Complete Demographic Statistics of Facebook Users in India – An echoVME Report

How well do you understand Facebook demographics? The insight it offers is a treasure trove of consumer behaviour. It is estimated that around 112 million users from India are presently on Facebook out of which around 99 million users are active on mobile. The percentage of male and female users on Facebook is 76 and 24%. Do you think that your state has the most number of Facebook users in the country?

We conducted a detailed survey and compiled an extensive research data about the demographic of Facebook users in India. This report will enable marketers and advertisers to understand more about how to adopt a purposeful and relevant marketing strategy based on the information provided.

Marketers can also target their audience based on 5 different categories:

  • Basic Demographic
  • Advanced Demographic
  • Interests-based Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Custom Audience

Read more here:


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