echoVME Tweet Chat 3: Social Media and its Impact on Website Rankings

Missed our tweet chat the previous Saturday? Here’s a compilation of our successful tweet chat on “How social media can help  improve website rankings on search engines. There was a twist to our chat this week; we had a guest tweeter, Malhar Barai , who is a Digital Strategist at Tech Mahindra, author, speaker, co-host of SEO Talk on Twitter and also multitasks as a content writer and blogger.

We directed our questions at Malhar who provided an in-depth reflection on how social media helps the Google ranking of your website:

Question 1


Malhar 1.1

Malhar 1.2

Malhar 1.3

Question 2


Malhar 2.1

Malhar 2.2

Additional Insight into the Question

Malhar 2.conve

Question 3


Malhar 3.1

Malhar 3.2

Malhar 3.3

Question 4


Malhar 4

Malhar 4.2

Malhar 4.3

Malhar 4.4

Question 5


Malhar 5

Malhar 5.1

Question 6


Malhar 6.1

Malhar 6.2

Malhar 6.3
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