Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms in 2022

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Did you know that nearly 57% of consumers look for a lawyer online? Are you running a law firm and are looking for ways to improve the reach and visibility of your law firm? Then, carry out the following digital marketing tips for law firms to create a good reputation in the market. Lawyers and advocates are the backbones of a well-functioning society, and more often than not, there is a lack of awareness on which lawyer or law firm to reach out to when there is a need. To make your law firm more aware, visible and drive better engagement, it is necessary to carry out digital marketing for your law firm. 

There are numerous digital marketing firms like echoVME digital, which will provide effective digital marketing strategies to help law firms get the recognition and reach they deserve. From spilling digital marketing tips for law firms to curating the best digital strategies and delivering the best, digital marketing agencies like echoVME do a great deal of work. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms in 2022

1. Have a Well-Optimized Website 

A website is the best way to create a strong online presence for your law firm. Your website should speak about the various services that you offer. Curating a strong website with all the needed information about your services and how you move forward about a case will aid the clients in better understanding your organization and work ethics. Your website can contain case studies, entities addressing various forms of needed information when moving forward with a case and more. Creating a well-functioning website is the first and most important digital marketing tips for law firms. 

2. Create a Story Through Content Marketing 

Every brand has a story, and so does your law firm. You need to make use of content marketing as one of the effective ways to build a name value for your law firm in the industry. 

Trust is one of the most important and major factors through which the clients hire a law firm. Create tailormade content to suit every audience. You can effectively make use of content marketing strategies on various channels. Emotion-driven content can work its way into engaging and converting the audience into prospect clients. Showcasing emotion-based arguments and emotion-based cases is one of the effective ways to garner quick attention and trust as a law firm. 

3. Local SEO is the key

Since most people search for a lawyer online, optimizing your website using search engine optimization strategies is best. Carrying out SEO best practices are the best digital marketing tips for law firms. 

GMB Page

Many lawyers are making the best use of the GMB page. Google my business page is one of the best and most effective tools to showcase your law firm online on google. Fill in your law firm and business name, set up your page as per the business category. It can be according to the specialized areas of law services that you offer. 

Then, make sure that you provide the right contact details of your firm, like the address and phone number. Provide the link to your firm’s website so that people can access it and get to know more about your business. Also, add media of your law firm on the GMB page. 

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-page and off-page SEO techniques are the most important tactics to increase the reach and visibility of your law firm’s website. 

A few on-page SEO techniques are optimizing the website for keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, media optimization, and URL optimization are a few of the on-page SEO techniques. 

4. Let Your Clients Give Genuine Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials are the best way forward to gain the client’s trust, and this is one of the most important entities when it comes to digital marketing tips for law firms.

Clients providing reviews for the attorneys and law firms can be showcased on your website. Always make sure that the testimonials are genuine and real as lawyers contribute a great deal to society and should be trustable. There are numerous platforms like Trustpilot that can be made use of to generate reviews. Reviews on the GMB page of your law firm can also be the best way to create a brand reputation.

5. Conduct Webinars 

Webinars are one of the best ways to connect with numerous people out there. 

Conducting webinars on various topics of interest can work the best in creating great visibility and awareness about your law firm. This can also help you network with numerous people where you will be able to derive better outcomes for your organization. This will also help hire employees and interns that align with the values and requirements of your law firm. 

6. Make Use of Social Media Platforms 

A social media page for a law firm might seem new, but there are numerous law firms that are actually venturing into an online space through social media. Keep your social media strategy on point as most businesses and organizations are making use of social media as an effective digital marketing tool. You can post about the various legal services that your firm offers, the work culture and ethics in your law firm, and more.

Having a designated grid on your Instagram as a part of your social media strategy will work the best. Since it’s social media, be willing to keep the content marketing strategy light and amusing. Social media presence can be one of the quirkiest digital marketing tips for law firms.

7. Run Ads Campaign 

There is always a need for lawyers, and legal professionals are in great demand. But how to find the right one is the major question. To find the right lawyer, people do carry out internet searches, and these are the right set of people you need to reach out to. 

Running ads can be the best way to reach out to the target audience. You can make use of various advertisement options like Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, youtube ads, and more.

8. Create a Client Portal 

A client portal for your law firm is a private portal through which you can interact and gain information from your clients. However, not just major digital marketing tips for law firms in itself, having a client portal will aid you to carry out the legal work much easier. The clients can make use of the client portal to easily connect with the advocates share their confidential information and confidential documents securely. 

Indulging in creating a safe portal for your law firm can be the best investment you can make. 

To improve your visibility, being listed in the online legal directory can be one of the best digital marketing tips for law firms. Being a part of the legal directories and law communities can put your services out there, and the clients who want your services can easily reach out to you. These legal directories can also be a space to network with other lawyers. Avvo, FindLaw, Nolo, and Justia are a few of the legal directories or law communities space that you can make use of to be a part of the community.

10. Video Marketing for Law Firms

Video marketing is one of the effective digital marketing tips for law firms. Video marketing can aid a better understanding of your law firm as it aids audiovisual storytelling. In a recent Aberdeen study, it was found that high-quality videos provide high conversions, and the conversion rate went up as high as 300%. It was also shown that the low-quality videos didn’t garner a good conversion rate. Make sure that you include video marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy and produce a high-quality video. 


Hope the above digital marketing tips for law firms were useful. If you are planning to update your online presence for your law firm, then go ahead and do it, as online marketing is the best way to build a good brand value. What are the digital marketing tips for law firms you will be trying out? Let us know in the comments below!!


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