Mastering Google Ads Character Limits: The 2023 Edition

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Understanding and employing character limits in Google Ads has become more essential in the evolving digital marketing landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a business owner navigating the world of online advertising, this blog will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to craft compelling ads within the confines of character restrictions.

We will help you explore the latest updates and strategies to Google Ads Character limits, ensuring a competitive edge over the advertising landscape. We will dive deeper into various ad formats, such as expanded text ads, search ads, display ads, responsive search ads, responsive display ads, performance ads, discovery ads, call-only ads, and YouTube ads, to learn about the character constraints associated with each.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have the tools and insights you need to create high-performing Google Ads that stand out and generate measurable results.

Understanding Google Ads Character Limits

It is vital to use Google Ads within the character limit in the most strategic way. It is time to unlock the potential of your advertising strategy, create compelling headlines, convincing descriptions, and relevant URLs, and avail the expertise and guidelines of the best digital marketing agency in Chennai.

Character limits for headlines, descriptions, routes, and URLs vary per ad types, such as expanded text advertising, search advertisements, display advertisements, responsive search ads, responsive display ads, performance ads, discovery ads, call-only ads, and YouTube ads. Marketers can optimise their ad text, enhance click-through rates, and drive conversions by understanding and conquering these character constraints.

A) Expanded Text Ads

These are Google ad formats that allow advertisers to create more detailed ad copy. Advertisers can effectively explain their value proposition using enlarged text advertising, highlight vital characteristics, and drive engagement with potential customers.

Headline: up to 30 characters (3)
Description: up to 90 characters (2)
Display URL: up to 15 characters (2)

B) Responsive Search Ads

Advertisers may provide up to 15 headlines and four descriptions, and Google’s machine learning algorithms will try different combinations to select the most effective ad. By personalising advertising to specific user intents, this offers better flexibility and enhanced ad relevance, and increases click-through rates.

Up to 15 headlines: Up to 30 characters each
Up to 4 descriptions: Up to 90 characters each
Paths: Up to 15 characters each
Final URL: Maximum length varies based on the destination type

C) Responsive Display Ads

These are adaptable Google Ads ad formats that automatically alter their size, appearance, and format to meet diverse ad locations throughout the Google Display Network. Advertisers can supply a variety of headlines, descriptions, logos, and images, and Google’s machine learning algorithms optimise the ad combinations for optimal performance.

Short headline: Up to 30 characters
Long headline: Up to 90 characters
Description: Up to 90 characters
Business name: Up to 25 characters
Logo: Varies based on the ad size and format
Images: Varies based on the ad size and format

D) Performance Ads

They are ad formats created by Google Ads that enable advertisers to reach a diverse audience across many Google platforms, including Search, Display, YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. These commercials use machine learning to improve campaign performance and increase conversions.

Headline: Up to 30 characters (5)
Descriptions: Up to 90 characters (5)
Business name: Up to 25 characters.

E) Discovery Ads

These are Google Ads ad format that helps advertisers to reach and engage with potential consumers as they explore personalised content in the Discover feed, YouTube, and Gmail promotions tab. These visually appealing and engaging advertisements intend to blend in with the user’s content, delivering a native and non-disruptive advertising experience.

Headline: Up to 40 characters
Description: Up to 90 characters
Business name: Up to 25 characters
Images: Varies based on the ad size and format

G) Youtube Ads

These are video ads on the YouTube platform and its connected partner sites. Advertisers can select from several ad styles on YouTube, including in-stream commercials, video discovery ads, and bumper ads. In-stream commercials can be skipped or not and appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. Video discovery adverts appear in search results as clickable thumbnails or related video suggestions. Bumper ads are non-skippable, short advertisements that last up to 6 seconds.

Display URL Path: Up to 15 characters
Headline: Up to 15 characters
Long Headline: Up to 90 characters
Description: Up to 70 characters
Call to Action: Up to 10 characters

H) Ad Extensions

They provide additional and insightful information about your business to the audience that helps to resonate with their search query. It can be in site links, callout extensions, structured snippets and locations.

Additional clickable links that drive readers to specific pages on your website, increasing the number of alternatives for users to explore relevant content or execute desired actions.
Link Text: Up to 25 characters each
Description: Up to 35 characters each

Ad Extensions 2 : Callout Extensions

Additional text snippets highlighting unique selling features, special deals, or essential benefits of your products or services, increasing the visibility and value of your advertisements.
Text: Up to 25 characters each

Ad Extensions 3 : Structured Snippet Extensions

They provide additional categories or features that highlight essential parts of your business, providing users with rapid insights and enhancing ad relevance.
Header: Up to 25 characters each
Values: Up to 25 characters each

Factors That Contribute To A Winning Google Text Ad

As you’ve understood the different character limits of various types of Google ad formats, it’s vital to understand the factors that contribute to and play a pivotal role in a winning Google text ad.

1. Crafting Compelling Headlines within Character Limits

A winning Google ad copy entices readers with attention-grabbing headlines, which are concise and impactful, and stimulate readers to drive action. These headlines should persuade the users, highlighting the unique selling points with relevant keywords that drive better engagement.

2. Writing Persuasive Descriptions with Limited Characters

Convey your product or service’s value proposition, benefits, and significant characteristics. To urge viewers to take action and click on your ad, use intriguing language and strong calls to action to highlight unique offerings.

3. Optimising Paths and Display URLs

Optimise them by including relevant keywords, emphasising specific product categories, or emphasising location-specific information. This boosts the relevancy and believability of your ad by helping users understand what they may expect after clicking on your ad.

4. Ad Extensions

You can master and take advantage of the extensions to improve ad visibility and engagement and provide users with additional and valuable business information. Ad extensions can help you enhance ad real estate while improving user engagement and click-through rates.

Sitelink extensions can provide extra landing page possibilities; callout extensions can emphasise critical benefits or offers; structured snippet extensions can exhibit specific categories or features; and other extensions can provide phone numbers, addresses, or promotions.

Master Google Ads Character Limit with echoVME Digital

At echoVME Digital, Chennai’s best digital marketing agency understands the need to create compelling ad copy within these constraints to achieve the best results. Our professional team specialises in optimising headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions to provide engaging and powerful Google Ads with high click-through rates and conversions. With our expertise, we ensure that your Google Ads campaign realises its full potential and assists your company in meeting its digital marketing objectives.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the character limits in Google Ads is critical for designing effective and powerful ad campaigns. Advertisers may optimise their ad content and maximise engagement and conversions by understanding the particular character constraints for different ad types, such as headlines, descriptions, routes, and URLs. Developing great Google text ads requires creating captivating headlines, persuasive descriptions, and utilising ad extensions. Advertisers may achieve success in their Google Ads campaigns and produce actual results by regularly testing and monitoring performance data.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What happens if I exceed the character limits in Google Ads?

Excessive character limitations in Google Ads can cause your ad copy to be truncated, making it less effective and affecting your click-through rates.

2. Can I use abbreviations or acronyms to fit under the character limit?

Yes, abbreviations and acronyms can be utilised to stay within the character restriction as long as your target audience understands them.

3. Are the character restrictions in Google Ads the same for all ad formats?

No, character restrictions differ based on the ad format. Expanded text advertisements, responsive search ads, display ads, and ad extensions have character limits for various components.


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