Benefits of Investing in Twitter Advertisements

Are you eager to learn more about Twitter advertisements?

When Twitter launched its advertising platform there was enormous problems in its functionality as it did not help to right audience but now Twitter has made sure that advertisements on the platforms reach targeted audience and helps you to increase your sales. Here are few twitter advertising benefits that you should not miss out

Target your ad campaign more specifically: Twitter will help you target the perfect audience for your business. You can get best ROI from Twitter advertisements and also get more exposure.

Use UTM parameters for all the promoted tweets: You can add these tags to your targeted URL in your tweet which will help you to identify the visitors who click on that specific link in Google Analytics based on the parameters that you have set. With help of this you can specifically identify the ones who click on the promoted tweets. To craft your UTM parameters use Google Analytics URL Builder and now you can find the data for your campaigns under Acquisitions > Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Few other benefits to generate a high performance using Twitter Ad campaign

  • Twitter Has Active Influencer Crowd
  • Different Objectives Can Be Achieved
  • You Can Generate Leads without Having a Landing Page with Lead Gen Cards
  • Helps You Pick the Stream Where You Want To Drive Your Audience
  • Freedom to Build Your Own Audience

Want to know other key benefits just click here 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Twitter Advertisements in India.

Are you ready to go for advertisements in Twitter in order to generate leads?


  • Social media marketing certainly helps attracting the potential buyers, increasing sales, and making money quickly, but it never recommended buying followers unethically. It is not going to increase web visibility or enhancing sales.

  • Great blog !! It is very good idea to increase the sales just by Twitter advertisements. All great ideas are introduced here, so this blog is very helpful for business people. I say that all business people can get good business easily, if they invest in twitter advertisements.

    • Thank You Sofia

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