echoVME Hosts Several Santas this Christmas!

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At echoVME, our santas came early. It all started with the our Thinker –In – Chief Sorav. He made us pick chits with our names so we could choose our secret Chris Child. To keep things under cover, he neatly arranged cabinets with our names marked, so our Chris Moms can drop our gifts secretly. 10 days of surprise gifts and dares left us on a festive high!

Gifts, more gifts and dares!

Unwrapping gifts from our secret santas and performing the crazy dares became the most awaited tasks at office! And guess what? We couldn’t miss out on our scary pet Chunnu! We let him play along with us; actually scratch that out, we let him do what he is best at, scare us! Few of the Chris moms were crazy enough to dare their Chris child by taking chunnu along with them out on the streets. Just in case if you are wondering who Chunnu is, here is a picture of our scary friend..


Gifts.. Oh yeess.. giiiifts! They are the best.. Two weeks of raining gifts made our days! Our Chris moms gifted their Chris child with loads of chocolates, cool bags, cosmetics and lots of gifts. To top it all, our Thinker – In – Chief, Sorav, like a real santa had got gifts for all of us.. Yay!! Super cool key chains, phone cases and stunning jewelries made each one of us feel real special kids. Thank you Sorav! 🙂 🙂

Good things come in small packets 😉 but ours came with dreaded dares! As we got cute gifts we were also entitled to perform the dares. Strictly! No escaping. We were asked to don Chunnu and walk the streets; not stopping with that we were also asked to SHOP! Needless to say, the onlookers and shopkeepers stood speechless!

While few were asked to dance, sing and talk Desi English and MadrasTamil, one friend had to beg at office and streets to earn hundred rupees.




The Big Party!

On the last day, when our Chris moms were revealed, it was so much fun putting together small pieces of conversation we had had throughout the week and how each one of us had fooled and dodged everybody to keep up our secret identity a top secret, for our Chris moms were sitting next to us and had no clue or the slightest of doubt. The day of grand celebrations started with exchanging of gifts with Chris moms and Chris child, followed by decorating the Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments and dazzling lights.

This is how our tree and crib looked:-


They look amazing right? As part of celebrations, our team decided to perform a play and sing Christmas carols.

What would happen if Christ was born in the 21st century? Well, we were in for a treat! Joseph woke up to the Angel delivering a message – but he wanted to be whatsapp-ed instead. The angel rebuffed him of course.

And Mary was appalled at the idea of having to have a baby! “But what about my beauty?!” she wailed. Somehow, Joseph calmed her down and took her to Jerusalem to deliver baby Jesus. What happened then was a laugh riot. Jesus’ place of birth was adapted and performed for today’s internet savvy generations.

There were roars of laughter from the unsuspecting audience! The guiding star turned out to be a McDonalds’ logo leaving us puzzled!

Our second skit for the day was on ‘A day @ echovme’. With great skills for observing, the team enacted the rest of the team’s behavior and made us ROFL! And then came the carols. ‘Silent Night’, ‘Deck The Halls’ and ‘Feliz Navidad’ were beautifully sung by Malavika, Amrutha and Khyati!


Then, followed the photo sessions and savories – all of us gorged on sumptuous vada pavs from King’s Vada Pav and yummy bondas with green chutney that Mansi’s mom had sent for us!


It was a merry Christmas indeed!


Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts


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