The Digital Marketing Agency vs Freelancer Scenario In Chennai

Digital marketing agency Vs freelancer - Scenario in Chennai

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Whatever job we pick out, we must have the much-coveted job satisfaction; all said and done. It isn’t just about taking a fat paycheck home. Job satisfaction is much more holistic in its appeal. Being happy at your job revolves around a multitude of factors, both tangible and intangible. Some industry experts venture further and state that job satisfaction is not a parameter, but a state of mind.

Digital marketing is no exception to this. While agency life is all about life in the fast lane, there are poignant moments of joy that make the whole experience worthwhile. Every agency vying for the mantle of the best digital marketing agency in Chennai has some merit to it as an excellent place to work. Why not explore a little of the magic of agency life? Before we get into that, however, let’s look at the question at hand from an objective standpoint. After all, not everyone understands the intricacies of both sides of the argument here!

Digital Marketing Agencies In Chennai

The Digital Marketing Agency vs Freelancer Scenario In Chennai
The Digital Marketing Agency vs Freelancer Scenario In Chennai

For the most part, digital marketing agencies present in Chennai have a reputation for excellence. Working at one of these establishments is a rich experience, with every day offering something new as a challenge. Some of the best aspects of working at a digital marketing agency here in the city are:

– The Work Ethic

Most digital marketing firms in Chennai consist of small to mid-size teams that collaborate on client projects. As a result, camaraderie runs deep and is infused into the very work ethic of the office.

– The Clients

Depending on the agency’s clout and standing in the city’s circuits, you will get access to the cream of the crop in terms of potential clients. Not only that, but you also get to experiment with different niches.

– Career Growth

Digital marketing agencies in Chennai are known to be generous with their appraisal and promotion schemes. There’s ample scope for career growth at the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai. Even if you start as a fresher, you can expand your horizons and grow in a short time.

That’s one side of the coin checked. Now, let’s take a look at the other end. Is the grass greener?

Freelancer Life In Chennai

Freelancer Life In Chennai
Freelancer Life In Chennai

 Thanks to its stature as a booming metro, Chennai is ripe with opportunities as far as freelancing is concerned. This goes hand in glove with digital marketing as a field, because of the mobile work-ethic associated with it. Since everything is on cloud storage nowadays, working on the go is more efficient than ever! Let’s explore the core points of life as a freelance digital marketer in Chennai.

– Sheer Flexibility

Chennai’s freelancers have full control over how they manage their working hours. Since they work on digital marketing, they are the masters of their own time. They also get to decide the workload they take up!

– Portfolio Curation

Most of Chennai’s digital marketing freelancers have a particular vision of the client portfolio they want to cultivate. It’s as simple as targeting clients of a specific niche by actively promoting their services. The freelancers plan their assignments according to the big picture they have in mind for themselves.

– Personal Touch

One of the USPs of Chennai’s freelancing digital marketers is the attention to detail and customer service that they bring to the table. This is a boon for most Chennai startups, as they require the personal attention that a freelancer can provide.

– Affordability

It’s a no-brainer to say that a freelancer’s services will be more economical than a digital marketing agency in Chennai. More often than not, the midsize companies in the city cannot afford the full benefits of a digital agency. Therefore, they outsource their marketing to individual freelance agents instead.

There’s no denying that freelancers in Chennai have a lot going for them. To say that they directly rival Chennai’s digital marketing agencies is a bit of a stretch, though. It’s more like the case of apples and oranges. Each come with their pros and cons. Which one you pick is entirely dependent on what you’re looking for in terms of digital marketing services!

In that regard, Chennai offers a diverse arena for choosing quality digital marketing services. Thanks to its ever-growing industrial sector, the portfolio diversity on offer from the city’s companies is virtually limitless. Over the years, different sectors of the Chennai industry have set their sights on either side of this coin. Let’s take a look at that next: Which sectors prefer the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai, and which prefer the freelancer experience?

Chennai & Digital Marketing

 There’s a specific market for every line of business when it comes to digital marketing. Given the industrial nature of the city, Chennaiites are crystal clear in knowing their marketing requirements. Sure, most of the business is usually done based on a personal contract basis, but there is scope out there for new players in the Chennai field. Let’s run over the common patterns that have ruled the roost for quite some time in the city.

– Real Estate

Traditionally, this is a sector that almost always prefers to opt for the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai. The primary factor here is the amount of money at stake. Real estate clients in Chennai deal with expensive commodities, so they simply can’t leave something like digital marketing and online presence to chance. Therefore, almost unanimously, real estate companies in the city prefer digital marketing agencies to cement their online presence.

– Lifestyle Sector

In Chennai, lifestyle is an umbrella term, much like any other metro. In that regard, the clients that fall under this category come in all shapes and sizes. Which avenue of digital marketing services they pick is entirely dependent on what they want from an online presence. The higher end of the spectrum usually prefers the agency method, because they’re in it for hardcore lead generation. At the shallow end of the pool, however, most companies will be just fine with freelancer services, because they only want a social media presence and nothing more.

– Tech Circuits

The defining characteristic of this avenue of the corporate industry is the fast-paced work ethic. Since most of the companies in this sector are B2B organizations, they have no requirement for social media promotion like their counterparts. However, there are individual companies that get a direct benefit from having a substantial online presence, especially if they are targeting the average consumer. However, these requirements don’t warrant the caliber of digital marketing agencies in Chennai. For the most part, freelancer services will get the job done for tech companies in the city.

– Startups

The question of startups is relatively evident. There’s no doubt that most startups work on shoestring budgets. Most budding startups can barely begin cutting profits within a few years. Therefore, the various startups in the city go for freelancer services for their digital marketing needs. There’s an additional factor that comes into play when startups enter the picture. Their social media requirements usually don’t follow a simple pattern. Startups like to switch up their social media game a lot, and freelancers can accommodate that flexibility in their schedule just fine!

The Complete Scenario

 Chennai is a diverse playing field when it comes to digital marketing. As an agency, we firmly believe that digital marketing is a field that can accommodate anyone willing to work for it. Whether it’s the best digital marketing agency in Chennai or just a new freelancer on the block, Chennai has room for them all! So dive in and explore the vast world of digital today!

FAQs – Digital Marketing Agency vs Freelancer Scenario In Chennai

1) What is the difference between freelance and agency?
Freelancers are self-employed and offer their services on a personal basis to clients. Agencies employ multiple individuals to offer a complete package of services as an organization. Digital marketing agencies vs freelancers in Chennai is quite a popular question!

2) What are the services freelancers offer?
Freelancers usually specialize in a single skill set, such as graphic design or video editing. Freelancers in Chennai are highly accomplished in their respective fields nowadays.

 3) Is freelancing better than a Digital marketing agency?
It’s not plausible to say that freelancing is better than digital marketing agencies in Chennai. It depends on factors like your marketing budget and scale of operations.

4) What is freelancing in digital marketing?
Freelancing in digital marketing is offering your services as a digital marketer to clients on an individual contract basis. Freelancers in Chennai usually serve startups in the city.

5) What are the services digital marketing agencies offer?

Digital marketing agencies in Chennai offer a suite of services such as SMM, SEO, Web Development, and Content Creation.


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