a transformation and they are doing it in style. It was high time the old, cluttered and jaded video portal went through a renovation, and though a little late YouTube has come out with a bang. With the entry of cosmic panda, navigation has become simpler, videos and thumbnails are clearer and the whole experience more gratifying.

What YouTube has done is

  • They have replaced the white background with a darker grey background so that the videos are visually more appealing.
  • The channel customization has also gone a step ahead with up to 4 layout designs.
  • The viewing options and organizing options have been clearly differentiated by separating the share, add and like buttons from the video controls.

Cosmic Panda is a welcome revelation for YouTube users who have been denied the user experience they ought to have received a long time ago.

To get the new Cosmic Panda designs go to the following link

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