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How To Create A Like Ad Campaign On Facebook


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With about 1.44 Billion users, Facebook becomes the obvious choice for marketers to create awareness of their brand & their offerings to their target audience.There are many ways to grab attention of your audience. A Like campaign is a method used to pull in audiences to your page. Simply said, the objective of a “Like campaign” is to get more “Likes” on your page in order to build the online community of the brand. Always remember to choose your Ad and your audience wisely.

Let’s quickly go over the requirements to create a Like Campaign! You need to have:

a)  Credit card to set up your account.

b) Your company page up and running.

c)  Website – to back your brand.

d) 3to 5 creatives of the size 1200×444.

Step 1:Login to your account & go on facebook.com/ads/manage. This will take you to the dashboard of your Ad account that you have set up with Facebook using your Credit card.

Step 2: Click on “Create Ad” on the right corner of your screen to start creating your Ad campaign.


Step 3:Choose the option “Promote your page” since the objective is to get more Likes on your page.



Step 4: Choose the page for which you are going the run the Like campaign ad. And click on Continue once you have added your page’s URL.


Step 5:  Set up your account details here.

  1. Select your Account country.
  2. Key in the currency, once you select the currency and set up the account it cannot be changed. (Eg: If you have choosen “$” as the currency and set up the account you will always be charged in “$”. In case you decide to change the currency to Pounds, Rupee etc, It will not be possible.)
  3. Set the time zone.


Step 6:An Ad is effective only when it reaches to the right audience. Choose them wisely. Facebook trumps the other Ad mediums in this area. You TA can be as broad & as niche as you see fit. These are the options

Location: Choose your location depending on where the target audience is. You may also specify people in a particular area in your city.

Age: Depending on your product/service select the age and gender.Facebook gives you the option to choose from 13 years to 65+ years for both genders – male & female. Yes, it is that diverse!

Interests: Facebook also gives an option to target people on basis of their interests. Eg: If you are from a healthcare industry, you may target people who have joined similar pages, like gym tips, skin care etc. It’s more likely that these people will Like your page.

Behaviours: Here you can choose expats, you can target NRI’S, people from a particular company or companies. You can also target people based on their designation, relationship status, life events.


Step 7:Once your target audience is set you can move ahead and set up a budget for your campaign. Key in your budget. You can set a start and an end date or you can let the ads run and stop it when it if it does not get enough response.

You can decide whether you want to get charged for “Cost per click or Cost per Like:

Cost per Click: You will be charged when someone Clicks on your ad.

Cost per Like: You will be charged when someone clicks Like on your ad.

Pricing: You can either set your budget for each Click or Like or you can let facebook decide on it. Our suggestion – leave it to Facebook to decide.


Step 8: The next step is to upload the pictures. The acceptable size for an Ad creative for a Like campaign is 1200 x 444. Upto 6 images can be uploaded. You can upload anywhere between 2-6 pictures. You can compare the performance of each picture and retain the ones that are doing well and stop the others.


Step 9: Give a crisp description about the product/service. Pick words that would create suspense or build interest for people to know about the product/service. Decide where you want your ads to appear and you can have a demo of how your ad will look when it is placed on Desktop News feed/Mobile news feed/Right column.


Step10: The final step is here! Have double check to verify if you have entered all the necessary details. Click on “Place Order.”! Let the Like campaign ad roll and build a community for your page. Wishing you Luck!


So now that we have given you the lowdown on how to run your Like campaign, do implement it & let us know how it went! Stay tuned to our next post on how to do a website click campaign!

This blog was written in collaboration with Rishika Asera- Social Media Marketing Executive at echoVME.


Sorav Jain

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