10 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Hotels (Ultimate Guide)


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Are you running a hotel and looking for ways to leverage better brand image and sales? Well, go through this blog to make use of the best digital marketing strategies for hotels to do the same. 

As much as a hotel’s success depends on its hospitality and food, it also depends on the digital marketing strategies implied. The hotel industry is a large one, and there are hotels opening up every nook and corner. Different cuisines, different ambiences, new themes and all things exotic are being actively explored. So, how do you take this to your customer’s notice is the question? Digital marketing is the way.

Below are a few of the digital marketing strategies that best Digital Marketing agency in Chennai that can be put to use. 

Why Is It Important To Have Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Hotel? 

  • To create better visibility and brand awareness among the customers. 
  • To attract more customers who are diverse in terms of locality. 
  • To generate better revenue and sales
  • It is a way of keeping your customers informed about your whereabouts and new launches 
  • Marketing is the key to anything, and the hotel industry is no exception. 

The Following Are The 10 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Hotels 

 1. Use GMB to List Your Hotel On Google

Listing your hotel on the Google My Business page is one of the best ways to promote your hotel. Most often, people search for hotels on the GMB page. List your hotel on the GMB page. Your GMB page should be optimized to contain the address of your hotel, best pictures of the ambience, contact information and more. It is also advisable to post your menu card if that works for you. A GMB page is a must and is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for hotels. 

2. Have An Attractive And User-Friendly Website 

Develop a website for your hotel. Give a catchy headline about your hotel. Post pictures of your hotel. Make sure the outlook of the website is appealing. Just make sure that your website is optimized for mobile phones as well. As most of the time, your customers will search for your hotel and website on the phone. Post regular blogs and provide updates. Make sure that your blogs are search engine optimized to rank well. Developing a website is the basic and important digital marketing strategies for hotels. 

3. Do SEO And PPC Ads  

Search engine optimization is the key to increasing visibility for your hotel website. Search engine optimization can be done by optimizing your blogs, website’s core web vital entities, increasing social signs and more. You can also run pay-per-click ads to make your hotel website rank on top of the search engines. A combination of these paid and unpaid ads is one of the best digital marketing strategies for hotels. 

4. Go Social The Social Media Way 

Social media is your ticket to digital marketing success. Give your hotel a lively and engaging presence on social media. Post on a regular basis and create a strong impression on your followers. Engage in social media trends and keep your feed lively. Once in a while run giveaway contests and more. Social media marketing has become a huge factor for generating better leads for businesses, and it is one of the notable digital marketing strategies for hotels as well. 

5. Tell Your Story Through Video 

Video marketing is the key to reaching out to your customers easily. There is nothing better than audiovisuals. Create a video about your launch, evolution and growth. Talk about how you contribute to the market and more. Don’t hesitate to pitch in client testimonials as well. Make use of this on numerous occasions and platforms like social media, websites, and more. Video marketing is the needed digital marketing strategies for hotels. 

6. Don’t Forget Email Marketing 

There is nothing better than email marketing as it creates personalization. Once in a while, check on your customers and send them an email elucidating your whereabouts. Send newsletters for events and celebrations. Send across coupons and invites for events and more. Make sure you don’t spam them. Email marketing is one of the simple yet effective digital marketing strategies for hotels. 

7. Make Use Of Influencer Marketing And Food Bloggers 

Influencer marketing is being made use of by many new and upcoming hotels as an important part of their digital marketing strategies. Why influencer marketing works the best, you ask? Customers believe in other customers, and this goes without saying. Influencers and food bloggers do an excellent job of showcasing their best way possible to talk about the food, services and ambience of your hotel. This is also found to derive better attention from the new customers. Make use of influencers and food bloggers and create the best digital marketing strategies for hotels. 

8. Emerging Technologies 

Make sure that you put to use the emerging technologies as a part of your digital marketing strategies for hotels. Use chatbots on websites to assist your customers, provide online table booking services, make use of AI to find better and more diverse customer and their interests. 

You can also use QR scan codes instead of menus in hotels. Given the pandemic situation, this is rightly sought after by many hotels. Just keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and trends, and you are good to go. 

9. Run Social Media Ads 

Social media ads are the best ways to target your prospective customers. For hotels and businesses which are starting out new, social media ads can be an effective way of digital marketing. Social media ads can be used to leverage better reach and engagement for the social media page of the hotels. It can also be used to improve sales. Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns are a few of the best ways to carry out this. 

10. Understand The Customer Journey

Each customer is unique. The best way to satisfy the customers is to collectively understand their journey. Make sure that you bring out the customer reviews and feedback forms. See for the pros and cons of your services. Work on what needs to be improved and sustain what works the best. Make sure that you showcase your best and genuine reviews on social media and on your websites as well. 


I hope the above gave you an idea of the digital marketing strategies for hotels that you can make use of. Wishing you a digital marketing experience as relishing as your food. Which of the above strategies will you be trying to implement? Let us know in the comments below. 

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of World’s leading digital marketing influencers. He started his career as an SEO specialist and, in 2010, went on to establish echoVME Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVME Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team to bring out the best digital marketing and social media solutions for brands across India. In 2019, he also founded Digital Scholar, the educational extension of echoVME that offers digital marketing training for enthusiasts from all walks of life. In addition to being a digital marketing agency and digital marketing training institute owner, he is also a keynote speaker, consultant, and author, with 5 books to his credit to date.
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