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Links Chennai – Good Things Come In Small Packages – Review

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The little chaat (pun intended) corner

The chaat corner is crowed when we enter in. At one side there are two girls chatting and enjoying the chat and the other side there is a couple sitting quietly. There are a lot of people waiting in Que for take away order. Even though it is a very small place, it is quite congested.

Ordering lunch

As the place is very small there is not proper place to sit. we pulled up the stools and made our self comfortable.we then asked for the menu.  The menu card for just an  A4 sheet and all the items were just printed over them. To are surprise it had 180 items on the menu, the very first thing we decided to order popped up on our mind was WHAT TO ORDER ,is a pleasant confusion.

It has a variety of Chats, Pizza, Sandwiches, Links spl, Hot Dogs, Toast, Ice Golas, Puffs and Cold beverages. With all the discussion we decided to order

Cheese Muruku sandwich

The first look of the dish itself makes your mouth water! It is covered with cheese. The quantity and quality of the cheese was awesome! It is like spicy, crispy, good and unique taste..  Spicy flavour  in it adds the major credibility to the dish. .

The ingredients of the dish where Muruku, chutney, butter, tomato, potato, onion and cheese. The veggies used were also fresh!

We found out that Links is the first chat shop who had introduced Muruku sandwich in the market. In Times of India, there is an article also about it.

Cheese Corn Canops.

This particular item is very innovative. Awesome presentation. Nagathan, and Priya loved this item. The taste is good and this gave us a chat like feeling!!

The ingredients of the dish were Canops, cheese, corn, miyoneses and sev.



Bhujiya Sandwich

This is just like normal sandwich but the X factor in the dish was the Bhujiya. Everyone loved it. Priya had a strong taste of pudina (mint leaves) while she was having it.

Strong flavor, not very spicy, crispy bhujiya, and very good amt of fresh veggies is made the dish very tasty.

The ingredients of the dish were Bread, chutney, butter, bhujiya, n veggies (tomato, patato, Cucumber and onion)

Bread stick

As the dish was getting ready we were hoping it is ours. This item is new to all of us! Very innovative and amazing presentation. This is served with three pieces of bread which was nicely grilled with butter.  Me and Priya loved eating only the bread as it  tasted good. The combination with the bread is the chutney and the mayonaisse. This is the best combination which we guys had.. The mayonaisse gave a sweet taste n chutney could give us the spicy feeling. It gave a flavor like tangy/chatpata. Only Naganathan dint fit into this as he felt this combination is not that great.

The ingredients were the bread, butter, chutney and mayonaisse.

This item we had ordered seeing the name thinking this would be something very tasty.
However, when the dish was arrived we were quite disappointed. The presentation was good. The ingredients were good in quality and quantity but it was the same only thing that was different was at the base it was papadi. None of us liked it.

The ingredients were the papadi, sev chutney, cheese and the veggies.

While we were waiting for our last dish to arrive Richa is shooting and talking to the chefs. We found out that it is the Chutney, which is the X factor at links.

It is then we realized that the spicy quotient in all the dishes made the dishes even more tastier.

So we asked how much of chillies they use. We were shocked when they told that they use 10kg of chillies every week and on Sundays, only they use 20kg of chilies.

Ingredients for Chutney? Green chilly, Cashew nuts ( kaju ), Groundnuts ( moofali ), Lime juice, Mint leaves ( pudina ) and Coriander leaves (dhaniya )

These are the ingredients wow! Chalo lets try! Moreover, see if this gives the same taste..

During all this conversation, we realized the staffs is very friendly. They answered all the questions we raised. and they were quite cooperative.

At last it had arrived!!

London toast
When it was placed in front of us. All of us just said wow!  The presentation is awesome. Garnishing is superb. We could not wait anymore it was so tempting.
It tasted good. While we eat we find it sweet but later we get the
Spicy sensation. The bread at the base is well grilled and in between the breads we had, the aloo masala (potato) stuffed in It.! We were confused while eating thinking about which ingredient in it is giving that sweet taste. We called the staff to tell us the ingredients

They were Bread,  Potato masala (aalo), Vegetables, Sev,  Three chutney used, Garlic, Green chilly, Tamarind and, Curd.


We were enjoying so much in the chat corner. The icing on the cake is having these mouth-watering dishes with a soft drink, as they gel along very well.

We found few girls had come there while we were eating. We asked them how it was and to our surprise even they had come for the first time. They all loved all what they had.

It was fun watching them making  the gola. We had ordered for:
After the entire last but not the least was the Gola.
It was fun watching them making  the gola. We had ordered for:
Special Gola Ingredients are Ice,  Milk maid, Grated coconut, Sweet peda, Cashew nuts, Different flavors, Orange, Grape, Rose and Khus.

We all couldn’t wait till the staff is making the gola. We all loved it. It is the best thing to end as a dessert.  Me and Priya  felt that the grated coconut in it was irritating while eating.but Richa and Naganathan were enjoying it.

The Verdict
With a complete new experience in a chat corner, it was great fun. Very smart business tactics, affordable prices and Value for money. All what we had was tasty. Very good quality and quantity of food. I would give them 7.5 out of 10. For the rest of you who are open to experiment, you need to hold on until we discover more food for you at our next peppy food joint.


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