How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

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Are you a business owner? If yes, then you are awesome. It is indeed a challenging task to run a business successfully. All businessmen make the best use of technology to work and stand ahead of their competition. There are so many opportunities in terms of tools that businesses can use to grow in the marketplace. While traditional marketing is one method, more and more business owners are now moving to digital marketing. Digital marketing is where they promote their business online and find customers to make them come to their store.

One such powerful tool that a business has is Google My Business. GMB or Google My Business is a tool that lets enterprises list their names in the listing that is viewed by millions of customers. This tool helps customers find your business online, know your story, locate in maps, and also trust your product or service. You always have an option to edit this information for your business.

How Google My Business Helps

1. Latest Information

Optimize Your Google My Business
Latest Information | How to Optimize GMB

By sharing the latest information about a brand, the owners are making better visibility of their products. When customers look for specific information like business hours, pictures of the place offered if any, and so on. When your business gets listed out in it, it makes them curious to know more and so they tend to explore your business page.

2. Better Connection

Optimize Your Google My Business
Better Connection | How to Optimize GMB

Visitors can go to your GMB page and give a review or share their experience. They can also add pictures or write about what was best in your place. This will help build trust among other customers. This is a great way to attract different customers.

3. Know Better Of Your Customer 

GMB Analytics - Optimize Your Google My Business
GMB Analytics | How to Optimize GMB

Google My Business lets you understand how your customers found you in the online market and how they interact with your listing. This helps you track information about various aspects like the number of searches, inquiries they do to track your address through phone calls and also about those pictures that they saw to come to your business.

Optimizing GMB For Better Visibility 

Optimize Your Google My Business
How to Optimize Your Google My Business

Google My Business is indeed easy to use but doing it the right way, and a quality way will make your business have better visibility. Though there is only one simple way to set it up, there are much better ways to optimize it. Here are a few tips on ‘How to optimize your Google My Business’, for better business.

Tips on How to optimize your Google My Business

1. Set It UP

How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Set Up | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

Even before planning to optimize your GMB, you need to first set it right. So what does it take to set your Google My Business? Well for starters, you have to Google Search your brand to make sure there isn’t already one. When you are done with it, use Google’s in-platform feature for My Business to search and locate your business on GMB. Set up your GMB for it will take a while to get verified.

Choose the category - How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Choose the Category | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

The next most crucial step is to find the relevant category for your business. Though this is one of the most mandatory steps, it is also an essential step in terms of optimizing your GMB. Choosing the wrong category can make you lose your customers.

2. Right Location

How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Enter the right location | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

One of the first things that a customer sees in GMB is the business location. Google My Business is a great way to boost your local business, and for this mentioning, the right address for your business is critical. To make it more helpful to the customers, try and add prominent landmarks to locate it quickly.

3. Include Keyword

Include Keyword - How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Include Keyword | | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

Adding keywords to your business information in GMB can earn you brownie points. Including search phrases and essential keywords in your information or description can make you rank faster and on top. This is sure to attract the local audience in a significant way.

4. Update Business Hours

Update Business Hours - How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Update Business Hours | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

Giving false or incomplete information is the last thing you will ever want to do to your customers. Wrong information can tamper with your business image in a significant way. Most times, businesses consider updating GMB as a one-time activity. But in reality, as your business changes, so should its information online. One major aspect of this is updating business hours. This is vital if you are planning to target the local crowd. Update right business hours such as opening hours, closing hours and holidays. This will help your customers plan accordingly.

6. Make it Interesting

The best thing about GMB is that it lets you add more spice to your business information than merely just letting you mention your business information. Take the most and the best advantage of this feature by adding pictures. Many customers form an opinion of the brand based on the images they see. Add high-quality photos. Do not provide fake images to set expectations. Add cover photos, and additional photos to make it exciting and engaging.

7. Hear Them Out

Hear Them Out - How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Hear Them Out | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

A brand is worth being told about when it takes care of its customers in the right way. This means, hearing them out and responding to their comments and feedback. A customer trusts a brand when they feel valued. By answering questions and feedback and acknowledging reviews, you make them feel important. Encourage your customers to leave feedback by providing them with a feedback link to make things easier for them.

8. Utilize All Features

Utilize All Features - How To Optimize Your Google My Business
Utilize All Features | How To Optimize Your Google My Business

GMB has come up with new and unique features to deal in time of the pandemic. This includes marking business as ‘temporarily closed’, specifying delivery options, and health and safety attributes. Besides, one of the new features marks and highlights women-led and black-owned businesses.

9. Optimize Website Content 

Another major aspect is making sure your website content is optimized for website search. Like mentioned previously, use the same keywords that you use in your website content to rank faster and better. Use words that relate to the local crowd to promote local SEO. Adding a local number is also a useful option to attract the local crowd.

Why Use Google My Business 

9 out of 10 customers check online for a business before they purchase their product or service. By listing their companies on Google My Business, every brand has an equal opportunity of being available online for their customers. It is up to customers to compare and analyze which business to choose to buy from. When there is competition in every walk of a business’s life, one must take all the efforts to stand ahead of the competition. 

Google My Business is a smart and useful tool to make business happen to your brand. Local business can take time to grow but gives you great results. Focus and never lose hope!

FAQs – How To Optimize Google My Business Listing

1) How to verify Google My Business?
-Verifying Google My Business is an essential step in knowing how to optimize Google My Business. Verifying GMB is a simple question of code authentication, like with most Google services.

2) How is Google My Business useful?
-Google My Business provides an ideal platform for business of all scales to interact with their potential customer base. Knowing how to optimize Google My Business can be very beneficial for your brand.

3) How do I optimize my Google My Business for 2020?
– Knowing how to optimize your Google My Business in 2020 is a question of building accountability and interaction with your clients. Respond to testimonials, optimize for voice search and use relevant keywords.

4) Does Google My Business help SEO?
Most SEO business practices nowadays revolve around figuring out how to optimize Google My Business for a brand. It can work wonders for your SEO rankings.

5) What is Google 3-Pack?
Google 3-Pack is the search engine’s algorithm method, where the top SERP results in your local area are displayed prominently in the results.

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