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10 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Hotels (Ultimate Guide)


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Don’t let your hotel’s online presence be a ghost town; spice it up with some killer digital marketing strategies. Keep reading the blog to unravel some of the best digital marketing strategies for hotels/restaurants. 

In today’s digital age, hotels must have a robust online presence to drive bookings and attract new customers. However, more than simply having a website is required. Hotel operators must stay on top of digital marketing strategies to ensure their property stands out. From social media campaigns to email marketing and search engine optimisation, there are plenty of ways to boost your hotel’s online visibility and drive reservations.

Digital marketing is essential for hotels to promote their properties and drive bookings. In fact, according to a report by Google, 96% of travellers use the internet to research and book their accommodations.

 Additionally, a study by TripAdvisor found that 63% of leisure travellers and 72% of business travellers book their hotels through online travel agencies (OTAs) or hotel websites. With these statistics in mind, it’s clear that hotels need to have a robust online presence and effective digital marketing strategies to attract potential customers and stand out among the competition. In this blog, we will explore different digital marketing strategies for hotels and how they can be used to drive bookings and increase revenue. 

Why is Digital Marketing important for Hotels? 

One of the most significant advantages of digital hotel marketing is reaching a broad and diverse audience. With digital marketing, hotels can target demographics like age, location, interests, etc. This means hotels can reach potential customers who will likely book accommodations and increase their chances of success.

Another advantage of digital marketing is the ability to measure and track the effectiveness of different strategies. With tools such as Google Analytics and social media analytics, hotels can track the number of website visitors, engagement, and conversion rates. This data can then be used to optimise and refine marketing strategies, making them more effective and efficient. 

Digital marketing enhances customer relationship management, builds loyalty, and connects with exciting offers to spread effective word-of-mouth communication. In a nutshell, digital marketing is a vital tool to improve online visibility and presence over others. 

Our digital marketing professionals of the best digital marketing agency have the required expertise, that craft the best strategies for your hotels to improve reach, visibility and online presence. 

Best Digital marketing Strategies For Hotels 

1. Optimise the website for better results

There needs to be more than just having a direct booking website; optimising them and making them stand out competitively is vital. Remember the three central pillars of SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies, to implement accordingly. Ensure your website covers interesting topics your audience requires, like the places to visit nearby attractive spots nearby. Make your website user-friendly and responsive so that it offers the best navigational experience to users effortlessly. 

This includes optimising the website’s structure, meta tags, keywords, images, and videos. By using relevant keywords and phrases, hotels can increase their visibility on search engines, making it more likely that people will find their website when searching for hotels in their area.

2. Master SEO practices

Search engine optimization efforts help your hotel business to improve its online visibility and presence among search engines with organic search results. The higher you rank, the higher are chances of bookings, as you will appear on the search engine results. SEO also includes building backlinks to a hotel’s website. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to a hotel’s website. Search engines use backlinks to measure the authority and relevance of a website. The more backlinks a website has, the more likely it is to rank higher on search engines. Thus, SEO is pivotal in driving more bookings by optimizing keywords and driving backlinks. 

3. Enhance Hotel Listing on Google My Business

Get listed on Google My Business (add published link) as it is one of the most potent tools to appear on Google Search results. Local SEO helps to optimise a hotel’s website and its information so that it appears in search results when people search for hotels in the area. 

This includes optimising information such as the hotel’s name, address, and phone number and creating local business listings on sites and Bing Places. In a nutshell, it will display business details,w website links, reviews, and business hours of operation. 

4. Enhance influencer outreach

By partnering with influencers, your hotels can stand out among others and build credibility among potential customers, a significant benefit of influencer marketing. Users are more inclined to follow the influencer’s genuine recommendations. 

For example, let’s say your hotel is in a popular beach destination and wants to promote its property to a younger, more adventurous audience. The hotel could reach out to a famous travel influencer with a large Instagram following and a focus on adventure travel. The influencer could stay at the hotel and document their experience on their Instagram stories and posts. They could showcase the hotel’s unique amenities, such as a rooftop pool or surf lessons, and share their recommendations for things to do in the area. 

The influencer may also share a unique referral link or a special offer code that followers can use to book a stay at the hotel, which can help drive more bookings.

5. Master email marketing

It is one of the key and essential digital marketing strategies that can help to enhance hotel bookings and drive more conversions. In a survey by Campaign Monitor, 72% of consumers said they prefer to receive promotional content through email. You can take your digital game a notch through the following strategies: 

  • Send newsletters and promotional content with a personalised subject line. 
  • Reach out to potential customers with special offers, discounts, perks and loyalty programs to enhance weekend stays 
  • Share the latest updates regarding top-notch facilities and events with customers. 

6. Run targeted ads

Google hotel ads strategies are an excellent way to give your hotels an edge over others competitively. By creating ads and targeting specific keywords, demographics, and locations, hotels can put their brand and promotions in front of people searching for places to stay. 

For example, as a hotel, you could create an ad that targets people searching for “luxury hotels in India” and include a special offer or promotion to entice them to book a room. This is a cost-effective way for hotels to reach a large audience and drive bookings. 

Additionally, Google Ads provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing hotels to track their campaign’s performance and make data-driven decisions on optimising their advertising efforts.

7. Utilise Facebook ads

Facebook ads are one of the most affordable and effective ways to help hotels in this transformation era. Facebook bidding strategies can help attract guests. However, it is vital to remember the targeting perspective and understand the demographics, age, and location, to get the desired bookings. Perform retargeted ads to the users, as they are more effective and cheaper. Facebook ads help to increase reach and visibility and offer engagement to generate potential leads worldwide. Promote your hotels on the Facebook Business page, and improve search engine rankings. 

8. Integrate video into the marketing efforts

Video marketing can be a crucial asset for your hotel business. Using videos on your website can enhance bookings and add pictures or videos related to attractive spots to visit nearby. You can also open a separate Youtube channel and go the extra mile to cover informative clips and attractive locations. Share videos of your employee’s experience working in the hospitality industry. It is more likely to create more engagement among users. 

9. Monitor online reviews

Maintaining your hotel’s online reputation and monitoring the reviews is pivotal. How else will you improve your services and ensure to deliver customer satisfaction? The present customers would check online reviews and perform bookings if satisfied with the service. Having a good CRM team and keeping track of reviews at sites determine how firmly your goal is being achieved. 

10. Unleash the potential of social media platforms

It is one of the best digital marketing strategies to elevate your brand to the next level. You can share content in the digital space, engage with potential guests and improve your search engine rankings. Implement influencer outreach, frame quality social media strategies, and track the progress accordingly. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed points gave you significant insights into crafting and implementing the best digital marketing strategies for your hotels. In this digital marketing era, it is essential to leverage digital marketing strategies, and they should be high on your priority list. Considering the target audience, you can most effectively craft and implement the best strategies.  


1. Which is the best digital marketing strategy for hotels? 

There is a list of digital marketing strategies for hotels

  • Invest in SEO 
  • Optimise your website 
  • Implement influencer outreach
  • Leverage Google ads and Facebook biddings strategies 
  • Integrate video marketing and many more. 

2. What is hotel digital marketing? 

Hotel digital marketing refers to the activities performed in the digital space to leverage potential outreach, visibility and engagement. It helps to create a robust online presence among others in the industry. 

3. What is the latest trend in hotel digital marketing? 

Virtual assistance is one of the latest industry trends in the hospitality industry. It helps to streamline multiple work operations, improve customer satisfaction and enhance online visibility to enhance search engine rankings. 


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