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International Digital Marketing Training Program for Teachers Hosted by echoVME in Chennai!

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The National Institute of Technical Teacher’s Training and Research invited us for a training Teachers from 10 different countries! We had teachers from across the world; Philippines Ethiopia Zimbawe Afghanistan, Russia, Myanmar Mauritius Kyrgyzstan, Senegal and #Madagascar. These teachers showcased immense interest in the subject and got hands-on experience!

  1. They learnt about how Social Media can be used in education space – best practises!
  2. How to get used to various tools as teachers and offer the educational services from any part of the world to any person in the world.
  3. How to leverage their personal brands as professors and create opportunities across the web.

All the participants received a copy of my first book ‘Social Media for Business






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echoVME, a pioneer digital media marketing organisation in India offers world class social media marketing services & customized training programmes for corporates, students, faculties, marketing managers, CEOs, healthcare industry etc.

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