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In the last article, we have seen why Internships at echoVME are totally fun. An individual gains a real life experience through their internship period. A homely work environment is all that one needs to be comfortable and be the way they are so that they can work without any stress. Here’s something that you’d like to know, let’s meet the summer interns of 2015 and hear what they’ve to say.


I am Aparna Rathi, a graduate from M.O.P Vaishnav College, I have completed my B.Sc. in Electronic Media and love advertising and production subjects. I joined echoVME to learn about social media marketing and to know more about digital marketing industry that never ceases to grow. I love to dance and I am interested in photography. Apart from organizing MUNs, I have participated and won dance competitions and attended workshops conducted by TataFirstDot. Some words I’d like to share about echoVME is that it is a great place to work at. I have come to know of my capabilities that I never thought I’d have. The people around are so welcoming that you cannot stop smiling when you’re here. I’m glad to have the chance of working with echoVME and the knowledge café helps us learn about the Digital and Social Media marketing industries.


He is Varun Lakshman, doing his final year of B.Com (Accounting & Finance) in Vivekananda College. He has joined echoVME to intern and learn about graphic and visual design. In his spare time he likes to draw, play the guitar and design illustrations. He has won best delegate in a few MUNs in Hyderabad, Chennai and Goa. He also won best actor/director in dramatics competition in school. See what Varun has to say about echoVME – It is a fun, hard working and positive environment where when you step in, you know you’re going to leave as a better and an improved person.


He is Naveen, a management student from T. A. Pai Management Institute(TAPMI). He is an engineer and previously worked as a web developer. He loves retail marketing and digital marketing among his subjects. He is an outdoor freak and a great basketball player. His prior achievements include state level swimming, 12th standard CBSE state topper and Microsoft certified in web development. See what Naveen has to say about echoVME – A place where fun doesn’t need an occasion, a place where learning is kind of automation, a place where each tweet and post is an innovative creation, echoVME, where hands, brain and heart work with hard core passion. Internship at its best!


She is Varsha Mathur, graduating from St. Joseph’s College of Arts & Science, Bangalore. She is finishing her B.Sc. in Visual Communication. She joined echoVME to develop content writing skills and maybe consider it as a career option. Her interests include sketching and painting. See what Varsha has to say about echoVME – Interning with echoVME has surely been the highlight of my summer. I look forward to coming here every day, as the employees are great fun and the work assigned to me has been most interesting so far.


She is Sneha Varma, a student of Stella Maris College, doing her graduation in Economics and pursuing a diploma in Financial Economics. She has joined echoVME as an intern of Social Media Marketing, and enjoys reading novels, writing poetry, singing, fashion designing and debating. She has been an active participant of various cultural events in her school days, and continues to have a successful extracurricular life. She has been a part of the prestigious World’s Poet Meet organised by WPSI in the year 2012. See what Sneha has to say about echoVME – It is such a fun place to work at. Never been guided and mentored better, I love the work atmosphere here! The people here bond like a family, and I love it!


Saravanan is a final year M.B.A student from SSN School of Management specializing in Marketing & Operations and also an Electrical Engineer. He has joined echoVME to undergo a project as a part of his course. Saravanan is glad that he is having a wonderful learning experience on social media training by which one can build his personal brand and emerge as a thought leader on social media. Also strongly believes that he will gain much more knowledge on Social media and Digital marketing in the due course of his internship. Besides, he’s a fine carom player, swimmer, explorer and an amateur keyboardist who loves to jam with his friends often. See what Saravanan has to say about echoVME – “Positive and healthy work culture is the secret behind the success.” It is amazing to see how fun-filled the working environment is and equally wondering how people are highly productive at the same time. Moreover I’m impressed on the way the CEO of the organization leads, motivates and gets thing done by his people. Further, I firmly believe that the day echoVME emerges as a giant in Digital marketing is not far away!


She is Karishma Jain pursuing B.B.A degree from M.O.P Vaishnav College. She is interested in marketing. She has joined echoVME as an intern to hone her digital marketing skills. She is open to learn new ideas, always ready to help others in any way possible. She has won second place in market your brand, third place in ‘Dwell to sell’  and first place in style act fashion show conducted by Horlicks. She is passionate about business and grasping knowledge from any way possible. See what Karishma has to say about echoVME – It plays a very important role in my life because this is my first work platform. echoVME  is such a fun place to work and learn. I would like to specially mention about our thinker-in-chief, Sorav Jain, who is a gem of a person and a really cool boss.


He is Anubandh, a PGDM student from T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Karnataka. In his PGDM program, he is passionate about studying Marketing and HR subjects. Anubandh had learnt from his profs. about the importance and scope of digital marketing and developed his interest for the same while reading some books on it. After following Sorav Jain’s and echoVME’s blogs for sometime, he was convinced that echoVME was the right place to begin his professional-cum-digital journey. During his pass time, he likes reading classic Hindi and English novels and books on Urdu poetry. He also likes writing poetry and listening to & learning classical music. See what Anubandh has to say about echoVME – echoVME is a place of fultoo masti with a bit of work and lots of learning. Idealization sessions, content writing, expert’s session on digital marketing and lots of munching of snacks, is our daily schedule.


He is Reddiar Sunderbharathi, completed his first year MBA at Thiagarajar school of management. He is good at cricket and loves hanging out with people. He wishes to be an adventurer one day exploring the remote of the countries in Africa. See what Sunder has to say about echoVME – Work is not tedious here as I imagined it to be. I am working but never felt like work actually. I need more time to explore and experience echoVME and think that I could write better in a few more days with echoVME.


He is Shriram, a MBA student from T.A. Pai Management. His favorite subject is marketing. He has joined echoVME with a vision to learn digital marketing skills and couple it with his management grit. Shriram is good at playing cricket and is passionate about movies and literature. Some of his achievements include being part of the basketball champions team in SPEED’15, conducted by TAPMI. See what Shriram has to say about echoVME – The work ambiance is so cool at echoVME that motivates people to share their ideas without any shyness being hampered. This, I believe, has been the secret behind echoVME’s success.


He is G.Aldrich, completed his first year at Thiagarajar School of Management. He loves to watch horror movies late at night and is passionate towards dance. Usually people describe him as the “silent guy” which they themselves will change it to “silent killer” as they get to know him better. See what Aldrich has to say about echoVME: The environment of the company is entirely different, young and charismatic. I am blessed to be a part of it. The employees are really kind to the interns especially the T.I.C, Sorav Jain.


He is Ravi Teja Durbha. A.K.A Rats. He graduated from Andhra University College of Engineering, completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications. He is presently pursuing Masters of Business Administration at T.A.Pai Management Institute in marketing. He loves Cricket, Gadgets, Cars and Bikes. He has been in the winning team of a National level quiz, received 4 certificates in school level debate competitions and won various robotics events but he is not a nerd. He has joined echoVME to learn about Search Engine Marketing. See what Ravi has to say about echoVME – Generally when you leave home to come to an office, we have to change our behavior. But at echoVME, you needn’t. The office is like home. Everybody is encouraged to be themselves. Pranks and gags are played by everyone including the T.I.C, Sorav Jain, which is amazing. Nobody hinders creativity and craziness is the norm. Random topics are discussed and debated on all the time. Saturday’s knowledge cafe is another must have experience.


She is M.Thamizh Poonkuil Mozhi, pursuing MBA in Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai. She is good at outdoor playing and a State level Ball badminton player as well. Her interest towards Social media and digital marketing has brought her to one of the best places to learn – echoVME, an absolutely Fun filled learning place. Proud to be a part! See what Thamizh has to say about echoVME – Fun and Work – the Siamese Twins @ echoVME. A place for learning that, every ardent worker would love to be at.


He is Praveen Sundar, completed his first year at Loyola. Passionate about English Literature and music, he has been writing stories which falls under the psychological genre. Currently working on a novel, he hopes to make it big one day in the writing field. Praveen is a 8th Grade Pianist under the Trinity Guildhall College and also a 3rd Grade Violinist. See what Praveen has to say about echoVME – I like working at echoVME because, as far as know, it is the only office that has a snack sheet! On a more serious note, I like echoVME because it gives importance to one’s individual capabilities.

echoVME has a wide range of opportunities for one to grow as an individual and be successful in giving their best to the organization. One gets to explore them better and increase their bandwidth of knowledge about the industry. Here’s why you should apply for an internship here: echoVME stands for echo your communications in the virtual marketing ecosystem but for interns it also stands for “echo”+V+ME which means echo your capabilities as V – we the team and ME – individual growth with the company. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and mail your resume to hr@echovme.com and experience one of the best internships in the city.



Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts

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