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Digital Marketing Knowledge Storehouse: Introducing echoVME Tweet Chat!

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Our Saturdays just got better! At echoVME, knowledge transfers have their own perks! We have professionals dedicating their time to hone echoVMEian’s skills both internally and externally! From introducing Digital Marketing Storehouse sessions to having a surprise Holi celebration, we had a ball of a time this Saturday!

1. echoVME Tweet Chat!

We debuted our Knowledge Storehouse by running a trial of our #echoVMEChat, our first tweet chat @echovme! Social Media Team Leader Amrutha Kuber incubated the activity by inviting the top digital marketing professionals on Twitter to share their views on Facebook Advertising and urged them to tweet with #echoVMEChat. The team posted multiple questions on why one should invest more in Facebook advertisements!
What’s your take on investing in Facebook advertisements? Read more on echoVME’s Facebook Advertising Masterclass scheduled to take place in Chennai and Mumbai here!

2. Hidden Secrets of Adobe Illustrator!

Creative Head at echoVME, Prashanth simultaneously incubated his team on the basics  of  Adobe Illustrator and its hidden secrets! Reinstating the team on strategic and creative placement of vectors, the session included choosing the right colour combinations in line with the branding of a client. He also trained the team on Photoshop mockups where one can see a preview of a creative on an outdoor banner or a phone etc before going for printing! This is crucial as it gives a creative designer an idea of how the designs come out as a final output.


3. Professionalism at Workplace!

Our Thinker-In-Chief, Sorav Jain spoke about the 10 things that sets apart the professional in us. Beginning with the key communication pattern to a team leader and client, Sorav also brushed upon the important etiquettes one needs to exercise at a workplace.

4. The Surprise Holi Party!

But the final surprise was revealed a few minutes after the above sessions. We walked out of the room only to be splashed with colours and in a few minutes, we were all drenched in colours were unrecognizable! Appeals of “oh no I’m wearing white today please don’t splash colours on me” and “no water PLEASE!” were obviously left unheard and no one, was spared 😀 Our selfies were truly colourful 😉 🙂





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