Have you got your Twitter Automation Right?

Twitter Automation is the best way to make Twitter experience easier. There are many tools in this world that you can use in order to make your Twitter experience completely automated. One such tool is IFTTT. This is echoVME’s one of the favorite Marketing Automation tools and we have been by far using it for our clients.

Twitter Automation Recipes from IFTTT can help you do the following:

  1. Sync Facebook and Twitter Profile picture together.
  2. Post Instagram picture as a Twitter picture.
  3. Make list of people using specific hashtags.
  4. Keep a backup of your tweets.
  5. Automate your tweet – for example some set of tweets can go on a particular day at a particular time. Works wonder if you run a tweet chat.
  6. Make automated RTs from a specific hashtag whenever a specific person tweets using the same.
  7. Adding people to your favorite list whose tweets you have liked.

There is 15 such interesting Twitter Automation recipes with a direct option to execute integrated in the complete blog post here: ‘Best Twitter Automation’. We would love to hear your complete view on the blog post.

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