My First Step

They always say the media industry is place where people are rude, selfish and cunning, I too was doubtful when I finished my course on what will I do in an industry where people always say you have to leave your morals behind to survive. But all my skepticism was thrown out of the window the very first day I stepped into echoVME.

The very first day itself I felt very much a part of the company. All my colleagues where very sweet and made me feel at ease. Our thinker in chief (A very creative name isn’t it?) Mr.Sorav Jain was not at all formal and was very pleasant by nature. Even my other colleagues be it Vernicia(The Creative Genius), Priya(The Marketing Wizard) , Richa(The Up-and-coming Creative Genius), Suveeksha(The Novelist), Swetha(Ms. Dynamic) ,Ramesh(Mr. Sincere) and not to forget the ever smiling Naganathan(Mathematical mastermind) all are a company to cherish without a doubt.

As for the work I got assigned on my first day I had to write on a few blog topics that Sorav had given me and side by side was doing a bit of research on the topic that I had to work on the following day. All in all it was a great day and hope it remains like that always.

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