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5 Awesome Things About #OperaCoastSurprise Experiential Marketing Campaign

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In a recent blog post on my Social Media and Digital Marketing blog I have reviewed Social Media / Experiential Marketing Campaign of Opera Browser!  I personally love reviewing amazing experiential marketing campaigns and this is just one of them! Opera Browser team from India had reached out to creative influencers of India who use iphones or ipads with a unique #OperaCoastSurprise with an objective to educate about how wasting time on the right things is just so magical and thus promoting Opera Coast Browser!

In my blog post I have mentioned in detail how this surprise was unique in 5 different ways! I love how the team involved has concentrated on detail picture of the campaign. Every minute detail has been well handled – right from packaging, to capturing, to getting personalised to interact with the audience! Please read my blog post on about this surprise which also has a video and some great tweets from the campaign.

Read complete blog post in detail here:

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