14 Useful & Unique Features of Google+ not many of us would have Explored !

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I am sure, by now lot of you would have tried out the Google + . Personally, I have read through some of the leading tech sites and blogs to understand the features of G+.

Here are 14 unique and useful features of Google+ which many of us might not be aware of.. These are features, which were prompted less frequently and they were neither used by many…
[1]  The URL

The very first thing which is unique about Google Plus is the choice of URL.

Unlike other sites, for the first time, a special character is being used in a huge network in world wide web.

[2] Cleanliness

The site is neat and clean. It goes very well with Google’s motto to be simple and relevant, we can see lot of white space all across G+. Also, it integrates well with your Google experience. You get to see a   +yourname to the top-left end of the screen. This directly gets you to the Google+ profile page.

[3] Introductions

Unlike other social networks, which lets you to explore about various features themselves, G+ provides a short and crisp intro to all of its key features wherever essential.

[4] Simple Yet Cool Graphics

Circles are represented in a cool manner. For the first look, its like the old telephone dial pad. But, the more friends you add in, the dial adds up and later, it shows up the count in the center.

[5] Stream

The stream is exactly the same as newsfeed. But, G+ doesn’t work based on EdgeRank. Rather, you are free to choose the news feeds from different circles. For example, by choosing “Friends” you can get only the news feed from your friends. Another interesting factor is the Incoming Stream. These are posts shared with you by the people who are not in any of your circles. You can pick and choose people whom you want to share information with, even though they are not in your circles.

[6] Hangouts

In Plain words, its all about having a video conference with your friends.
Additional features include

  • a chat option for all your friends, who are hanging out right now
  • All your friends can watch a single video at once, through the Youtube. This enables you to share a particular video, talk about it and simultaneously chat about it.

[7] Your +1′s

This feature appears in your profile. All your posts, which has got a +1 from the shared userbase will appear here.

[8] Huddle

A new way for you to stay in touch with your circles while travelling. Through Huddle, you can now mass message a group of upto 50 people or select friends from G+.

Please note :: This feature is only available for G+ mobile application.

[9] One stop Messaging Service :: Breaking the Wall

Both Public & Private messages are sent from the stream directly. Only difference is that, the email id needs to be mentioned, if its going to be a private message. For posting messages in public, you gotta mention the circles to whom you want to share the information to….

[10] Unfinished Posts

You are  free to create empty circles without anyone in there and can share unfinished posts there. This post will only be visible to you and you can complete the post and share it later on to other circles of your friends..

[11] Mute Notifications

If there are a lot of notifications that are happening for a single post, the user can actually mute that particular post, which stops sending anymore notifications from that particular post.
If a post keeps appearing on top of your stream, then you can individually mute this post so that it wouldn’t show further updates in your stream.

[12] Formatting your Post

Unlike other Social networking sites, Google + allows you to format the text in your posts.

[13] Search for Post within G+  (Only for Chrome users)

Imagine one of your friend’s have posted an interesting infograph 3 months back. Today, when you are doing an assignment, you wanted to add that infograph in your presentation and you are not quite sure about who shared the infograph and when.

Chrome allows you to search for posts based on keywords. This feature works similar to google search and right now this feature is only available for Chrome users.

[14] Editing a Post !!

G+ allows users to edit their posts after it has been shared with different circles. The edited version appears just above the original version and both the original version and edited version of the post appears in the same place… You can also Disable comments for a post, Disable re-sharing of the post…

On a concluding note, everyone is still exploring the real potential of this new social networking site…  Share your experiences with us… We would be happy to hear from you !!

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